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 Done for You and Ready-to-Publish "Love and Relationships" 131-Page Printables Pack with Poster Graphics, Couple's Journal, Card Deck and Planner Pages with Complete Commercial-Use Rights

Love and Relationships EKit

Love is one of the most essential things in life. We love to express it, experience it, and to be surrounded by it. According to Statista, people spent ~ $27 Billion dollars in Valentine's Day in 2020.   Here's a perfect way to help your clients and customers get ready for the love season. This printable pack is good beyond Valentine's Day!  

You can also brand these with your logo and name to make AWESOME client gifts.

Here's a Quick Summary of What's in The Love and Relationship Pack

  • 5-Poster Graphics - for digital sharing, printables, print-on-demand products and more.
  • 100-Page Couple's Journal with 50 prompts
  • Editable ecover set with flat and 3D promo graphics
  • 21-card Questions for Couples Card Deck
  • Monthly Date Night Planner Page
  • Date Night Ideas Planner Page
  • Relationship Goals Planner Page
  • Love Languages Planner Page
  • Important Dates To Remember Planner Page

Now let's take a closer look at everything...

Here's a peek at this printables collection. All the done-for-you content comes with complete private label rights, which means you can edit and monetize them in just about any way you'd like. 

First up...

5-Poster Graphics/Greeting Cards

We've also included 5-full size poster graphics. They come in PSD for editing and PNG format. Use them for social media, to create wall posters, planner dashboards, screensavers, t-shirts, mugs and just about anything you want.

Here's a peek at the graphics...

Poster Graphics - Greeting Cards

And just a few ideas of products you can create with these highly-versatile content...

Instant Product Ideas

Now let us tell you about this most awesome...

Couple's Journal for More Connected Relationships, including a Complete and Editable Ecover Set

Your customers will love this 100-page Couple's Journal that includes 50 prompts for him and her (feel free to customize for any couples or audience) to help the couple explore, share and move their relationship to a new level. This journal also provides plenty of room for a couple to express their opinions, thoughts, ideas, and progress.

The journal is fully editable in  .docx format. Here's a peek at at the journal with prompts...

Couple's Journal - Close Up Peek

And a full quick peek at the complete 100-page journal...

Couples Journal - All Pages

You get the complete ecover set as well with PSD for editing. Plus PNG flat graphic for your document and 3 x 3D promotional graphics.

Couple Journal Cover Graphics

21-Card "Questions for Couples" Card Deck...Commercial and Print-at-Home Instructions Included

Your customers will love this card deck with 21 questions that permits a couple a chance to learn and discover more about each other. These questions are designed for individuals to get to know one another better and you can use the templates to add as many of your own questions as you'd like. 

The card deck is fully customizable and fully editable (pptx and PSD), so you can change fonts, add messages, update the card back, insert images, branding elements and more.

Relationship Questions Card Deck

Each card deck set includes:

  • 21 cards, each with inspirational and motivational text
  • 2 back side options for your decks...use these, edit them or swap them out of your own
  • Complete instructions for at-home or commercial printing

And comes in the following formats:

  • PSD for editing, including the guides and crop marks to ensure top quality professional printing. 
  • JPGs ready to PDF and send to the commercial printer, with the required crop marks. 
  • Blank PNGs/JPGs that you can use to create your own PDF or use the graphics on social media or in your other printables
  • A fully formatted PowerPoint file with editable text, so you or your customers can print the cards at home, if you prefer.

Ready for Commercial and At-Home Printing...Instructions Included

Like we said, this content can be professionally printed or can also be printed at home...and we've included the convenient formats to do that. 

PSD for editing, including the guides and crop marks to ensure top quality professional printing. 

Editable PSD for with guide lines and crop marks

JPGs ready to PDF and send to the commercial printer, with the required crop marks.

Images for Commercial Printing

Blank PNGs/JPGs that you can use to create your own PDF or use the graphics on social media or in your other printables.

Blank Images

A fully formatted PowerPoint file, so you or your customers can print the cards at home, if you prefer.

PPT format Card Deck

Not sure what all this means? NO PROBLEM. Step by step instructions on how to print yourself or send to a commercial printer are included.

Card Deck Instructions

5 Better Relationship Planner Pages

These handy printables are perfect for planners or for use individually. Have them printed and bound for your clients or let them print on their own. They come in fully editable PowerPoint format, so you can change color schemes, fonts and any design elements that you'd like. We've also included PNGs and a PDF for you to use if you'd like.

Love and Relationships Planner Pages

Printable Topics Include:

  • Monthly Date Night Planner sheet: with space for a monthly date night notes. 
  • Date Night Ideas Planner Sheet: with space for each one to include date night ideas. 
  • Relationship Goals Planner Sheet: with space for relationship goals, action statements, targeted date, and plans.
  • Love Languages Planner Sheet: with space for each love language.  
  • Important Dates To Remember Planner Sheet: a worksheet with space for couples to document the most important events in their love story. 

Perfect for a product for sale, a digital download to share with your customers or a full printed and bound planner,  these sheets come in PowerPoint format for easy editing and printing. Just export them as a PDF if you're having your customers print them. 

But wait...there's more...

Better Relationships Bonus Offer

Grab this pack now and you'll also receive our info-packed Weekend-Only Better Relationship Bonus Offer...

Love and Relationships Bonus Pack

The bonus pack includes...

5 Quotes Graphics

A thought-provoking quote, each in png and psd format for editing. Use them for social media, in your newsletters, on your website and more.

5 Better Relationships Quotes

2 In-Depth Better Relationships Worksheets

These worksheets come in .docx format and includes plenty of space for exploration in the following topics...

  • Cultivating Better Romantic Relationships
  • Cultivating Better Conversations in Your Romantic Relationships

2 Handy Checklists...The Perfect Companion for Your Worksheets

These worksheets come in .docx format and will help your customers stay on track with what they discover in the worksheets. They include the following topics

Better Relationships Worksheets
  • Cultivating Better Romantic Relationships
  • Cultivating Better Conversations in Your Romantic Relationships

51 More Questions for Your Card Decks

51 More Card Deck Ideas

If you want to add more cards to your questions card deck, it's EASY! Just take these ideas and use the PSD templates to create new cards. They come in a .docx document.

12 Articles on Better Relationships

12 Better Relationships Articles

These articles are perfect for your blog, social media, newsletters or could be incorporated into your planner. The articles include the following topics...

  • 5 Ways to Have Better Conversations
  • 4 Ways to Break Bad Voice Patterns When Relationship Conversations Go Awry
  • What Every New Romantic Relationship Should Talk About
  • 5 Key Elements for Better  Romantic Relationships
  • 7 Habits for Building Extraordinary Relationships
  • 5 Traits of Extraordinary Romantic Relationships
  • 8 Ways to Deepen Your Connections
  • 5 Every Day Activities To Do With your Partner
  • How to Cultivate Your Romantic Relationship Every Day
  • 8 Bad Habits to Avoid in Romantic Relationships
  • Trust Issues in Yourself and Your Romantic Relationship

Overall, we have tons of content to make it easy for you to create products, giveaways to grow your list, membership site content, gifts for your clients and tons more. So as you can see...

We've Done All The Hard Work…Take This Content and Run with It

Imagine how much time and effort we've saved you in getting all this ready-to-publish content for you to use as products and content to grow and engage your audience. Let's take a look at all that's involved with putting together this content on your own…

PLR Pack Contents

Estimated Time to Create

Estimated Cost to Create

5 Poster Graphics for digital sharing, printables and print-on-demand products in PSD and PNG format

5 hours


21-card deck in PSD, PNG and PPT format with printing instructions

7 hours


100-Page Journal with 50 Prompts

10 hours


Journal Ecover Set (png and PSD)

1.5 hours


5 Planner Printables in PPTX format

7.5 hours


Total Time:

31 hours

Total Cost:


As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment to put all this together on your own…but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is publish the content and get it out there.

Grab everything now for only $37 $24.95 ($1,762.50 outsourcing cost to create yourself - not even including the bonuses) for your commercial private label rights (PLR) license, so you can save at least 31 hours of time and plenty of money to provide your audience with the products and content they'll love! 

Private Label Commercial License

Only  $37  $24.95

Put these to good use...and remember, you can come by our EKitHub Facebook Group anytime for ideas on implementing this content and creating easy-to-make products...FAST! We're always available to help.

To your publishing success,

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Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan
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4. You can distribute the content as a viral report.

5. You can add your name, URL or logo as the author/creator of this PLR content

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Private Label Commercial License

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