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Save $84 on These Advanced Affiliate Marketing and Content Management Templates to Get Your More Traffic, Subscribers and Sales

Advanced Affiliate Marketing and Content Management

Here's even more AWESOME guidance and plenty of tools to help you with your affiliate marketing and content management. These templates allow you to dig deeper into affiliate marketing and create more winning content that grows your traffic, builds your list and increases your sales.

If you were to purchase these template packages separately, you would pay $111 to get all these at your fingertips, but you can grab everything at a fraction of that cost...if you get them right now. 

Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included in Your Advanced Package

Each package comes with handy fill-in-the-blanks templates and other tools...plus an Insider's Strategy Guide to help you maximize the marketing strategy and use the templates.

  • 10 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies Guide
  • Content Management for Traffic and Monetization
  • Planner Pages to Take Control over Your Content Marketing
  • Advanced Tracking Spreadsheets to Ensure Best Practices
  • At-A-Glance Checklists with Advanced Strategies

Now keep reading to get the full scoop on everything. You'll love these..

10 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies Guide

Online Summit Templates

Why run online classes on your own when you create online summits and let your special guests do the work? You can host a free summit to grow your list and have your guests sell their printables packages, while you collect your commissions. Or make it a paid event...so many options.

The package normally retails for $37 and includes:

  • Insider's Strategy Guide: Discover the many benefits of hosting your own online summit. This guide will get you started.
  • Online Summit Planner Worksheet: This planner will help you hash out the details for your online event from deciding on a name to deciding on a platform. Keeping all the details in this planner will help keep you organized.
  • Online Summit Scheduling Spreadsheet: We’ve included a detailed spreadsheet that will help you organize all of your speaker information so you have it all in one place.
  • Speaker Invite Letter Email Template: We’ve included an invitation to make it super easy for you to invite guests to be a part of your online event. It gives them the details and benefits they should know while they consider joining you
  • Speaker Follow-Up Letter Email Template: If you haven’t heard back from a potential participant, don’t give up. Use this email template to send a follow-up email as a reminder to encourage them to get back to you.
  • 3 Speaker Acceptance Letter Email Templates: Once your speaker accepts your request to be part of your event you will want to be prepared to send them more details right away. We’ve got 3 email letter templates you can run with based on your event:

    -  Speaker Acceptance Letter
    -  Speaker Application Acceptance Letter
    -  Speaker Interview Acceptance Letter

  • 3 Follow-Up & Thank You Email Templates: You’ll get 3 more email templates to help keep the event running and finish smoothly while keeping your guests on track. The 3 emails include:

    -  Follow-Up for Missing Information Email
    -  24-Hour Reminder Email
    -  Thank You for Participating Email
  • Online Summit Application Template: Make it easy for your potential guests to apply to be a part of your event. With this application template, you know you are asking all the questions needed to decide if the applicant is right for your event. We’ve got you covered.
  • Online Summit Speaker Release Form Template: To protect yourself and your business, use this template to get written permission from each of your participants to ensure that you have the right to share and use the materials they provide you during your online event.
  • Online Summit Schedule & Submission Form Template: Once your guests have agreed to be a part of your event, you’ll need to start preparing the schedule and marketing materials. Use this template to request all the details you need from your guests to ensure you present them in the best way possible during the event.
  • Online Summit Organization Checklist: To keep you organized and on track before the event, we’ve got this detailed organization checklist to keep you on track
  • Online Summit Marketing Checklist: You want your event to be a success which means marketing is crucial. Use this handy checklist before your launch, during your event and after to be sure you don’t miss a thing when it comes to marketing.
  • Running a Smooth Event Checklist: The better you prepare for your event, the more smooth it will go. Use this checklist to ensure everything runs as planned during the event from the location, to the speakers to the tech this checklist will help. 
  • Online Summit Sales Page Template: We’ve even included a template for creating your sales page. Just plugin all the details for your event and you’re done!
  • Online Summit Graphics: You want to display your guests and event details with eye catching graphics. We’ve created them for you! You’ll get the following in both .jpg (blank and samples) and .psd to versions so you can edit and make your own

    -  Single Speaker Graphic (.jpg and .psd)
    -  Multi-Speaker Graphic (.jpg and .psd)
    -  Single Speaker Graphic with room for more details (.jpg and .psd)
    -  Register Now button for your sales page (.png and .psd)

And now let's talk marketing...

Planner Pages to Take Control of Your Content Marketing

Content Management Planner Pages

Another package regularly sold at $37, to run a successful online event, you need a marketing plan. This Insider's Guide and templates helps you market your products and events, with the help of a team. It's totally next level stuff!  

This package includes:

  • Marketing Campaign Project Management Insider's Guide: Get started outsourcing to help your next Marketing Campaign be a success. This guide will give you the tools you need to get started.
  • Ad Templates (.JPG, .PSD, .PPTX): Use these professionally designed ad templates to grow your following. Each include a call to action that you can customize. Each template comes 2 different sizes and in a JPG, PowerPoint and PSD version.
  • Marketing Campaign Overview Worksheet: Use this worksheet to plan and track your marketing campaigns to ensure you don’t miss a thing.
  • Marketing Campaign Budget: Use this spreadsheet to create a budget for your marketing campaign. Keep track of both projected and actual costs.
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking Sheet: Use this spreadsheet to keep track of all your marketing efforts along with the date and results for each item such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and much more.
  • 5 Text Ad Templates: Use these text ad templates with a call to action to get you started on your ads.
  • Content Creation Project Specs: Use this template to help you define the pieces of content that you will create for your marketing campaign along with all the specifications such as the purpose of the content, where it will reside, formatting guidelines and much more.
  • Graphics Creation Project Specs: Use this template to help you define the graphics content that you will need to create for your marketing campaign along with the formatting guidelines and much more.  

And now, for another event planners secret (or not so secret) weapon...

Advanced Tracking Spreadsheets to Ensure Best Practices

Facebook Events Templates

Running your event through Facebook Events can give you a lot more exposure, engagement and generate more excitement. This Insider's Guide, Checklist and Planner Package makes it easy to do.

The template package includes:

  • Facebook Events Insider's Strategy Guide: As usual, we provide you with a variety of templates, checklists and other tools to accelerate your marketing. This month's focus is on how to use the power of Facebook Events to engage your audience.
  • Facebook Event Planner: Use this Planner to come up with a plan, brainstorm ideas and evaluate the previous months progress.
  • How to Set Up Your Facebook Event Checklist: Ensuring you set up your Facebook event correctly is going to increase its chances of success. Here is a checklist to help you get started setting up your first Facebook Event.
  • How to Promote Your Event Checklist: If you want your Facebook event to be a success, you're going to need to promote it. There are lots of ways you can do this to increase attendance. Use this checklist to gain maximum interest in your event, below are the step you can follow.
  • What to Do Before Tickets Go on Sale Checklist: If you want your event to be a raging success, preparation is important. There are certain things you’ll want to do before tickets go on sale. With this checklist, you’ll discover the top things you should always do before you post your event to Facebook.
  • What to Do When Tickets Go on Sale Checklist: Now that your event tickets are on sale, there are several things you can do to gain maximum interest. If you simply sit back and wait, you'll likely fail to sell many, if any tickets at all. So, to boost ticket sales follow this step-by-step checklist.
  • What to Do When Your Event is Live Checklist: There are lots of things you can do when your event is live. Use this checklist to discover some of the top things to do to achieve the results you’re hoping for.
  • Engaging Those Who Have Showed Interest or are Going to Your Event Checklist: Use this for engaging with those who have shown an interest or are going to your event.
  • Understanding Your Event Insights: Here, you’ll discover a step by step guide to understand your event insights.

At-A-Glance Checklists with Advanced Strategies

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