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Next Level Affiliate Marketing Guide + Templates

We're all about making your making your affiliate marketing SIMPLE and PROFITABLE. We've already provided you with the handy guide + templates to show you how you can get started with affiliate marketing. 

Now let's take it one step further, so you can create more affiliate offers, publish more content that flawlessly recommends affiliate products and more. And most importantly, PLAN for your affiliate marketing success. 

Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included in Your Next Level Affiliate Marketing Guide, Planner, Checklists and Template Package

There's a ton of great stuff in this one, so let's make a at-a-glance list for you before we get into the details.

  • 10-Page quick-reference "Next Level Affiliate Marketing Guide". 
  • 2 Checklists with 50 Ideas for Boosting Your Affiliate Marketing
  • Customizable Affiliate Sales Planner
  • 3 Worksheets to Brainstorm and Plan Your Content
  • 6 Fill-in-the-Blanks Content Templates to Add Your Affiliate Promotions
  • Extended 7-Part Email Series to Run a Successful and Informative Affiliate Promotion

....and more! Now keep reading to get the full scoop on everything. You'll love these..

Quick-Read "Next Level Affiliate Marketing Through The Power Email"

Affilliate Marketing Throught the Power of Email

No sense reading all day. Check out this quick guide with some more advanced strategies. Then get to using the checklists and templates to make things happen. Here's what's covered in the 10-page guide.

  • How to grow your mailing list with affiliate offers
  • The benefits of using email to boost your affiliate commissions
  • Crafting content to send your list that gets sales
  • How to write a successful email series (we've also included templates for a 7-part email promo series)

Now let's get to the handy checklists that will generate more great ideas and keep you on track...

2 Checklists, Including 50 Ideas to Boost Your Affiliate Success

Affiliate Marketing Checklists

These handy checklists include:

  • 25 Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing into Your Business
  • 25 Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

And let's get you super organizes with....

Fully Customizable Affiliate Sales 365-Day Planner

Affiliate Sales Planner

This planner is ready to print and good for an entire year. It includes a monthly check in on your progress from last month and your content promotion plans for the upcoming month. Then you get a sheet for each day to plan your to-do list and promotions. The planner is fully customizable (in .doc format), so you can modify it to suit your own unique needs. 

With that in mind, we've provided you with (all in .doc format):

  • 365 day planner with monthly pages
  • Customizable monthly page
  • Customizable daily page

It's much easier to get where you're going when you have plan. Let us help you get started. Now let's talk content....

Content Topic Brainstorming Worksheet

An affiliate marketer is nothing without content. This worksheet will help you brainstorm your content, make better use of your planner and make it easy for you to put the content templates to good use.

Content Brainstorming Worksheet

Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates, Worksheets and More

Content Templates and Worksheet

Fill-in-the-Blanks 7-Part Email Series 

7 Part Email Series

Most affiliates make the mistake of sending just one or two promotional emails for an affiliate product and call it a day. But the truth is, some of your customers will buy right away, but many need to see the product a few times, want to learn more and need education on why the product would be a good fit for them.

We've perfected the affiliate promo sequence with a sales-producing combination of creating anticipation educational content, product reviews and sales promotions. Just fill in the blanks with your own information and you're ready to load this to your autoresponder. 

We've also included an example email series, so you can see how it works in action.

So tons of stuff here, right? And you know...

We've Made This Fill-in-the-Blanks Simple…Just Take These Tips and Templates and Start Creating Your Sales Boosting Affiliate Promotions

When it comes to affiliate marketing and growing your online business, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and do everything from scratch, especially when we've done much of the hard work for you.

We've got you covered with a guide, checklist with smart affiliate ideas, affiliate planner, templates and more.

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