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Marketing Templates

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We're all about making your marketing SIMPLE. We've already provided the done-for-you content, so you can create products, load up your social media and more. 

Now let's take it one step further, so we can make it easy for you to grow your list, build your traffic, sell your products and more. We've got a very practical collection of Insider's Guides + fill-in-the-blanks templates to save you plenty of time and make your marketing tasks much more effective.

If you were to purchase these template packages separately, you would pay $444 to get all these at your fingertips, but you can grab everything at a fraction of that cost...if you get them right now. 

Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included in Your Must-Have Business Growth Marketing Templates

Each package comes with handy fill-in-the-blanks templates and other tools...plus an Insider's Strategy Guide to help you maximize the marketing strategy and use the templates.

  • List Building Templates
  • 22 Done-for-You Email Templates
  • Advanced List Building Templates
  • Blog Planning Templates
  • Social Media Planning Templates
  • Goal Setting for Online Marketers Templates
  • Publicity and Press Release Templates
  • Customer Service and Retention Templates
  • Content Branding and Monetization Templates
  • Essential Website Traffic Templates Templates
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Marketing and Promotions Planning Templates

Now keep reading to get the full scoop on everything. There's a TON here for you...

List Building Templates

Growing a mailing list is critical for you in the Inspiration niche. It's how you'll keep in touch with your audience AND sell them your products over and over again. Email is a much more commercial medium than social media, so you want as many followers on your list, so can send them product offers they can't wait to buy.

List Building Templates
  • Insider's List Building Strategy Guide with the ins and outs of growing your mailing list and detailed instructions o how to use the templates.
  • Opt-in Page Copy Template: Ensure you have all the necessary elements to encourage more people to sign up for your newsletter of free offer.
  • Thank You Page Copy Template: Not all thank you pages are the same. This simple page includes the key ingredients to help you turn a subscriber into a customer faster. 
  • Opt-in Video Script Template: Video can boost your opt-in rate dramatically. Use this script to create a video that helps get more subscribers. 
  • Thank You Email Copy Template: How you welcome your new subscriber matters and this template is designed to help you get more sales from your new subscriber. 
  • Conversion Boosting Report Template: Use this template to create an informative free report that also effectively sells your product or service.

22 Done-for-You Email Templates

Once you've started growing the list, you have to stay in touch with them and skillfully engage them, so they become loyal followers and ultimately, loyal customers. This template package includes fill-in-the-blank email templates you can send to inform and convert your subscribers into buyers. 

Email Marketing Templates
  • Email Marketing Insider's Guide to show you why email is such a powerful tool for your business and how to leverage it and these templates for best results.
  • 4 Ask Questions Email Templates: Engage your audience by asking them questions. The more you can interact with your audience, the better. 
  • 3 Free Download Announcement Email Templates: Your subscribers love freebies...use this copy-paste email series to share yours to WOW your audience. 
  • 3 Free Event/Webinar Announcement Email Templates: Webinars and events are perfect for building a connection to your subscribers and excellent for increasing sales. Here are 3 templates to help you get more people to your webinar or event. 
  • 2 New Content Announcement Email Templates: Get more eyeballs on your content. Share your new content with these fill-in-the-blanks templates.
  • 4 Product/Promotion Email Templates: If you want to make money with your list, you have to tell them about your products and special promotions. This 4-part email series makes it easy for you to do that. 
  • 2 Rant email Templates: Everybody loves a good rant and it's a great way to grab your subscribers attention. Share your rants with these 2-templates.
  • 2 Social Media Invitation Email Templates: Being able to have your audience on different platforms means you can keep in touch more. These templates make it easy for you to encourage your subscribers to get on your social media bandwagon.
  • 2 Survey Invitation Email Templates: Surveys are the perfect way to make your subscribers feel listened to AND they teach you about your subscriber, so you can serve them better. These templates are perfect for sending out our latest survey. 

Advanced List Building Templates

Let's go deeper with your list building efforts. These templates will help you find your ideal audience and craft the right free offers to get more subscribers that are more likely to buy your products. 

List Building Templates
  • Insider's Essential List Building Strategy Guide: Get into the mindset of your ideal customer, so you can get them on your list and sell them your products. 
  • Defining Your Ideal Audience Checklist & Planner: If you want to build a list of potential buyers, you have to do your homework and figure out WHO those people are. But don't worry, this is EASY homework with this checklist and planner. 
  • Creating an Effective Lead Magnet / Free Offer Checklist & Planner: The free offer you makes all the difference in how many subscribers you get and how many will ultimately buy your product. These checklist and planner will help you create the most effective free offer.
  • Creating a High-Converting Opt-in Page Checklist & Planner: Now that you've created the free gifts, it's time to lure them in with your free offer page.
  • Turning Subscribers into Customers Right Away Checklist & Planner: The more subscribers you can turn into customers quickly, the better. Use this checklist and planner to make it happen. 
  • Creating Effective Follow Up Email Series Checklist & Planner: Once you have the subscriber, you have to stay in touch and educate them on your product. We've created an email follow up series that helps you do just this.
  • Using Your Blog to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner
  • Using Facebook to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner
  • Using LinkedIn to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner
  • Using Instagram to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner
  • Using YouTube to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner
  • Using Live Video to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner
  • SEO to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner

    Blog Planning Templates

Now it's time to get that blog rolling. To keep a steady stream of traffic to your website, you've got to keep it fresh with content. This template package helps you do just that.

Blog Planning Templates
  • Insider's Strategy Guide: Review the 3 keys to keeping your blog full of quality content with less work. You'll also learn how to put the templates and checklists in this month's package to best use.  
  • Blogging Calendar: This calendar includes 18 months of holiday and days of the year to inspire blog post ideas. Have fun with the inspiration and jot down your ideas right on the calendar. 
  • Weekly Blog Planning Sheet: When it’s time for detailed planning, use the weekly blog planning sheet. Use it, not only to plan your topics, but entwine your content with your product promotions and planning how to get traffic to your new post.
  • Blog Post Planning Template: Before you start writing, you can use this more detailed template to fully plan your post. Add your post title, objective of your post, the specific angle you’re using to create engagement, reference links to help you create your post and the points you want to cover. 
  • Content Style Checklist: Creating engaging web content can be tricky, but this checklist boils it down to the essentials in getting people to pay attention. From layout to the actual content, it covers the points you need to know. 
  • Content Types for Your Blog Checklist: Blogging isn’t all about blog posts. This easy-reference list includes 30 ideas to add valuable and shareable content to your blog. 
  • Where to Get Blog Content Ideas Checklist: Inspiration is all around us, if you’re paying attention and making a habit of it, that will help ensure steady content ideas for your blog. This checklist includes 20 places to routinely get ideas for your content. 
  • 50 Things to Blog About Checklist: Never be at a loss for ideas again. These 50 ideas can be used for any niche and used over and over again.  
  • 9 Content Creation Templates: We’ve also included 9 handy content templates to help you or your guest writers create content more quickly.
  • Content Brand Charter Template: If you’re at all concerned about delivering a consistent message to your blog readers if you hire writers or accept free guest bloggers, this charter template will help you outline exactly what you expect from your content. 
  • How to Get Free Content Checklist: Who says you have to pay for content? There are plenty of great ways to leverage the content of others. This checklist includes 10 handy ideas for you. 
  • Recruiting and Working with Free Guest Bloggers Checklist: Many bloggers and writers would love to write for your blog, in return for exposure and don’t need payment at all. This detailed checklist covers all the bases to ensure you provide a good opportunity for your guest blogger and useful experience to your readers as well. 
  • Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines Template: If you want to accept guest writers, one of your first steps is to create a blog post submission page. This template includes the fill-in-the-blanks wording you can use to make your offer clear and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
  • Hiring and Working with Writers Checklist: This checklist shows you how to find writers, how to determine if they’re the writer to work with and how to ensure your expectations are met.
  • Writer Assignment Template: Once you’re ready to hire, this template will ensure you cover all your bases to get the best result possible. Just fill in the details like: content format, topic, expected length, target market, voice, edits included, payment information and project deadline.

    Social Media Planning Templates

It's a social web these days and a social media presence is key to your online business success. This template package makes it easier get started and stay organized with all your social media planning.

Social Media Planning Templates
  • Insider's Strategy Guide: Discover the benefits social media provides to your business. Review the 6 ways you can connect and share on social media. You'll also learn how to put the templates and checklists to best use.
  • Social Media Management Checklist and Brainstorming Sheet: Most people simply post to social media,
    without a real plan on how it will grow or enhance their business. Use the checklist and brainstorming
    pack we’ve provided to create your effective social media plan.
  • 9 Checklist Pack: These handy checklists will give you a great overview of the ins and outs of all the popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blab, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook Live.
  • Social Media Content Planner: We’re sure you’ll agree that this is an awesome 2017-2018 calendar that includes a daily content idea for your social media. Use the calendar to plan your social media content ahead of time or whenever you’re stuck for ideas, just pull it out and run with the daily idea.
  • Visual Guide Social Media Image and Post Guidelines: Ever get confused about how long your posts can be and how large your images should be on each social network? We do too! Worry no more because you’ve got these handy guidelines that include a visual guide for how to post. 
  • Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler Tool Boosting Report Template: Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool that allows you to manage all your social media accounts and schedule your updates, all from one convenient dashboard. They also offer a bulk uploader feature, to save you even more time.
    We’ve included a formatted .csv file to make your bulk uploads easier and an illustrated step-by-step guide, so you can easily use the bulk uploader feature.
  • Social Media Graphics and Quotes: Share and create engaging content with your audience with: 
    - 20 graphics with inspirational/motivational/success quotes - including the PSD version to make edits
    - 20 eye-catching blank graphics - for you to add your own text and branding
    - 149 carefully selected inspirational/motivational/success quotes - to use in your posts

Goal Setting for Online Business Owners Templates

Goals are the foundation of a business plan. Without goals, you don’t have a direction to take. And without a plan to achieve those goals, you won't get anywhere. These templates will help ensure you set those goals and make the plan to get there.

Goal Setting Templates
  • Insider's Strategy Guide:  Discover the many benefits setting goals can bring to your life and business. Learn the proper way to set goals to ensure they are achievable and the three major goal categories that will help you grow your online business. You'll also learn how to put the templates and checklists to best use.
  • Goal Setting Worksheet:  Getting your goals down on paper is a great start! Use this worksheet to document your milestones, completion dates, resources needed, your tasks, tasks you can outsource and the status of each goal. 
  • Never Ending Ideas for Audience Building:  This brainstorming checklist gives you 50 detailed ideas to use for your audience building efforts. You no longer have to struggle with what to do next to build your tribe. Keep going down the list and try them all.
  • Audience Tracking Spreadsheet:  Keeping track of your audience growth is so important so you can easily identify what is working and what isn’t in your marketing efforts. Use this spreadsheet template to track your audience growth over time comparing it to your monthly and yearly goals based on all the different platforms including social media, website traffic and your email list. Find what’s really working and what isn’t to grow your audience.
  • Never Ending Ideas for Income Producing:  This brainstorming checklist gives you 50 detailed ideas to run with when you are looking for more ideas on how to grow your online income. As you grow your audience you’ll want to find new ways to engage them and convert them into sales.
  • Bookkeeping Spreadsheet:  Tracking your income, expenses and profits is essential for the success of your online business. This spreadsheet makes it easy to quickly see a summary of your income, expenses and profit for each month of the year. No more wondering if you are losing money. This will keep you organized and keep everything all in one place.
  • Never Ending Ideas for Product Promotions:  This brainstorming checklist gives you 50 great ideas on how you can run product promotions. Sometimes we need a little inspiration and this list will give you just that! Examples are included too to make it even easier.
  • Product Launch and Promotion Tracking Spreadsheet:  It can be difficult to keep track of all of your products and how they are performing in your business. That’s why we created this template to make it easy for you to track the income, expenses and profits for each one of your products. No more guessing which product is actually your most profitable, you’ll have it all documented in this spreadsheet for easy reporting.
  • Daily Planner:  The daily planner will keep you on track with your goals by breaking out the To-Do’s into sections of Audience Building, Income Producing, Product to Create or Promote and Tasks to Peform or Outsource.   Use this template every day to ensure your tasks are in line with your goals.
  • Weekly Planner:   The Weekly Planner will give you a high level overview of what tasks you performed each day to bring you closer to your goals within each on of the sections also listed in your daily planner. Yet another check to ensure you are staying on the right track with your tasks in order to reach your goals.  
  • Monthly Planner:   The monthly planner templates give you a template for each month of the year. They are fill in the blank so you can re-use them from year to year. You can track your income goals, audience goals, product creation goals, products to release/promote and your content publishing. Combined with the daily and weekly planners, you are guaranteed to stay on track with your goals.  

    Publicity and Press Release Templates

Publicity is better than any advertising you can be. It's like being endorsed by the media and getting a ton of buzz....and for free. This template package will help you create your publicity campaigns and includes plenty of press release templates to make it super easy. 

Publicity and Press Release Templates
  • Publicity and Press Releases Insider's Strategy Guide: Discover the benefits of getting more publicity in your business using press releases. You'll also learn how to put the templates and checklists to best use in this package to get the most publicity possible in your business.
  • 50 Smart Ideas for Getting Publicity: Publicity is about getting the attention of the media. Their words hold weight so when they recognize you in publications, they bring attention to your name and company. Here are 50 smart ideas for you to incorporate into your marketing strategy.
  • 50 Reasons to Send a Press Release:  Press releases can get you the attention you’ve been looking for in your business. It can be difficult to determine when to send a press release, however. Here are 50 detailed reasons you can use to send a press release to get the attention of the media and grow your business.
  • Press Release Brainstorming Sheet: Writing and distributing press releases can be difficult if you don’t have experience with them. They must have a unique format and you must keep your goals in mind when creating them. This brainstorming sheet will help you create an effective press release every time.
  • Press Release Distribution Tracking Spreadsheet: This tracking sheet includes everything you need to stay organized with your press release campaigns.
  • Media Kit Instructions, Sample and Template Call-to-Action Swipe File:  A media kit is a page on your website where you include all the information that a media representative may want to know about your company. They use the information and resources in your kit to help them decide if they’re going to cover your press release. So, the kit you put together can have big implications. Use these instructions, sample and template to create your solid media kit quickly and easily.
  • Thank You Letter Sample and Template: Following up with a thank you letter after an interview is essential. Use this sample thank you letter and template to continue to build relationships and remain top of mind with your interviewers.
  • 6 Press Release Templates: We’ve got 6 different press release templates that you can quickly run with along with detailed instructions and tips to help you along.  
    •  The templates include:
          -  Basic Press Release
          -  Contest Giveaway Press Release
          -  Free Information Press Release
          -  Fundraiser Press Release
          -  New Product Announcement
          -  New Website Press Release
  • 3 Press Release Checklists: These handy checklists are going to keep you on track to ensure you don’t miss a thing.  
    • We’ve included checklists for:

          -  Preparing for Your Interview
          -  Steps to Take After Your Interview
          -  Distributing Your Press Releases

Customer Service and Retention Templates

Without good customer services, it's going to be tough to have a business. But did you know your customer service is also integral for KEEPING those customers and having them come back for more. These customer service templates are designed with that goal in more...keeping those customers, so your business stays steady and profitable. 

Customer Service Templates
  • Content Branding and Monetization Insider's Strategy Guide:  Discover the many benefits of bettering your customer service and retention processes. You'll also learn how to put the templates and checklists to best use in this package to get the most publicity possible in your business.
  • Customer Service Best Practices: Use this template to train your customer service team on your best practices. You can choose which of the best practices apply to your business and your customer service preferences.
  • Customer Service & Retention Checklist: Creating a customer service system and retaining customers can be overwhelming. Having a good checklist will make the world of difference for you and your team. This checklist covers everything you need to create a successful customer service and retention program.
  • Customer Service FAQ Template: Having a FAQ is important because it can eliminate customer service requests and enables your customers to find instant answers. This template includes 30 of the most common questions, typical for an online business, and suggested answers. You can modify the answers to fit your business needs.
  • 13 Customer Service Email Templates: Having customer service email templates ready for you or your team to use is invaluable. It will save you a ton of time. We’ve provided 13 different customer service email templates you can quickly customize for your own business. 
  • Refund Policy Templates: Refund policies vary depending on your business model. For example, a service provider generally includes their refund policy in their work for hire agreement. However, if you sell digital products, membership sites, or if you’re an affiliate marketer then it’s good to have a policy that you can publish on your website. We’ve included simple policies for a variety of business models.
  • Getting Customer Feedback Templates: Asking for customer feedback is important, but it’s not always easy to do. We are making it much easier for you by providing an email template asking for your customer’s feedback on their experience with your business. We’ve also included a sample customer survey template you can customize to get valuable information back from your customers.

Content Branding and Monetization Templates

Every week you write, post, and share content. From blog posts to tweets, from reports and downloads to email messages, you’re communicating with your audience, leads, and customers. You’re sharing a message and creating familiarity. These templates will help you create a consistent message, so your audience recognizes you right away and they know exactly what to expect with your content.

Content Branding & Monetization Templates
  • Insider's Strategy Guide:  Discover how to brand and monetize your content to attract more loyal customers. You'll also learn how to put the templates and checklists to best use in this package to get your message across in the best way possible.
  • 5 Professionally Designed Template Sets: You will get 5 different template sets with 7 templates included in each set to use to help brand and market your content. Each set includes templates for a report/ebook, how to article, tips list, checklist, worksheet, slide show and a blank template. That’s a total of 35 templates + the undesigned originals.
  • Report/Ebook Templates: Choose between these 5 designer templates to make your report or ebook writing and branding a breeze.
  • How-to Article Templates: We make it easy for you to write your branded how-to articles. Choose between these 5 eye-catching templates.
  • Tips List Templates: These 5 list templates will help you write up your list content in no time. You’ll get 5 different designs to choose from so you can focus on the content.
  • Checklist Templates: Everyone loves a good checklist. Use the checklist templates to give your readers the details so they don’t miss a thing. Choose between 5 designs to fit your branding.
  • Worksheet Templates: Use the worksheet templates to teach your readers something valuable. It’s broken up in different parts to make it easy to follow. Choose from 5 different templates.
  • Slide Show Templates: Use the slide show templates to create a course or instructional video. Choose from 5 different templates to help you brand your presentation.
  • Raw Content Templates: You will also get all of the templates in a raw unformatted version, so you can use your own creativity and create your own branded documents.

Essential Website Traffic Templates

Oh yes, the topic everyone LOVES, but few master. If you need more traffic to your website (of course you do), these templates are going to help you create and execute a solid traffic building plan. 

Essential Website Traffic Templates
  • Website Traffic Insider's Strategy Guide: Discover the many different strategies and methods you can use to increase your website traffic in order to grow your business. This guide will get you started.
  • Blogging Checklist: The Blogging Checklist will show you the simple tweaks you can make to your blog to get more traffic easily.
  • Blogging Planner: The Blogging Planner will guide you through the important questions you need to know to effectively get more traffic to your blog.
  • Email Marketing Checklist: The Email Marketing Checklist will show you the steps to take to leverage your email list to send traffic back to your blog/website.
  • Email Marketing Planner: The Email Marketing Planner will help you plan out your next steps for using your blog and email marketing to get more traffic.
  • Facebook Ads Checklist: The Facebook Ads Checklist will help you stay on the right track as you create your ads.
  • Facebook Ads Tracking Spreadsheet: The Facebook Ads Tracking Spreadsheet will help you record all of the pertinent information to ensure you know what is working in your ads and what you need to change.
  • Facebook Checklist: The Facebook Checklist will show you the necessary steps to take to drive traffic to your website while giving you the biggest return on your time.
  • Facebook Planner: The Facebook Planner will help you create an action plan to drive traffic to your site using Facebook.
  • Facebook Live Checklist: The Facebook Live Checklist will help get started broadcasting live to connect with your followers and grow your platform.
  • Facebook Live Planner: The Facebook Live Planner will guide you through creating a strategy for using Facebook Live to build your audience.
  • Google Adwords Checklist: The Google Adwords Checklist will show you everything you need to consider before you begin advertising using Google Adwords.
  • Google Adwords Tracking Spreadsheet: The Google Adwords Tracking Spreadsheet will be the place to keep track of your different Adwords campaigns along with the performance data so you can analyze and change things as needed.
  • LinkedIn Checklist: The LinkedIn Checklist will give you the tips you need to use LinkedIn to drive traffic back to your site.
  • LinkedIn Planner: The LinkedIn Planner will help you build a LinkedIn profile and strategy that will help you grow your audience.
  • Pinterest Checklist: The Pinterest Checklist will give you some great tips on using this search engine to its fullest potential to drive consumers back to your website.
  • Pinterest Planner: The Pinterest Planner will help you build your brand and presence using Pinterest
  • SEO Checklist: The SEO Checklist will help you create a regular stream of traffic flowing to your website using search engine optimization.
  • SEO Tracking Spreadsheet: The SEO Spreadsheet will help you track your results as you implement different search engine optimization strategies in your business.
  • Twitter Checklist: The Twitter Checklist will help you stand out from the crowd on Twitter and send targeted traffic to your website.
  • Twitter Planner:The Twitter Planner will help you strategize on how to best use Twitter based on your audience
  • Video Marketing Checklist: The Video Marketing Checklist will help ensure that you have all the most important elements in place in your videos in order to drive the most traffic.
  • Video Marketing Planner: The Video Marketing Planner will help you document a strategy for your videos so you have a solid plan in place.
  • YouTube Live Checklist: The YouTube Live Checklist will give you many suggestions on how to use YouTube Live to meet your traffic goals.
  • YouTube Live Planner: The YouTube Live Planner will help you get a plan in place for using the popular YouTube Live feature.

Copywriting and Persuasive Writing Templates

If there is one skill EVERY online business owner should learn, it's copywriting and how to write persuasively. It doesn't matter if you're trying to engage your audience, get them to click a link, entertain them or trying to get them to buy a product...persuasiveness is key. These templates will give you a solid foundation in copywriting and being able to write more persuasively.

Copywriting Templates
  • Copywriting and Persuasive Writing Insider's Strategy Guide: Copywriting is about connecting with your audience. When there’s a genuine connection and your community senses that you truly care, they’re happy to buy from you. This guide will show you how you can make that connection.
  • Pre-Headlines Swipe File: Use these examples for your own landing pages, sales pages, emails and more.
  • Headline Swipe File: Use  these headline examples as inspiration so you can grab your readers attention in your sales copy .
  • Power Words & Phrases Swipe File: Use this list of 465 power words and phrases in your copy to help effectively lead your readers to take action. 
  • Call to Action Swipe File: Here is a list of calls to action you can use as-is or customize for your specific needs. 
  • Closings & Sign-Offs Swipe File: Use this list of closing sentences to help you connect and nurture your audience.
  • Postscript/P.S. Swipe File: Use these P.S. examples to get you started and inspire variations that work best for your audience.
  • Transitions Swipe File: Use this list of 170 transition phrases to keep your audience reading. 
  • Benefit Bullets Swipe File: Use these examples of features and benefits to help you come up with your list.
  • Motivating Phrases Swipe File: These motivating phrases will help influence readers to buy or follow through with whatever action you are asking them to take.
  • Price Justification Swipe File: Use this list to help you justify your prices with potential clients.

Marketing and Promotions Planning Templates

A lot of online business owners just throw products and promotions out there and see what sticks. But you'll get a lot more mileage out of your promotions when you have a solid plan. That's exactly what these templates will help you do.

Marketing Promoting Planning Templates
  • Marketing and Promotions Planning Insider's Strategy Guide: One of the most important tasks you can do in conjunction with this evaluation is to start planning your marketing and promotions for the new year.  This guide will give you the tools you need to get started.
  • Year at a Glance Marketing Calendar: Use this yearly calendar to plan important dates including product launches, affiliate promotions and content you’re going to publish.
  • Monthly Promo and Marketing Calendar: Use this monthly calendar to plan important dates each month in more detail including product launches, affiliate promotions and content you’re going to publish.
  • Daily Promo and Marketing Planner: Use this planner after you have created your monthly plan to keep you on track with your daily content tasks.
  • Marketing and Promo Goal Setting Worksheet: Use this worksheet to set your marketing and promotion goals. Includes space for tasks and due dates based on what you will outsource, what you’re responsible for and what content is needed.
  • Promo and Marketing Goal-Focused To-Do List: This worksheet is used to track your to-do list based on your bigger goals. There is a column to track your to-do list for audience building, income producing, product development, other tasks and tasks that you will outsource.
  • Product Planning Checklist & Product  Creation Planner: This checklist and planner is designed to help you plan out the next product you will create in detail so you don’t miss any important steps along the way.
  • Product Planning Worksheet: The product planning worksheet will help you map out the important pieces of your product along with how you will market it to your audience.
  • Product Promotion Checklist & Planner: This checklist and planner will help you keep track of all of the tasks needed to prepare your product for release and during the promotion process. Includes tips for creating an effective promotion strategy.
  • Product Promotion Worksheet: This worksheet will help you plan out the promotional content for your new product.
  • Content Creation Checklist & Planner: This checklist and planner will help you plan out and keep track of the content you need to create for a successful promotion.
  • Content Creation Worksheet: This worksheet will help you plan out the content you’ll use for promoting your new product.

We've Made This Fill-in-the-Blanks Simple…Just Take These Templates and Get Them Working for Your Business

When it comes to marketing and growing your online business, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and do everything from scratch, especially when we've done much of the hard work for you.

We've got you covered from list building to blogging and social media. These templates can also help you grow your traffic and get publicity. You'll be planning and executing strategic marketing plans and publishing stellar content in no time.

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