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Learn from the pros with over 2 decades of digital product creation experience, who have sold millions of dollars in content and helped tens of thousands of customers in the process

How Big is the Online Courses & Learning Market?

Answer: Currently, it's over $210 Billion and is Expected to Near a Whopping $1 Trillion 

Now is the perfect time to dive into this thriving market. The global online learning market, valued at $210 billion in 2020, is expected to soar to nearly $1 trillion by 2030, reflecting an impressive annual growth rate of about 20% (Precedence Research, 2023). This rapid expansion highlights the increasing demand for online learning and the immense opportunities for course creators.

Online Learning Market Stats & Projections

Not only is the market growing, but the potential for substantial revenue is also significant. Many successful course creators earn between $1,000 to $10,000 per month, with top performers making six or even seven-figure incomes annually (Teachable, 2020). As more individuals and businesses turn to online education, the opportunity to share your expertise and generate a lucrative income has never been greater.

Whether you want to create a single course to earn some extra income, create a series of courses or created an online university with a variety of programs, the potential is huge...and we've got you covered for all of that. And the best part is, we've got all the tools and training to make this as SIMPLE as possible for you. 

Get Started the Right Way At Course Creator's University...Because Most People Teach Course Creation Completely BACKWARD

People have been teaching you course creation completely BACKWARD. There are too many moving parts and places to get stuck. And not to mention, when they tell you to do things in the wrong order, it's harder to create a product and offer people REALLY want to buy.

We have reverse-engineered and completely SIMPLIFIED the HIGH-VALUE course creation process, so you don't have to work so hard AND you'll even get PAID before you create your course!

Our "Fast & Simple Course Creation" Method can help even the biggest procrastinators and perfectionists start taking action and selling their courses....FAST.

Our method simplifies everything AND shows you EXACTLY where to focus first, so that you can get the ball rolling quickly and have the confidence to know that what you're putting out there is going to be an offer your customer REALLY want. 

Get Paid BEFORE You Create Your Class

The best thing about this method is that not only does it get procrastinators and perfectionists taking BIG action, it also allows you to GET PAID, even before you create your course.

Many people spend weeks or even months (EEK!) or years (PLEASE say this isn't true?) trying to create the perfect course...then they launch it to mediocre results, or worse yet...crickets. Complete silence. Ugh. 

This will NOT happen to you, if you follow this method. As long as you follow it step-by-step (and we will show you EVERY step through a REAL live case study and give you support the whole way through), you're going to experience completely different results.

Techniques to Dramatically Boost the Value of Your Courses

Another unique part of our method is that we're showing you simple techniques to dramatically boost the value AND selling price of your courses. We'll show you how to quickly put together HIGH VALUE printables that will get your students better results. Heck, we've given you the fill-in-the-blanks ready-to-publish templates to make this even easier. 

Find What Sets You Apart from Everyone Else Selling Similar Products

This will be worth the price of admission! Most online sellers know how to sell the benefits of their class, but when customers have so many options, you aren't going to stand out just because your product is "AWESOME". 

We know it's awesome, but your customers need to understand why it's BETTER to sign up for your course than anyone else's. We'll show you how to dramatically distinguish yourself from the crowd to get more sales...WITHOUT adding to your workload

We've Reverse Engineered and Simplified Everything to Make it Easier to Create a Hot Selling Product with BIG Results

Most people put their course up for sale completely BACKWARD, as we mentioned. But they don't even know it's backwards because it's what everyone else is teaching.

We're going to show the BETTER way to do things, so that you:

  • Have an offer that your audience can't wait to buy.
  • A course that your affiliates can't wait to promote.
  • Can create your actual course content in about 2 hours or less.
  • Have a complete course that brings BIG results to your students.

And it's not just something we've made up, read about or saw in a YouTube video. This method is...

Backed by DECADES of Experience, Having Sold Millions of Dollars in Content and Helping Tens of Thousands of Customers to Do the Same

We've been at this a LONG TIME. Combined, we have several decades of online marketing experience, have sold MILLIONS of dollars in content and courses...plus, have helped TENS of THOUSANDS of customers get their courses up for sale too.

These are tried and true strategies...and ones we've employed over and over. And it still works just as well as it did 20 years ago, so we'll keep doing it long into the future. Plus, there is so much room for others to join in, in ANY niche or topic...and with any level of expertise.

There is ALWAYS someone who needs to learn what you already know.

And Best of All...No Website Required!

Of course, if you already have a website, you are WAY AHEAD of the game.

But as we said, we've simplified the process so much, our "bare bones" step-by-step system will show you how you can do all of this, without creating a website.

We're going to take you from beginning to end and show you exactly how to implement this strategy.

With that in mind, let us share what we've created for you, to make getting into the journal market or expanding your existing printables or print-on-demand business...

Announcing EKitHub's Course Creator's University...Where You Get the Training, Tools and PLR Templates to Launch Your Own Course Creation Empire

Comprehensive Course Creator's Training Included

For Newbies and Seasoned Marketers Alike

Fully Editable and Brandable Templates

Easy to Use. Just Download, Edit and Publish

Live Sessions and Community for Help

Keep 100% of the Profits from the Products You Sell

Let's dig into this and show you everything we've put together for you. But first, we should probably introduce ourselves...

If you don't know us, we're Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan, done-for-you content providers at EKitHub. We've built our business on the foundation of less work, more results. We're very protective of our schedules so we have time for what's most important...which is family and puppies.

But this isn't about us. It's about YOU and getting that course out!

Let's be real.

You've got WAY better things to do than sit and record videos or make pretty PDFs all day. People do NOT care how pretty your documents are or what bells and whistles you include in your members' area. They have a problem and they want RESULTS...it's as simple as that. And you're going to deliver them with this Fast and Simple Course Creation process.

Alice, Yusef and Puppies!

We'll show you how to stop wasting your time, and in turn, you can help your customers stop wasting their time as well. This is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

So let's get back to EVERYTHING (there's TONS of stuff) included in Course Creator's University. Let's start with the comprehensive training at Course Creator's University and then we'll talk about all the templates and more that are included. The templates come with private label commercial-use rights, so you can edit, brand and monetize them almost any way you'd like. 

Welcome to Course Creator's University - This is Our ONLY Session for 2024, So Don't Miss It and Be Sure to Register Now!

Journal Creator's University Overview
Journal Maker's University at a Glance

There are plenty of resources you'll find in the Course Creator's University and it's growing all the time...here's a quick summary for you, so you know exactly what to expect. You'll have instant access to everything, including the links to the live training sessions.

To get you started out on the right foot, we've got tips for navigating the university, 3 live sessions to get you started, information about your templates and PLR downloads, how to start the 30-Day Challenge and access to the Course Creator's Community. 

Getting Started for Best Results

Start with step 1 as it gives you a complete overview of everything inside the university, where to find your template downloads and more. It covers...

  • Canva journal templates, plus other PLR downloads
  • 3 LIVE Course Creator's Sessions to help you get started and create your courses...including a "success start" session, creating your own university and using AI tools to create your course. 
  • Access to the comprehensive "Fast & Simple Course Creation" Core Training with out get paid before you create it method.
  • Claiming your Fine Art of Self-Promotion Training which offers a world-class marketing education to sell your courses
  • Access to the Course Creator's Resource Library to help and it's filled with TONS of tutorials and other helpful tools.
  • Getting start with the 30-Day Challenge that will get you from creating to selling FAST
  • How to join the Course Creator's Community to meet other Course Creators, ask questions and share your projects.

Now onto information about your live sessions...

Live Session Info Journal Creator's University

We're excited to get to know you personally and help you make the most of your university experience. To get to that goal, we've scheduled 3 live sessions to make sure you are fully prepared to get your first course created and selling.

Classes take place our Zoom Meeting Room. They will be recorded, so you can catch up later if you are unable to attend. We do recommend attending live if you can, so you can have ALL your questions answered immediately We'll stay as long as you need.

Here is our schedule...

"Off to a Great Start" Session - Tuesday, July 2  12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

In this session, we'll go over all the elements of your training program, templates and other items included in Course Creator's University, so you know where everything is and have the best plan to get started. You can also ask any questions you want about the course content and get help with your business plan.

We'll help you get familiar with the members area, give you best practices for completing the training material, filling out your companion workbooks and more.

"Create Your Own University" - Tuesday, July 9 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

If you've thought about going from creating just one class to building a library of courses in your own university, we'll share the ins and outs of doing that. This session will walk you through the back end of EKitHub University, so you can leverage the same strategies and organization for your own university. 

This is perfect if you've got a lot of classes to create, are using AI to create your courses or you want to build a team of guest instructors to deliver top quality education.

Course Creation with AI Tools + Q&A - Tuesday, July 16 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

Create better course experiences, speed up your course creation process and increase your sales with AI tools. This informative session will give you helpful strategies to leverage AI effectively in your business. We're going to be sharing our top tips for using AI to generate course ideas, supporting content and sales copy.

Pay close attention to this one because we're going to highlight some the BIG mistakes people make creating content and sales copy with AI...and show you how to do it better than most, so you'll stand apart from the crowd. Most people have been led to think they can push a button and then money will rain on their business, but it's just not how it works for best results. 

PLR and Template Downloads

Here comes the fun part, all the templates you can download, customize and create products from. We've included 23 course template packs. These are fully editable in Canva, plus we've included the PDF and PNG formats. You customize them to fit your style and niche. The sky is the limit!

  • 23 Done-for-You and Fully Customizable Course Creation Templates Packages (PLR)
  • 23 Editable Canva Template Ecover Images (PLR)
  • 23 Ready-to-Publish 3D and Flat cover in PNG Format (PLR)
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Printable Package (PLR)
  • Run a Class Templates (PLR)

23 "Life Skills" Niche Course Creation Templates Packages

These are handy template packages to make it easier to put your course together. Each one comes with...

  • "Create a Fast & Simple Course" Niche Insider's Guide: This guide shows you how to use your template package, how to apply the "Fast & Simple" method to your course creation and helps you brainstorm hot sub-topics in your chosen niche.
  • Course Slide Show Presentation Template: The slide show includes a cover slide and 16 presentation slides that you can customize with your course information. It's based on our proven formula for creating simple, results-oriented courses. (Canva, PNG PDF with instructions for editing in Canva and creating a high-impact presentation)
  • Course Workbook Template: The workbook includes a cover graphic, customizable instructions page, table of contents page and 15 workbook page templates you can choose from. (Canva, PNG PDF with instructions for editing in Canva and creating a great workbook to accompany your course)
  • Course Companion Journal Template: The course companion journal template includes a cover graphic and several free writing pages, with space to add your own unique prompts...and we've included plenty of guidance to create meaningful prompts for your courses that will give your customers a better experience. (Canva, PNG PDF with instructions for editing in Canva and creating creating a companion journal that inspires next level thinking to improve your customer's results).

Here are the 23 Life Skills Niches Included...

Adaptability Course Templates

adaptability course templates

Build Your Business Course Templates

Communication Course Templates

communication course templates

Conflict Resolution Course Templates

conflict resolution course templates

Critical Thinking Course Templates

Critical Thinking Course Templates

Decision Making Course Templates

Decision Making Course Templates

Emotional Intelligence Course Templates

Emotional Intelligence Course Templates

Empathy Course Templates

Empathy Course Templates

 Food Course Templates

Food Cooking Niche Course Templates

 Goal Setting Course Templates

Goal Setting Course Templates

Home Care Course Templates

Home Care Course Templates

Leadership Course Templates

Leadership Course Templates

Mindfulness Course Templates

Mindfulness Course Templates

Money Management Course Templates

Money Course Templates

Negotiation Skills Course Templates

negotiation skills - course

Parenting Course Templates

parenting course templates

Planning & Organization Course Templates

Relationship Course Templates

planning and organization course templates

Resilience Course Templates

resilience course templates

Self-Awareness Course Templates

self-awareness course templates

Self-Confidence Course Templates

self-confidence course templates

Stress Management Course Templates

stress management course templates

Time Management Course Templates

time management course templates

Fill-in-the-Blanks Printable Package

extra planner and journal creation help

To make it easy for you, we've included a comprehensive package of fill-in-the-blanks templates for you. These are available for immediate download and include printables that best support the delivery of a class.

You get a total of 30 templates for:

  • Journals
  • Planners
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • To Do Lists

...we've included cover graphic templates, so you can dress your printables to impress. The templates come in .docx, pptx and PDF format. We've included checklists for creating all these types of printables AND an instructional guide for selling these types of printable products.

BONUS! Instant Download - Run a Class Templates

This package will put you on the fast track to creating your course, but don't worry, we'll also cover all this in the training. But these are available to you with an instant download anytime you want to start digging it. 

We've Included These Simple and Easy-to-Use Course Creation Templates

Simple Course Creation and Repurposing Templates
  • Simple PowerPoint class presentation templates in 3 styles (pptx)
  • Ebook, transcript, report and other document templates in 3 styles (docx)
  • Workbook / worksheet templates in 3 styles (docx)
  • Checklist templates in 3 styles (docx)

And These Handy In-Depth Webinar Templates

Webinar Outline + Detailed Slide Show
  •  This highly detailed PowerPoint class presentation that walk you through all the steps of a top quality learning opportunity for your customers. 
  • Webinar Sign Up Page + Thank You Page
  • Class Promotion Fill-in-the-Blanks Email Series

As you can see, you're all set with the tools and templates you need. But let's talk about getting things DONE and launching your course quickly...

30-Day Journal Creator's Challenge

Lets dig right in and get your courses selling FAST! Join us for the Course Creator's University 30-Day Challenge to walk you through the steps of creating and selling your courses.

Choose your own path or follow our guided challenge that walks you through each step of the training and ensures you apply what you learn. There will also be lots of opportunity to evaluate your results and build on your successes.

You will also get a PDF copy of the challenge, so you can do it at your own pace...and get feedback in the community.

All students who complete the challenge will receive a $50 ShopEKits Gift Card to pick up templates, done-for-you content and printables to continue your course creating journey.

Challenge takes place July 2 - 30, 2024  in the "Challenge Tab" in the Course Creator's Private Community. You will also be invited to future 30-day challenge sessions...at NO extra charge.

And speaking of the community...

Our Course Creator's Community is a great place to ask questions anytime you need help. You can also share your content, update us on any successes and meet other Course Creators and Sellers. We're actively involved in the community and will provide as much assistance as we can. Plus, there are other pretty smart creators around who always have wisdom to share. 

Now let's get into more of the training that is going to teach you what you need to know to create and sell courses. Plus, we've included comprehensive self-promotion training that will prepare you for making product pages, and shows you how to create compelling content and offers your audience won't be able to resist!

Journal Creator's University Training Peeks

Follow the lessons in your EKitHub University account and shorten your learning curve with our easy-to-follow "Fast & Simple Course Creation" training  that walks you through:

  • Module 1: Research Your "Get Paid Before You Create" Product
  • Module 2: Easy Strategies to Build Your Buyer Audience
  • Module 3: Create & Deliver a Simple High Impact Course
  • Module 4: Simple Systems to Keep Getting Paid from the Same Work

Study at your own pace by watching the videos or use the "Quick Start Notes". Worksheets and checklists are also included with each lesson. Here's a closer look at each module and everything included...

Lesson 1: Research Your "Get Paid Before You Create" Product
Instant Access to All the Lesson Materials Are in Your Members Area

Fast & Simple Course Creation Lesson 1

In this introductory module, you'll learn about our unique method to reverse engineer  your course creation process for better results for YOU and your clients. We'll also introduce our case study and dig right into research and development. 

In this lesson, you can expect:

  • How to fix the usual product creation process to eliminate procrastination and make a hotter selling product…and get paid BEFORE you do it.
  • Smart ways to do research, whether you're more tech-oriented or you like to move by intuition. But more importantly, we'll keep you from going down the rabbit hole (as one of our customers said often happens) and know EXACTLY when you're done and ready to start putting things together.
  • What to put in your product to create a high-impact experience for your customers. Here’s where you’ll learn to keep it super simple, but also deliver TREMENDOUS value.
  • Factors to consider in confidently pricing your content for maximum profit.
  • An Introduction to Our Case Study…and why we chose the topic (NOT marketing) we’re going to adapt to make it an in-demand product. And did we mention, we’re making it out of PLR?! That way, you’ll be able to see the PLR adaptation process and can use those same PLR use strategies for your own course.

By the end of this lesson, you will have plenty of ideas for your own course and the skills to research the viability of your product idea. You'll also have a full understanding of the steps involved to get your class up for sale. 

To help you implement what you learn,  we have included:

  • Complete video lesson to watch at your own pace, divided into easy-to-follow learning modules
  • Quick Start Notes & Action Plan if you prefer to read and want to get started quickly
  • Complete transcripts of the video lesson, in case you prefer to read or need to reference later
  • Checklist to ensure you don't miss any of the steps in your research and planning
  • Worksheet to brainstorm your course ideas
  • Resource list for tools and websites mentioned during the lesson
  • You'll also be able to download the course journal and planner to help keep you on track

Lesson 2: Easy Strategies to Build Your Buyer Audience
Instant Access to All the Lesson Materials Are in Your Members Area

Fast & Simple Co urse Creation Lesson 2

Now it's time to really dig in and get to work...but again, we'll be keeping things as simple as possible. We'll be discussing and demonstrating audience-building techniques and give you the guidance and templates to start crafting your offer.

During this lesson, you can expect to learn:

  • Audience and traffic-building techniques to attract your ideal customer audience.
  • How to create a hard-to-resist offer and course sign up page, so you can start promoting your event.
  • The tech set up, if you don't have a website or email list service. We'll walk you through this with our case study.

To help you implement what you learn,  we have included:

  • Complete video lesson to watch at your own pace, divided into easy-to-follow learning modules
  • Quick Start Notes & Action Plan if you prefer to read and want to get started quickly
  • Complete transcripts of the video lesson, in case you prefer to read or need to reference later
  • Checklists to ensure you don't miss any of the steps in making your audience-building plan, crafting your offer and setting your sign page
  • Worksheet to brainstorm your audience building and hard-to-resist offer
  • Sign up page and process templates, email templates and other handy goodies
  • Resource list for any tools and websites mentioned during the lesson
  • You also have the supplementary course journal and planner to help keep you on track

Lesson 3: Create & Deliver a Simple High Impact Course
Instant Access to All the Lesson Materials Are in Your Members Area

Fast & Simple Lesson 3

Keeping with our promise to keep it simple, we'll show you the process of getting ready to deliver your course and create high impact to boost the value of your course and help deliver better results to your customers. 

During this lesson, you can expect to learn:

  • How to create a simple, but effective course outline and presentation.
  • Developing your printables, so they help your customers achieve better results
  • The tech set up to run your class...we'll walk you through the process - STEP BY STEP - with our ongoing case study. No website needed.
  • Beat Etsy and other marketplaces at their own game. Learn the tech set up of moving your Etsy customers into your own product funnel. Again, no website required.

To help you implement what you learn,  we have included:

  • Complete video lesson to watch at your own pace, divided into easy-to-follow learning modules
  • Quick Start Notes & Action Plan if you prefer to read and want to get started quickly
  • Complete transcripts of the video lesson, in case you prefer to read or need to reference later
  • Checklists to ensure you don't miss any of the steps in creating your course outline, presentation, printables and setting up your course lesson
  • Worksheet to brainstorm your course outline, presentation and supplementary printables
  • Fill-in-the-blanks templates for your outline, presentation and printables
  • Resource list for any tools and websites mentioned during the lesson
  • You also have the supplementary course journal and planner to help keep you on track

Lesson 4: Simple Systems to Keep Getting Paid from the Same Work
Instant Access to All the Lesson One Materials Are in Your Members Area

Fast & Simple Lesson 4

The money making doesn't stop when your first class has been delivered. There are so many opportunities to do a one-time set up to keep growing your audience, selling your class, repurposing your content. Do the work once and keep getting paid for it! 

During this lesson, you can expect to learn:

  • What to do after completing the course to ensure your current customers are happy and you can keep selling your course over and over again.
  • How to repurpose all your content and marketing materials to keep growing your audience and having new products for sale.
  • Planning more courses, adding even more value to your current course to sell it at higher prices.

To help you implement what you learn,  we have included:

  • Complete video lesson to watch at your own pace, divided into easy-to-follow learning modules
  • Quick Start Notes & Action Plan if you prefer to read and want to get started quickly
  • Complete transcripts of the video lesson, in case you prefer to read or need to reference later
  • Checklists to ensure you don't miss any of the steps in wrapping up your class,  turning it into an evergreen product you can keeping, repurposing your content, turning it into new products and planning your next steps
  • Worksheet to brainstorm how to repurpose your content, use it to grow your audience and create new products
  • Resource list for any tools and websites mentioned during the lesson
  • You also have the supplementary course journal and planner to help keep you on track
  • Full recordings and enhanced transcripts will also be provided, in case you miss anything or need a refresher

And to Make it Easier to Set Goals and Stay On Track, The "Fast Simple Course Creation" Journal and Planner are Included!

The most successful entrepreneurs record their ideas, document their processes and perfect their systems through that documentation. That's why we've created the "Fast & Simple Course Creation" Journal and Planner to help you do just that.

"Fast & Simple Course Creation" Journal

Fast & Simple Printable Journal

Keep this journal handy throughout the course and for when you create and sell your own course. We've included lots of writing prompts to help you gain clarity and make a profitable plan. Just print it out and keep it with you while you work...it will become a tremendous asset to you. We recommend placing the journal in a binder and re-printing sheets as you need them.

"Fast & Simple Course Creation" Planner

Fast & Simple Printable Planner

If course creation is your goal, this planner will be handy all year round. It will help you create priorities, manage your schedule. It includes monthly, weekly and daily pages, so you can map out your entire year. Print this one out and put it in your binder, along with all the checklists and worksheets of this program. 

But that's not nearly all. There's more marketing expertise coming your way...

Self-Promotion Comprehensive Training
Self-Promotion Training at a Glance

Here Are the Details of This Training...Critically Important for Your Course Selling and Online Business Success

We've also provided you with a complete and comprehensive training program on the Fine Art of Self-Promotion, so you can effectively build relationships and create amazing content that sells your products. It's a $397 program, but as a Course Creator's University student, you get full and instant access.

Each topic below is a full-length training session that you can watch or read the transcript.  Plus, there are plenty of fill-in-the-blanks templates to make it easier for you to apply to your Course Creator's business.

PART 1 -  Key Concepts: How Self-Promotion Will Work for You

  • Introduction: 4 Steps to Authentic Self-Promotion: including the 4 things you must learn...and the 3 things your potential customers must believe so they trust you. 
  • LESSON 1: Becoming Clear on Who You Are: Master This and Self-Promotion is Easy: This lesson covers becoming clear on how you are on figuring out what you want to put out in the world, understanding why people want to hear this from you (they do!) and how to adjust your plan as you learn.

PART 2 -  Self-Promotion Skills Building

  • LESSON 2: Creating Useful Content and Products to Achieve Your Mission: In order to master authentic self-promotion, creating a seamless connection between your content and products is a must. This lesson will show you how exactly how to do this.
  • LESSON 3: Persuasive Writing Deep Dive with Examples: This lesson is going to help turn you into a persuasive communication expert with higher level concepts of persuasive writing and how to develop a persuasive communication practice. The lesson includes live examples from students to give you ideas for crafting and editing your own copy for better converting results.
  • LESSON 3: Launching Your Product - Case Study Included: A product launch is a big undertaking...but if you make a SMART PLAN, you can have a great launch that fits in with your schedule. This case study will show you  how you can make the decisions that will be able to help you get a really great launch and not kill yourself in the process, stress yourself out, run out of time, and all those things.
  • LESSON 4: Repurposing Your Content to Grow Your Business Further: Of course, you will probably always create new content, but leveraging the work you've already done has such incredible value. But truly, good content gets better and better as you remix it and apply to your marketing strategies effectively. This lesson covers understanding why it's important repurpose and includes many methods and ideas you can put into use right away.
  • LESSON 5: Building Relationships to Build Business: Persuasive people usually have better relationships and can reap the benefits of mutually beneficial relationships. This lesson covers creating an effective approach to relationship-building, understanding the kinds of mutually beneficial relationships you can create.
  • LESSON 6: Finding and Developing Your Own Charisma That Speaks to Your Audience: Developing your charisma will make all the difference in acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones and that other stuff that I talked about, keeping your contractors happy and loyal, having business partnerships that are, whether they’re big or small, a whole, actual, full-on business partner or just someone you collaborate with a little bit here and there. This lesson shows you how to find it for yourself and flourish. 
  • LESSON 7: How to Ask For the Sale ... And Get Them to Say Yes More Often: A lot of people build online businesses, but hate selling. Go figure! We want to sell products, but we don't want to sell products. But the great news is, it's EASY to be a great sales person when you simply think of what your customers needs and you deliver it. This lesson teaches you effective techniques for asking for the sale...even if you don't want to sell!
  • LESSON 8: Self-Promote Yourself to Recurring Income without Sacrificing Your Freedom: This lesson gets you started with creating recurring income opportunities, marketing them and keeping them going for the long term. We talk about membership and subscription ideas, keys to success, how to use the templates, creating a launch plan and making an ongoing marketing and retention plan.
  • LESSON 9: Email Writing Skills Workshop - How to Make Your Subscribers to Open Your Emails AND Buy Your Stuff: You've probably heard the money is in the list, but there is way more money when you have email writing skills. This session is going to teach you the 4 things that HAVE TO happen before you can make a sale from email, all with the goal of helping you become an engaging email writer that keeps your subscribers interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell.
  • LESSON 10: Content Synergy - A Simple System and Mindset Strategy for More Traffic, Subscribers and Sales: Content Synergy is Alice's unique approach to online business building. It's about making things in your business work together for maximum effect. This lesson includes lots of examples, so you can see how it will apply to your own business to create even bigger than you imagined.
  • LESSON 11: Discipline Secrets - Get Out of Your Own Way to Get Things Done and Build Your Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: One you know the fundamentals, you don't usually need more information to grow your business...you need discipline. This session is a walk through the workbook Alice created to help you explore the things that keep you from consistently growing your business and how to create a plan that matches your ultimate goals...and that honors your strengths and weaknesses. 

Self-Promotion Templates Included to Make Your Marketing Easier

Self-Promotion Templates to Grow Your Business

You'll learn a lot you can put into action right after each Fine Art of Self-Promotion lesson you complete. To make it even easier, Alice has this collection of marketing templates you can use to get the best results from your self-promotion efforts.

  • Copywriting Guide, Swipe Files and Templates to teach you how the basics of copywriting, persuasive writing techniques and copy-paste templates to create headlines and other copywriting elements.
  • Who Are You? Mini Workbook which is a brainstorming sheet to identify your strengths and what you can deliver to your audience to stand apart from the crowd.
  • Sales Page & Other Sales Funnel Templates to put together your product pages, thank you pages and upsell pages. A variety of graphics like buttons, guarantees, etc. are included too.
  • Digital Product Launch Templates includes a checklists, worksheets and planners to help you create and run a successful product launch.
  • High-Converting Free Offer Templates a useful collection of free offer and thank you page templates for free consultation offers, opt-in offers, free webinars and free with shipping offers. Flow charts to plan your funnel included.
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks 7-Part Promotional Email Series based on a proven series template that builds rapport with your audience, offers education and persuasive reasons to purchase your product.
  • Content Monetization Templates in various design styles to incorporate monetization into your checklists, how to content, reports, ebooks, slide shows, tips lists and worksheets.
  • Affiliate Recruitment Letter Templates + Checklist to share your offer with potential affiliates and get them to promote your product.
  • Membership Ideas, Case Studies Guide and Templates that will help you create a successful membership site launch and long term plan to keep revenue streams going.
  • Discipline Secrets Workbook to help you become define better goals, so you can work diligently to achieve them.
Additional Tutorial and Resource Library

At EKitHub, we always have plenty of resources to help you in your Course Creator's Journey. We'll keep adding to the resource section, but when you sign up now, you'll have instant access to tutorials for:

  • Starting Your Courses Business
  • Creating Courses for the Best Customer Experience Possible
  • Selling Courses That Your Customers Can't Wait to Buy More Of
  • Canva Help Showing You How to Edit Your Templates and Create Your Own
  • Niche Courses Tutorials for a growing number of niches includes in the Course Creator's University package.

And of course, we're also available to help you each step of the way in our Course Creator's Community where we'll provide more resources, tutorials and any feedback you need.

Course Creator's Certificate Upon Completion :) 

We can't wait to give these certificates out to students who complete the full training. Complete your lessons and your certificate will automatically be emailed to you, with a surprise bonus gift!

And of course, with full disclaimer, your certificate probably isn't  going to get you a job in the "real world", but it can set you up for being the big deal CEO of your own course creator's enterprise!  So, it's most definitely WORTH IT...as are you.

Course Creator's University Completion Certificate

Phew! There's a lot in here, but you'll find it well-organized and we're available to help you each step of the way, so let's do this! But first...

Here's Some Feedback from Our Community Members (WE LOVE THESE GUYS!) about How We've Helped them in Their Product Creation and Marketing Over the Years

A Chat Log from our AI Live Session:

WOW! Dr. Bates made $35K with our products
Our content is second to none!
Quality products for solopreneurs
Doria Says We Make Entrepreneurial Life Easy!
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
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Customer Feedback
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Customer Feedback
Lars loves our PLR and training
Ryan loves our done-for-you content and is now digging into our training too.
Ron loves working from our templates...and just needs a few tweaks for his target market.
Customer Feedback
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Customer Feedback
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Customer Feedack
More Feedback about Our Courses

We truly appreciate every single one of our customers and community members. First off, we love seeing people successful. And secondly, if they're successful...our business is successful too. It matters to us how you're able to use our products and take action on what you learn. That's why we help, each step of the way.

We've Done All The Hard Work…Take This Content and Run with It

Imagine how much time and effort we've saved you in creating the comprehensive training program and ready-to-customize and publish templates for you to use as products for sale. Let's quickly recap what we've included…

Included at Course Creator's University

Sold Separately Price

PLR -  23 Life Skills Niche Course Template Packages with Covers & Niche guide (PNG / PDF, Canva template)

Value: $621

PLR -  Done-for-You Printables Template Pack

Value: $47

PLR - Run a Class Templates Pack

Value: $47

Education: Fast & Simple Course Creation Complete Training Program

Value: $197

Education: 3 Live Sessions (Success Start, Build a university and AI Tools Sessions)

Value: $197

Education: Quick Start Notes & Action Plans, Checklists, Worksheets for Each Lesson

Value: $47

Education: Fast & Simple Course Creation Journal and Planner

Value: $47

Education: Fine Art of Self Promotion Training

Value: $397

Education: Self-Promotion Template Collection

 Value: $147

Education: Course Creator's Community for Feedback, Support and More

 Value: $197

Education: 30-Day Course Creation Challenge with Personalized Coaching


Education: Course Creator's Tutorial & Resource Library

Value: $97

Lifetime Access to the Course Creator's University Members Area, including ALL product updates

Value: $197

Total Estimated Value:

$2,388.00 (but don't worry you'll pay FAR less than this in this exclusive bundled offer)

As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment put such education and templates together, but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is study with us, use the templates and start selling your products.

Grab everything now for only $2,388.00 $47, so you can save hundreds of hours of value learning and creating time to provide your audience with the journal products they'll love! 

Instant Access to Course Creator's University

Register Right Now and Receive:
* 23 Life Skills Niche Course Template Packages with Covers & Niche Guide (PLR)
* Done-for-You Printables Template Pack (PLR)
* Run a Class Templates Pack (PLR)
* Fast & Simple Course Creation Complete Training Program
* Quick Start Notes & Action Plans, Checklists, Worksheets for Each Lesson
* Fast & Simple Course Creation Journal and Planner
* 3 Live Sessions + Recordings for Orientation, Success Help, AI Tools and Creating a University
* Fine Art of Self-Promotion Comprehensive Training
* Course Creator's Community for Feedback, Support and More
* 30-Day Course Creation Challenge with Personalized Coaching
* Completion Certificate for Students Who Complete the Training + Surprise Gift
* Lifetime Access to the Course Creator's University Members Area, including product updates

This Offer to Register for Course Creator's University DISAPPEARS in...


You missed out!

We really look forward to guiding you on your Course Creator's journey. We've got all the templates, tools, education and support you need. Join us now for the only sessions available in 2024. It'd be a shame to miss this! 

To your publishing success,

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
Your Partners in Easy Product Creation at EKitHub.com

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