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Fast Track Templates

We're all about making your creating your printables empire SIMPLE and PROFITABLE. We've already provided you with the handy guide + templates to show you how you can get paid BEFORE you create your printables by creating quick courses via a webinar format (Facebook Live will do).

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Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included in Your Fast-Track Get Paid to Create Your Printables Through Simple Online Courses Templates Package

Each package comes with handy fill-in-the-blanks templates and other tools to make easy work of putting together your online classes.

  • Simple Course Creation Templates in 3 Attractive Styles
  • Detailed Webinar Step-by-Step Webinar Outline
  • Detailed Webinar Slide Show
  • Webinar Sign Up Page + Thank You Page
  • Class Promotion Fill-in-the-Blanks Email Series

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Simple Course Creation Templates in 3 Attractive Styles, including a Slide Show, Ebook, Workbook and Checklist Template

Simple Course Creation and Repurposing Templates

If you like to keep it simple, great news! So do we. Here are 3 sets of course creation templates that you can use to create professional-looking and attractive....

  • Basic classes via webinar (pptx)
  • Ebooks or transcript documents (.docx)
  • Workbooks or worksheets to apply what they've learned (.docx)
  • Checklists, so they don't miss any steps you covered in your presentation (.docx)

Detailed Webinar Slide Show + Step-by-Step Outline

Webinar Outline + Detailed Slide Show

Now let's get more polished here with this very detailed outline and slide show to create a top-quality learning experience for your audience. 

The slides include detailed instructions on what to include and have attractive options for inputting and displaying your information. They are also designed so that you appropriately welcome your audience, get them excited about attending your class and fully participating and staying until the end.

We've also included a detailed outine in .docx format, so you can cover all the same points in a slide show you create yourself.

The slide show template covers:

  • How to use the slide show template
  • Creating a Title Slide
  • Making Introductions
  • Show them how to make the most of their learning experience
  • What you'll be teaching and what results you hope for them
  • Introducing social proof to boost audience engagement
  • Providing an overview to the presentation
  • Presenting educational material in an organized manner
  • Keeping them engaged throughout your presentation
  • Summarizing your class
  • Presenting your printables and download
  • Action steps to get started on their own
  • Wrapping it up

We've even included handy designs to find different ways to display informative content to provide the best learning opportunity for your customers.

Educational Slide Ideas

Webinar Sign Up Page and Thank You Page

Here's the handy template to create your sign up and thank you page copy. It comes in .docx format and will guide you as you create your sales page in WordPress or your preferred editor. 

Class Sign Up + Thank You Page

Class Promotion Fill-in-the-Blanks Email Series

This 6-part series of fill-in-the-blanks promotional emails will make it easy for your to share your class and follow up with your subscribers, so as many sign up as possible. 

Class Sign Up Emails

We've Made This Fill-in-the-Blanks Simple…Just Take These Templates and Make it Easier to Sell Your Printables for Higher Prices and Even Before You Create Them

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