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"Create a Workbook for Sale - The Fast and Simple Way"

Learn how to create a useful RESULTS-oriented experience for your customers, so you can effectively sell your workbooks, courses and coaching programs.

Free Workbook Creation Class

Attention: Coaches, Book Authors, Printable Sellers Content Creators…
and ANYONE with a special skill set looking to earn some extra income.

If you've been thinking of putting your knowledge together into hot-selling workbooks, there is one thing you should know.

A pretty face is NOT enough!

There are lots of pretty workbook templates out there and tools like Canva make it dead simple for ANYONE to create a nice-looking printable in no time, but what's WAY more important for the longevity of your business is that you provide a USEFUL learning opportunity for your customers that gets them RESULTS

That's exactly what we'll show you in this recorded class.

This is PERFECT for you, if ANY of these sound familiar...

  • You want sell products that are quick and easy to make...and have a high profit margin.
  • You want a product you can sell over and over again, without having to do much extra work.
  • You want a surefire way to generate highly targeted leads for your business.
  • You have knowledge to share and want to help your customers get better results...and in turn, have them spreading the word about you because you've helped them out in such a meaningful way.
  • Through your job or career, you've learned things that others want to know, so they can solve a problem, achieve a goal or refine their skills. Whether you're a teacher, accountant, contractor, person in the trades, a medical professional...or ANYONE who has knowledge that can help others.
  • You're a book author, but are tired of Amazon getting all your customers and want to get those book buyers on your OWN subscriber and customer list.
  • You're a coach who wants to boost the value of your program and add easy-to-create products to your customer funnel.
  • You want to leverage the power of AI tools to create useful products, instead of the drivel most people are pumping out of ChatGPT.
  • You've tried building workbooks in Canva and managed to create something nice looking, but you want to create a more meaningful, results-oriented experience for your customers.

We've got you covered! Most people would charge for an event like this, but this one is absolutely free.

Here's What to Expect To Learn:

This free class is based on REAL bona-fide workbooks experience Alice has personally creating workbooks since before printables were "cool" and together, we've been helping our thousands customers leverage the power of instructional printables at EKitHub.

During the free class, we share:

  • Why workbooks are such a hot-selling product and how you can stand out from the crowd of workbook creators.
  • Why workbooks are also highly targeted lead generators to grow your list and find potential clients.
  • How to apply the use of workbooks whether you're a content creator, printables seller, coach, book author or really...ANY type of product seller.
  • A real-live case study of creating a class, entirely from a workbook that ONLY took about 2 hours to create.
  • How to brainstorm your own workbook topics to create a unique experience your customers can't get elsewhere.
  • Using ChatGPT as your personal assistant to create a results-oriented experience for your customers.
  • Avoiding the FLUFF many workbooks include. The faster you get your customers to RESULTS, the faster they'll come back for more.

...and that's just the beginning.  We also a little extra something for you to take with you from the class...

Free Gift for Joining Us: PDF Copy of Our "Create Your Own Workbook" Template

PDF Workbook Template

We recently created a 20-page workbook template for our Fast & Simple Course Creation students. It includes prompts and guidance to create a meaningful learning experience for your customers. During the class, we share a PDF copy of the template that you can download.

We'll also show you how you can get a customizable Canva template to adapt our workbook to your own topic and branding needs. 

By The Way, If We've Never Met....

We're Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan from EKitHub. Together, we have decades of experience helping our customers with business building strategies that create a bigger impact, but with FAR less work.  We sold millions of dollars in content, training programs and printables....and specialize in helping people like you achieve your goals, so you can help other achieve theirs too.

Plus, we're THE team to learn from! And that's not just saying that. People love our events and products...not only do you learn, but you have a great time as well.

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Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
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