Here Are All The Topics Included in The "Big Growth Shortcuts and Templates Club" to Grow a Loyal Audience of Customers Who Want to Pay More for Your Products...Over and Over Again.

Plus - Details of the $329 Templates Bonus

Module 1: The Making More Per Sale Mindset w/ BONUS Creating a Recession-Proof Business Training

Make More Money Per Sale Mindset

The "Making More Per Sale Mindset" is the foundation of everything we want to teach you in the club. A lot of successful marketing truly is mindset and this will get you started.

Templates include brainstorming worksheet, checklist AND the Bonus "Create a Recession-Proof Business" Training + Workbook.

Module 2: Who is Your Ideal Customer That WANTS to Keep Buying from You?

Who is Your Ideal Customer

In this guide, you'll find out what an ideal customer REALLY is, how to know who they are and where to findd them. Plus, how to create a unique selling proposition to get them buying like crazy.

Templates include an ideal customer brainstorming worksheet, attracting your ideal customer worksheet, copywriting terms and guides with swipe files.

Module 3: How to Make More Per Sale from Printables and Print on Demand Products

Printables and print-on-demand products are perfect for boosting the value of existing products and as individual products for sale. Find out how to create offers that help make you more per sale. 

Templates include brainstorming sheets for creating a product bundle and creating a product funnel...with editable funnel templates to structure your offer.

Module 4: Creating a Free Opt-In Offer That Turns into Paying Customers Quickly

Creating a Free Opt-in Offer That Turns into Paying Customers Quickly

The money is in the list...there is NO way around this, but not all lists are created equal. Learn how to craft a free offer to turns into paying customers quickly. 

Templates include opt-in promotion blurbs, funnel tracking sheets and complete creating a free offer funnel templates bonus.

Module 5: Traffic Traffic Traffic: How to Get Free Traffic Quick Action Guide + Templates

How to Get Free Traffic

Without traffic, your products won’t be seen. If they aren’t being seen, they aren't being sold and your business becomes stagnant without revenue. How do you consistently generate the traffic and for free? We've got you.

Templates include worksheets and checklists for content creation, SEO collaborations and more.

Module 6: How to Make Your Customers Look forward to Your Sales Pitches

You'll know you've arrived when you customers THANK you for selling them your products...and if you follow everything we teach you here, they WILL do exactly that. 

Templates include articles that sell templates, 3-part email series and a prelaunch report.

Module 7: Mastering Upsells and Bump Offers to Earn More For Each Sale

Mastering Upsells and Bump Offers

Creating upsells and bump offers might seem overwhelming and like it’s more work added to your already busy plate. But once you start follow our guidance and use our templates to see how easy it is, you’ll wish you’d started doing it sooner.

Templates include product funnel brainstorming sheet, upsell sales page template, bump offer template

Module 8: Creating Better Informational Content That Drives Sales

Creating Better Informational Content That Drives Sales

Not all content is created equal. The most successful businesses, including yours, strategically plan their content so that it is helpful to the audience and makes them want to buy your products at the same time. 

Templates include infographic templates, checklist and worksheet templates, video script, webinar templates and more.

Module 9: Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate Program to Increase Sales

Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate Program

One of the most cost-effective ways to boost sales is through an affiliate program because you only pay for results. This guide teaches you how to get started, platforms to consider and more.

Templates include setting up your program worksheet, platform comparison chart, what to include in your affiliate center, affiliate program best practices and more.

Module 10: How to Recruit Motivate Your Affiliates and Keep Them Promoting

Recruiting and Motivating Affiliates

Moving onto more advanced strategies, you'll learn how to recruit affiliates, get them motivated and keep promoting you. It's a worthwhile investment for your built-in sales team.

Templates include affiliate sign up page, JV page template, recruitment best practices, contest graphics, affiliate tips and more.

Module 11: Creating Synergy Between Your Marketing Efforts And Get More Results with Less Work

Make sure all the work you do for your business goes the extra mile, by creating synergy between your efforts.

Templates for repurposing content, creating new promotions, leveraging customer goodwill and more.

Module 12: Keyword Mastery: Understanding Keywords for More Traffic

Module 12: Keyword Mastery: Understanding Keywords for More Traffic

Keyword Mastery Final Image

What are keywords and what are the many ways you can leverage them to grow your business?

Templates include a keyword organizer, keyword research checklist, and quick-reference guides to the top keyword tools.

Module 13: How to Build Your Business with Special Events

How To Build Your Business With Special Events Final Image

Online events can be really big business builders. Find out what kind of events you can hold and best practices for making them worthwhile for your attendees and your business.

Templates include an online conference checklist, fundraiser checklist, fire sale checklist, extended promotion ideas list & checklist.

Module 14: Collecting Testimonials and Case Studies for Bigger Clout and More Sales

Testimonials and Case Studies boost business big time, but they're not all created equal. Learn how to do them the right away. 

Templates include worksheets and checklists for both testimonials and case studies...and more!

Module 15: Writing Effective Product Descriptions for More Engagement and Sales

Product descriptions are critical, no matter what platform you use to sell your product. Learn to create compelling descriptions that boost sales. 

Templates for long form sales pages, short product pages, Amazon and Etsy included.

Module 16: The Product Launch: Building Momentum and Maximizing Sales

The momentum you create during a product launch can be the difference between a flop and a top seller. Learn how to launch the right way. 

Templates include launch planning sheet, checklist, prelaunch templates and promo graphics.

Module 17: The “JV Page” That Gets Results and Boosts Sales

The easiest way to get affiliates motivate to promote...and your whole launch through is by creating a stellar JV page. This module has you covered. 

Templates include a JV page with all the necessary elements, funnel graphic, contest graphic, promo graphics and more.

Module 18: Cultivating Relationships with Like Minded Entrepreneurs for Mutual Benefit

When you've got friends, you're going places. Learn the benefit of building relationships with like minded business owners and how to do it the best way for maximum benefit. 

Templates include worksheets to ensure you have something to offer others, collaboration ideas,

Module 19: How to Adapt and Evolve Your Business Through Changing Times

If you're looking for long-term success without having to start all over again in tough times, this guide will keep you rolling with the waves of change. 

Templates including for adapting your business to your desired lifestyle and personality, making sure your business is salable and other help for being adaptable.

Module 20: Wrapping it Up: Setting Up Your Business for Long-Term Success

Let's really get growing...learn how to build your team, put processes into place and how to know when you need to make adjustments. 

Templates include worksheets and checklists for building a team, hiring practices, expanding your audience, developing a community and more.

All The Guidance You Need to Create a Steadily Growing Business, Backed by the LOYALTY of Customers Who Can't Wait to Keep Buying Your Products.

But if That's Not Enough...Up to $329 in Sign Up Bonus Gifts for a Strong Head Start: For Customers Who Sign Up for the Lifetime Membership Access

$329 in Bonus Marketing Templates

The Club takes you through what you need to get more customers, earn more per sale AND get them to buy over and over again, but if you want to get fully immersed and have the tools for a super strong head start, you'll love our special bonus. We've included:

  • Sales Page Funnels Templates: To give you the starter nuts and bolts of creating a product offer including Insider's Funnel Strategy Guide, sales page template, thank you page template, one-time-offer template, copywriting swipe files and sales page graphics collection.
  • Copywriting Templates: The ability to leverage words to sell is critical for any online business owner. This template package includes an Insider's Copywriting Strategy Guide and swipe files for pre-headlines, headlines, power words and phrases, calls to action, closings and sign off, postscripts, transitions, bullet point benefits, motivating phrases and price justifications.
  • Outsourcing and Building Your Team Templates: It's really tough to scale your business if you're doing all the work yourself. It's important to build a team, so you can focus on the planning the growth and direction of your business. This template package includes an Insider's Guide to Outsourcing, 4 project listing templates, evaluating applications checklist, suggested interview questions, 4 project specification templates, quality check checklist, constructive feedback template and a big list of outsourcing sites. 
  • Journal Templates: Journals make great stand-alone products and are perfect additions to courses and coaching programs, products bundles and more. This template package includes an Insider's Guide to Profiting from Journals, 10 beautiful journal templates, journal creation checklist, 100 inspirational success quotes to use in your journals, 10 fully editable journal cover templates including 3D versions of covers if you want to use them as is.
  • Planner Templates: Planners are another type of "low content" products it's easy to profit from, whether you sell them on their own or in combination with other products or programs. This template package includes an Insider's Guide to Profiting from Planners, 10 planner templates, planner creation templates, 100 time management and organization quotes you can use in your planners and 10 fully editable planner cover templates including 3D versions of covers if you want to use them as is.
  • Worksheets, Checklist and To Do List Templates: Bulk up those printable or course offerings with even more printables. This templates package includes An Insider's Guide to Profiting from Printables and 10 complete design sets...each one with a worksheet, checklist and to do list, for a total of 30 templates.
  • 365 Days of Inspiration Templates: Inspiring your audience is a big part of connecting with them. This template package includes enough content for inspiration each day of the year. You get the Insider's Strategy Guide, 122 inspirational quotes, 122 inspiration tips, 122 inspirational questions and 10 graphic templates for your inspirational text. 

The full $329 bonus value is available to our customers who sign up for our extreme value lifetime option access.  

And the thing is, we love our customers as much as they love us and that's the whole reason we've created this. <3

As you can see, joining us gives you TONS of value, for a pretty amazing price. You'll have tons of strategies and templates at your fingertips to start implementing in your business right away...all based on over 3 decades of online marketing experience.

And remember, we're available to answer your questions and help you with your next steps in our supportive community of digital product sellers. 

To your publishing success,

Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan