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If you loved the done-for-you content you just received in the starter pack, you do not want to miss this! We've got tons more product templates, journals, planners, card decks and coloring pages to make your product creation and marketing a snap. 

And just like with the main package, you can edit, brand, monetize and publish this content how you'd like.

We've done all the hard work. All you have to do is take and run with it.

Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included in This Product and Printables MEGA Pack

  • 20 MORE Product Templates - create t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stickers, towels, phone cases and more. Not sure where to create such products with zero upfront investment? We'll show you.
  • 20 MORE  Coloring Pages - coloring is a hit with children and adults alike. Use these sheets to generate traffic or create downloadable or print coloring books for sale.
  • 2  x Journals – The Christmas Memory Book & Family Traditions Journal comes with 2 Ecover Sets. There are three 3d versions with .psd for editing.
  • 2 x Planners – comes with 2 Ecover Sets. There are three 3d versions with .psd for editing.
  • 2 x 36-Card Printable Card Decks  – 2 Card Decks with fully editable cards. They come formatted for commercial or at-home printing. Instructions included.

20 Instant Product Templates - Fully Editable or Publish As Is

We've made it easy for you to quickly create t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stickers, towels, phone cases and more. You can use these templates as is or we've included the PSD for editing, so you can customize and change them as much as you'd like.

If you've never sold products like this before, don't worry. We'll show you where you can get set up quickly with zero upfront investment and no product inventory required.

Here's a peek at some of the products you could create with these designs...

Each design comes in .png and .PSD format, so you can publish as is or edit as much as you'd like. Here's a peek at all 20 designs...

20 Coloring Pages to Give Away or Create a Coloring Book for Sale

You've probably noticed that coloring is BIG...both for children and adults. It is known to relieve stress, improve concentration and even can have a meditative effect...perfect for those who need a little inspiration. Plus it's fun.

As a business owner, coloring pages are a great way to generate traffic by offering free coloring pages...and you can also boost your revenue by creating coloring books for sale. We get you started with 10 fun coloring pages.

They come in .png and .PSD format (2500 x 3300 pixels), so you can publish as is or edit as much as you'd like.

2  x Journal/Memory Book

Let us give you a head start with these totally done-for-you and ready to publish products. And psst...you can use these documents as templates for making even MORE products using the designs in the package or designs you create yourself.

The journal include 33 quotes and 33 writing prompts and is perfect for adding more quotes, prompts and pages to your heart's content. Change the journal/memory book covers and theme as much as you'd like. They come in .docx format.

Here's a peek at at the Memory Book...

Give your readers a place to keep track of their memories. The journal includes places to keep photos and different ideas for memories to remember including…

  • Family photo
  • Visit with Santa
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Things we did...
  • Something funny that happened...
  • Traditions we include...
  • Favorite food...
  • Special recipe to remember

Here's a peek at the Family Traditions Journal...

Give your readers a beautiful place to jot down their thoughts each day. The journal includes inspirational quotes and writing prompts to guide them including…

  • Is there a movie that you and your family like to watch around the holidays?
  • Describe a holiday tradition your family had when you were a child.
  • Why are family traditions important to your family legacy?
  • Write about one or more favorite family memories that you associate with the winter season.
  • Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world. - Susan Lieberman

And the journal covers. You get the flat version for your document in PNG and PSD format for editing. Plus, we've included 3 x 3-D versions for your product promotions.

2 x Planners

We've also included a Family Traditions Planner about embracing family traditions, stories, creating new traditions and more! Your readers can use it all year long along with a I cant wait for Christmas Planner, both ready to sell. Change the planners covers, content and theme as much as you'd like. They come in .docx format.

Use these planners to help your customers, clients, or yourself to reduce holiday stress. They are simple to use planners to assist with organizing what needs to be done and remembered so they can take control of the holiday season.

Here's a peek at all the planners...

This planner will give your readers the opportunity to keep track of their to-do list, goals, places to be and more.  It gives them 3 months for planning, places for memories and more.

  • Thoughts heading into this month...
  • Dates to remember...
  • tasks to complete...
  • Stories & traditions I want to share with my family this month...

Included are October, November & December Months so your readers can keep track of their Holiday to-dos. Sections including...

  • Tasks to complete...
  • Places to be...
  • Calls to make...
  • Black Friday Sales...
  • Grocery List...
  • Gift Ideas...

And the planner covers. You get the flat version for your document in PNG and PSD format for editing. Plus, we've included 3 x 3-D versions for your product promotions.

Christmas and Holiday PLR Journal Ecovers
Christmas & Holiday PLR ecovers

Holiday Affirmation and Quote Card Decks, Ready for Commercial or At-Home Printing...Also Great for Social Media, Daily Quotes and More

Inspirational, affirmation and oracle card decks are growing in popularity and make great products for sale, download and print offers and even gifts for clients, colleagues and friends. We've created 2 card decks with a collection of 36 DONE-FOR-YOU quality cards with family traditions and affirmation that have so many possibilities for use in your business.

We have formatted these card decks, so you can print them yourself or have them printed by a select commercial printer. And of course, you can edit, brand and monetize them as you wish.

Each card deck set includes:

  • 36 cards, each with inspirational and motivational text
  • A back side option for your decks...use this, edit it or swap it out for your own

And comes in the following formats:

  • PSD for editing, including the guides and crop marks to ensure top quality professional printing.
  • JPGs ready to PDF and send to the commercial printer, with the required crop marks.
  • Blank PNGs/JPGs that you can use to create your own PDF or use the graphics on social media or in your other printables
  • A fully formatted PowerPoint file, so you or your customers can print the cards at home, if you prefer.

    Offer them as printables your clients can print themselves or send them out as as a professional printed product. You can also brand these with your logo and name to make AWESOME client gifts.

36-Card Family Tradition Card Deck

Your customers will love these 36 family niche cards, each with a family tradition to encourage story telling and togetherness. Again, cards are fully editable (PSD), so you can change fonts, add messages, insert images, update the card back, branding elements and more.

36-Card Holiday Quotes & Affirmations Card Deck

Your customers will love these holiday cards, each with an quote or affirmation. Again, cards are fully editable (PSD), so you can change fonts, add messages, insert images, update the card back, branding elements and more.

Overall, we have tons of content to make it easy for you to create products, giveaways to grow your list, membership site content, gifts for your favorite clients and more. So as you can see...

We've Done All The Hard Work…Just Take This Content and Run with It

Imagine how much time and effort we've saved you in getting all this ready-to-publish content for you to use as products and content to grow and engage your audience. Let's take a look at all that's involved with putting together this content on your own…

Mega Pack Contents

Time to Create

Cost to Create

20 Product Templates (PSD and png)

20 hours


20 Coloring Pages (PSD and jpg)

20 hours


2 Holiday Journals with Prompts and Quotes (.docx)

10 hours


2 x Journal Ecover Set (png and PSD)

3 hours


2 Holiday Planners (.docx)

14 hours


2 x Planner Ecover Sets (png and PSD)

3 hours


2 x 36-Card Printable Card Decks (PNG, PSD and PPTX)

20 hours


Total Time to Create:

90 Hours

Total Cost to Create:


As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment to put all this together on your own…but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is publish the content and get it out there.

Grab everything now for only $67 ($7,780.00 outsourcing cost to create yourself) for your commercial private label rights (PLR) license, so you can save at least 90 hours of time and plenty of money to provide your audience with the products and content they'll love! 

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Private Label Commercial Rights License Info:

1. You can add the content to a product that you plan to sell or give away for individual use.

2. You can modify the content (by removing, adding or otherwise editing any elements) to suit your needs.

3. You can use the content in your websites, blogs, newsletters, social media or anywhere you publish content.  

4. You can add your name, URL or logo as the author/creator of this PLR content

5. You cannot list EkitHub.com, Happy Dog Island Store Inc. or anyone connected with our company as the author of this content. Why? This is private label rights content and we are offering the content without labels or branding.

6. You cannot sell or give away the original resell rights or offer any commercial rights to this content in any form. The exception being if you purchase the full resell rights license.

7. You cannot allow your customers to edit the documents or files. Please provide them with a PDF or other non-editable files. Your CAN do customizations on behalf of your customers, but they cannot make edits of the original files. 

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