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Journal Creator's University

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Do you love planning and want to turn it into a business? Or just looking to help people achieve their goals? If you're a coach or course creator, planners are a GREAT way to dramatically boost the value of your offers.

You can sell planners as a digital printable download, as fillable digital planners or use print-on-demand companies that will seamlessly fulfill and ship orders to your customers. 

And it's never been easier than RIGHT NOW.

Who Buys Planners?

Answer: Just About EVERYONE!

Whether you want to create planners that your customers print themselves or ship planners to your customers (no upfront costs when you choose a print-on-demand company), it's all very possible.

Just about everyone has a planner or two in their home...and a lot of them have many more. You've probably seen the memes where people say they need help with their planner addiction.

People use planners for both personal and professional reasons... and those often overlap, so there is opportunity to sell to both individuals and business. Overall, planners attract a diverse range of individuals who seek personal growth, creative expression, organization, or a means of organization.

You can dive into different types of themes and attract audiences with special interests. In addition, some people are planner collectors...which means they'll buy a LOT of product. Others seek a more structured, goal-oriented planner experience, which means you can offer a more high-end product...increasing your profit planner.

Selling Planners is Perfect for Coaches and Course Creators Too

One of the easiest way to add tremendous value to your coaching programs and courses is by helping your customers and clients dig deeper to get MORE RESULTS. And what better way to do that with a guided planner that helps them plan and organize their lives and also plan out their goals. You can offer planners as a bonus to your programs and even ship beautiful planners to your best clients as a thank you. We've got lots of ideas for you and will show you how.

In short, there is a LOT of Opportunity in the planner market. Plus, they're easy to create...especially with our guidance. Let's look a bit deeper into what's going on in the planner market...

Technavio: Notebook Market Will Grow to $16.5 Billion by 2025

Finding the exact size of the journal market is no easy task (it's so big and vast!), but quick research shows that the market is massive and valued in the many billions of dollars. For example, these stats on the paper notebook market.

As you can see, we are talking about a multi-billion dollar market...and that is only porjected to grow in the coming years. Taking a peek over at Amazon, Etsy and other marketplaces, you can find shops showing that the journal market is booming.

Please note, that the seller and sites mentioned in the next section are not affiliated with our product. We are just sharing the info as part of market research to help you see if selling journals is right for you.

Journals are a Hot Seller on Etsy

Manifestable is a popular shop that specializes in journals and planners to manifest their dream life. They have a wonderful collection of digital products and over 59,000 sales.

And they're not the only ones killing it with journals...

Forest Nine has leather journals and notebooks. They also create personalized sketchbooks and have over 31,000 sales to their name.

A quick search of journal shops and you'll see there are plenty making thousands and tens of thousands of sales and more

Journals are Selling Like Crazy on Amazon

Searching for journals on Amazon will show you there are plenty of journal products with hundreds and thousands of reviews...which indicates many times more in actual sales.

Of course, these results aren't typical, but that's the great thing about this business. You can run it like a hobby business or grow a full-fledged journal empire!

And you don't have to sell just on Etsy or Amazon...you can create your very own shop.

Check Out These Huge Independent Journal Sellers

We love this! Take a look at The Journal Shop. They are a large seller of journals...of almost all types. They started as a small seller in 2004 and have grown dramatically since.

You can also create custom journals, which are in demand for gift givers and collectors. Much like, Denik does.

Denik has carved out a niche for themselves encouraging artists to add their work to their own custom journals. They also sell ready-made journals, featuring artists' designs. And they use the proceeds to build schools...and have built 6 so far in Mali, Guatemala and more. How cool is that? Share your love of journaling and are...and support a worthy cause?

Don't Want to Make Your Own Website? No Problem!

There are plenty of marketplaces where you can sell your journals. Of course, we've already talked about Amazon and Etsy.

But there are plenty more like Redbubble, Zazzle and Society 6.

And strictly for printable journals, you've got Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, Teachers Pay Teachers, to name a few.

...and plenty more. There is no shortage of places to sell your journals or ways to reach journal lovers. 

With that in mind, let us share what we've created for you, to make getting into the journal market or expanding your existing printables or print-on-demand business...

Announcing EKitHub's Journal Creator's University...Where You Get the Training, Tools and PLR Templates to Launch Your Own Journal Empire

Comprehensive Journal Creator's Training Included

For Newbies and Seasoned Marketers Alike

Fully Editable and Brandable Templates

Easy to Use. Just Download, Edit and Publish

Live Sessions and Community for Help

Keep 100% of the Profits from the Products You Sell

Let's dig into this and show you everything we've put together for you. But first, we should probably introduce ourselves...

If you don't know us, we're Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan, done-for-you content providers at EKitHub.

With decades of online business experience under our belts, we've also created easy-to-follow courses based on the business strategies that have helped us grow our businesses and generate millions in sales.

Planner Creator's University is a culmination of all of that. We've put together the tools, PLR templates AND the education and support you need to break into or expand your reach in the planner market. 

We've built our business on the foundation of less work, more results. We're very protective of our schedules so we have time for what's most important...which is family and puppies. We want the same for you, so allow us to cut your learning curves and content creation time dramatically.

Alice, Yusef and Puppies!

So let's get back to EVERYTHING (there's TONS of stuff) included in Planner Creator's University. Let's start with the comprehensive training at Planner Creator's University and then we'll talk about all the niche planner templates, writing prompts and more that are included. The planner templates come with private label commercial-use rights, so you can edit, brand and monetize them almost any way you'd like. 

Welcome to Planner Creator's University - This Our ONLY Session for 2024, So Don't Miss It and Be Sure to Register Now!

Journal Creator's University Overview
Journal Maker's University at a Glance

There are plenty of resources you'll find in the Planner Creator's University and it's growing all the time...here's a quick summary for you, so you know exactly what to expect. You'll have instant access to everything, including the links to the live training sessions.

To get you started out on the right foot, we've got tips for navigating the university, 3 live sessions to get you started, information about your templates and PLR downloads, how to start the 30-Day Challenge and access to the Planner Creator's Community. 

Getting Started for Best Results

Start with lesson 1 as it gives you a complete overview of everything inside the university, where to find your template downloads and more. It covers...

  • Canva planner templates, plus other PLR downloads
  • 3 LIVE Planner Creator's Sessions to help you get started and create your journals...including a "sucess start" session, AI tools and Canva training. 
  • Access to the comprehensive Planner Creator's Guide and Core Training to creating and selling your planners
  • Claiming your Fine Art of Self-Promotion Training which offers a world-class marketing education to sell your journals
  • Access to the Planner Creator's Resource Library to help and it's filled with TONS of tutorial, niche planner guides and tons more.
  • Getting start with the 30-Day Challenge that will get you from creating to selling FAST
  • How to join the Planner Creator's Community to meet other Planner Creators, ask questions and share your projects.

Now onto information about your live sessions...

Live Session Info Journal Creator's University

We're excited to get to know you personally and help you make the most of your university experience. To get to that goal, we've scheduled 3 live sessions to make sure you are fully prepared to get your first planner created and selling.

Classes take place our Zoom Meeting Room. They will be recorded, so you can catch up later if you are unable to attend. We do recommend attending live if you can, so you can have ALL your questions answered immediatelyWe'll stay as long as you need. Plus, our Canva sessions will allow us to help you troubleshoot any design issues you're having and get personalized help.

Here is our schedule...

"Off to a Great Start" Session - Monday, October 1 at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

In this session, we'll go over all the elements of your training program, templates and other items included in Planner Creator's University, so you know where everything is and have the best plan to get started. You can also ask any questions you want about the course content and get help with your business plan.

We'll help you get familiar with the members area, give you best practices for completing the training material, filling out your companion workbooks and more.

Canva Customization & Design Class + Q&A - Monday, October 8 at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

Create better planning experiences, speed up your planner creation process and increase your planner sales with AI tools. This informative session will give you helpful strategies to leverage AI effectively in your business. We're going to be sharing our top tips for using AI to generate product ideas, prompts, sayings, supporting content and sales copy.

Pay close attention to this one because we're going to highlight some the BIG mistakes people make creating content and sales copy with AI...and show you how to do it better than most, so you'll stand apart from the crowd. Most people have been led to think they can push a button and then money will rain on their business, but it's just not how it works for best results.


Planner Creation with AI Tools + Q&A - Monday, October 15 at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST

This session includes additional Canva customization tips, in addition to the ones already included in this course. You can also bring your designs and get on-screen help to create the designs you want. And of course, you'll be able to ask any questions about the course and putting your business plan into practice.

This will be suitable for beginners who need a quick run through of the basics of Canva and then we'll also cover some useful tricks that even more experienced Canva users might like to know.

PLR and Template Downloads

Here comes the fun part, all the templates you can download, customize and create products from. We've included basic Canva planner templates with covers in 33 niches + 300 copy-paste writing prompts for each niche (9,900 writing prompts total). These are fully editable in Canva, plus we've included the PDF and PNG formats of all the journals. You can use the writing prompts to customize your journals or in supplementary materials you provide your journal customers. Sky's the limit.

  • Planners Format: Canva template link, PDF and PNG. Each journal includes 3 free writing pages...plus 6 bonus customizable
  • Planner Covers Format: Canva template link, PNG flat and 3D version
  • Writing Prompt Format: PDF / text format for easy copy-and-paste

Money Mindset Planner

Money Mindset PLR Planner

Pregnancy Planner

Pregnancy PLR Planner

Prayer PLR Planner

Prayer PLR Planner

Garden PLR Planner

Garden PLR Planner

Decluttering and Cleaning Planner

Decluttering PLR Planner

Self Care PLR Planner

Self Care PLR Planner

Fitness Planner

Fitness PLR Planner

Weight Loss Planner

Weight Loss PLR Planner

Yoga Planner

Yoga PLR Planner

Beauty Self-Care Planner

Beauty Self Care PLR Planner

Stress Management Planner

Stress Management PLR Planner

Spring Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Gardening Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Winter Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Project Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Autumn Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Fitness Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Christmas Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Pregnancy Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Ramadan Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Productivity Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Yom Kippur Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Money Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Wedding Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Idea Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Birthday Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Enter your text here...

Self-Reflection Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Enter your text here...

Baby Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Parenting Journal Template + 300 Prompts

Wine Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Mood Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Movie Journal Template + 300 Writing Prompts

Weight Loss Journal Template + 300 Prompts

6 Bonus Page Templates for Customization

6 Bonus Canva Templates

365 Quotes Collection

365 Quotes Collection

The quotes collection can be used for journal prompts and more. Inside you'll find:

  • 35 Overcoming Procrastination & Developing Social Relations Quotes
  • 30 Facing Your Fears & Learning to Be Happy Quotes
  • 30 Acceptance, Tolerance & Taking a Stand Quotes
  • 30 Tactful Communication & Improve Stamina Quotes
  • 30 Changing Attitude, Mindset & Improving Time Management Quotes
  • 30 Conflict Resolution & Sharing Time-Knowledge Conversation Starters
  • 30 Embrace Love and Boost Self-Knowledge Quotes
  • 30 Gratitude Towards Others & Relaxation Quotes
  • 30 Living Intensely & Loyalty Quotes
  • 30 Set Realistic Expectations & Change Circumstances Quotes
  • 50 More Personal Development and Inspirational Quotes
30-Day Journal Creator's Challenge

Dig right in and let's get your planner products selling FAST! Join us for the Planner Creator's University 30-Day Challenge to walk you through the steps of creating and selling your planners.

Choose your own path or follow our guided challenge that walks you through each step of the training and ensures you apply what you learn. There will also be lots of opportunity to evaluate your results and build on your successes.

All students who complete the challenge will receive a $50 ShopEKits Gift Card to pick up templates, done-for-you content and printables to continue your planer creating journey.

Challenge takes place April 1 - 30, 2024  in the "Challenge Tab" in the Planner Creator's Private Community. And speaking of the community...

Our Planner Creator's Community is a great place to ask questions anytime you need help. You can also share your designs, update us on any successes and meet other Planner Creators and Sellers. We're actively involved in the community and will provide as much assistance as we can. Plus, there are other pretty smart creators around who always have wisdom to share. 

Now let's get into more of the training that is going to teach you what you need to know to create and sell journals. Plus, we've included comprehensive self-promotion training that will prepare you for making product pages, and shows you how to create compelling content and offers your audience won't be able to resist!

Journal Creator's University Training Peeks

Follow the lessons in your EKitHub University account and shorten your learning curve with our easy-to-follow "Planner Maker's Entrepreneur Kit Training"  that walks you through:

  • 5 important steps to understand before you start creating selling and journaling
  • The things to know about WHY people love planners, so you can create better planners that your customers can't wait to buy.
  • What kind of planner themes are popular...we've laid out 100 for you that you can choose to focus on or use to dive deeper into your own specialty. 
  • 250 copy-paste titles you can use in a variety of themes.
  • Making the important decision between digital or printed journals. We'll tell you what to consider.
  • Uncovering the unique experience you can provide to buyers of your planners, so they keep coming back for more.
  • An overview of different types of planner layouts you can create to suit different planning objectives.
  • Discovering the awesome tools that make it easy to create your planners.
  • Creating an attention-getting, sales producing planner cover.
  • An overview of the easy-to-use tools you can use to create your covers.
  • The many places you can sell your planners and how to do decide which is right for you
  • Putting together enticing product pages that encourage customers to buy.
  • The steps you need to take to optimize your product pages for search engine traffic.
  • Smart product bundles ideas for even more income and customer satisfaction
  • 10 marketing strategies you can use right now...some you may never have thought of.
  • Why an email list is critical to success and how to grow your list of potential buyers.
  • 9 hard-to-resist free opt-in gift ideas that will attract journal lovers and buyers.
  • Having a list isn't enough. We also show you how to nurture and sell to your list.
  • And of course, we've got 1,000 MORE copy-paste prompts to get you started out the right way.
  • 8 more things to consider before starting to create and sell your planners.
  • We've also created a simple 9-step plan to outline exactly what you need to do to get your first planner ready for sale.

The training also..

100 Journal Theme Ideas...So You Hit the Heart of WHY Your Customers Want to Buy Your Journals

There are countless types of journals you can create, so so to help, we put them into 100 themes, that help relate back to WHY people journal, which is critical for your success as a seller. How do you want to help your customers and what themes would fit those goals?

And to help further...

250 Copy-Paste Journal Titles. They're Ready to Publish to Help You Brainstorm The Perfect Title

A good title can make all the difference. The saying goes “Never Judge a Book by Its Cover” but most people do, so what your journal says on the cover makes a difference. Add to that, titles that capture attention on listings on Amazon, Etsy or in search engines will do really well.

These titles are ready to publish, as you’d like…or you can use them as inspiration, edit them, combine and remix them. It’s all up to you! We’ve also created 20 cover templates for you (more on that in a second), using a number of the titles.

Use the titles as is...or use them as inspiration. Mix and match them. It's up to you.

1,000 MORE Copy-Paste Writing Prompts to Make Journal Creation Faster and Easier

Good writing can make all the difference into a customers journaling experience. It's also what will have them coming back for more. When you make them think, process and achieve...you've got customers for LIFE.

The 1,000 journal writing prompts have been divided into 10 categories, making it easier for you to pick and choose just the right ones for your journals. You can also make the prompts more details or simplify them, depending on what works for the journal you're creating.

And once you've selected prompts, the fun begins! 

Journal Maker's Workbook Downloads
3 Journal Maker's Workbooks

Your training comes with 3 companion workbooks to make it easy to implement what you learn. You can print these out to brainstorm, plan and track your progress. We've included...

A Planner Creator's Product Creation Workbook: Brainstorm and plan your journal. It covers everything like title, instructions, design, prompts and more.

This workbook’s goal is to help you conceptualize your journal and make a plan for putting it together. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re working in or what the purpose of your journal is, this workbook will help you come up with a clear and concise plan that you can execute.

The 21-page product creation workbook walks through...

  • Coming up with a theme and topic for your journal (including hundreds of theme and title ideas)
  • Keyword research tools to see what is popular.
  • Deciding between digital or print journal
  • Planning your journal for the best user experience
  • Deciding on layouts for your pages
  • Designing your journal cover
  • Software for creating your journals
Journal Maker's Product Creation Workbook

A Planner Creator's Marketing and Selling Workbook: Get ready to put your product up for sale. This workbook walks you through creating your product pages, pricing your journal and creating a marketing plan.

This 23-page workbook’s goal is to help you put your journal up for sale, attract customers and build your audience at the same time. Whether you sell sell journals as stand-alone products or incorporate them into your courses and coaching programs, there is something here for all journal makers.

The workbook guides you through:

  • Finding the right place to sell your journals...which platforms are good, should you sell on your own website, etc.
  • Creating hard-to-resist product pages including writing effective descriptions, illustrating the benefits of your product and creating enticing product images.
  • Conducting keyword research and driving traffic to your product pages.
  • Boosting your earnings per sale with product bundles and funnels.
  • Growing your list of potential buyers and converting them to happy customers.
  • Creating an ongoing marketing strategy to keep attracting more customers.
Journal Maker's Marketing & Selling Workbook

A Planner Creator's Expand Your Business Workbook: You learn a lot through the process of creating and selling journals. It’s important to take note of your success and failures…and realize that those “failures” are simply learning opportunities for you. When you do this, you’ll be able to see the things you should build on, what you should scrap altogether and where you need to make adjustments to grow.

This workbook is designed to help you evaluate where you’ve already been in your journal creation and selling experience and where you might want to go next. It also includes tons of ideas for growing and expanding your journal business, all the while creating a more fulfilling experience for yourself. It helps you consider your strengths and honoring the lifestyle you want  to create for yourself.

This workbook guides you through:

  • Evaluating your successes and how to expand on them
  • Evaluating the things that didn't go as well and what to do next
  • Resource gathering for your next steps
  • Exploring new ways to help your audience
  • Considering new platforms to sell to
  • Creating course companions for your journals
  • Creating a community for your customers
  • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Exploring new licensing models
  • Finding new product formats that work with your audience
  • Ideas for expanding your product lines
  • Coming up with bundle ideas to increase your earnings per sale
Journal Maker's Expand Your Business Workbook

But that's not nearly all. There's more marketing expertise coming your way...

Self-Promotion Comprehensive Training
Self-Promotion Training at a Glance

Here Are the Details of This Training...Critically Important for Your Planner Selling and Online Business Success

We've also provided you with a complete and comprehensive training program on the Fine Art of Self-Promotion, so you can effectively build relationships and create amazing content that sells your products. It's a $397 program, but as a Journal Creator's University student, you get full and instant access.

Each topic below is a full-length training session that you can watch or read the transcript.  Plus, there are plenty of fill-in-the-blanks templates to make it easier for you to apply to your Journal Creator's business.

PART 1 -  Key Concepts: How Self-Promotion Will Work for You

  • Introduction: 4 Steps to Authentic Self-Promotion: including the 4 things you must learn...and the 3 things your potential customers must believe so they trust you. 
  • LESSON 1: Becoming Clear on Who You Are: Master This and Self-Promotion is Easy: This lesson covers becoming clear on how you are on figuring out what you want to put out in the world, understanding why people want to hear this from you (they do!) and how to adjust your plan as you learn.

PART 2 -  Self-Promotion Skills Building

  • LESSON 2: Creating Useful Content and Products to Achieve Your Mission: In order to master authentic self-promotion, creating a seamless connection between your content and products is a must. This lesson will show you how exactly how to do this.
  • LESSON 3: Persuasive Writing Deep Dive with Examples: This lesson is going to help turn you into a persuasive communication expert with higher level concepts of persuasive writing and how to develop a persuasive communication practice. The lesson includes live examples from students to give you ideas for crafting and editing your own copy for better converting results.
  • LESSON 3: Launching Your Product - Case Study Included: A product launch is a big undertaking...but if you make a SMART PLAN, you can have a great launch that fits in with your schedule. This case study will show you  how you can make the decisions that will be able to help you get a really great launch and not kill yourself in the process, stress yourself out, run out of time, and all those things.
  • LESSON 4: Repurposing Your Content to Grow Your Business Further: Of course, you will probably always create new content, but leveraging the work you've already done has such incredible value. But truly, good content gets better and better as you remix it and apply to your marketing strategies effectively. This lesson covers understanding why it's important repurpose and includes many methods and ideas you can put into use right away.
  • LESSON 5: Building Relationships to Build Business: Persuasive people usually have better relationships and can reap the benefits of mutually beneficial relationships. This lesson covers creating an effective approach to relationship-building, understanding the kinds of mutually beneficial relationships you can create.
  • LESSON 6: Finding and Developing Your Own Charisma That Speaks to Your Audience: Developing your charisma will make all the difference in acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones and that other stuff that I talked about, keeping your contractors happy and loyal, having business partnerships that are, whether they’re big or small, a whole, actual, full-on business partner or just someone you collaborate with a little bit here and there. This lesson shows you how to find it for yourself and flourish. 
  • LESSON 7: How to Ask For the Sale ... And Get Them to Say Yes More Often: A lot of people build online businesses, but hate selling. Go figure! We want to sell products, but we don't want to sell products. But the great news is, it's EASY to be a great sales person when you simply think of what your customers needs and you deliver it. This lesson teaches you effective techniques for asking for the sale...even if you don't want to sell!
  • LESSON 8: Self-Promote Yourself to Recurring Income without Sacrificing Your Freedom: This lesson gets you started with creating recurring income opportunities, marketing them and keeping them going for the long term. We talk about membership and subscription ideas, keys to success, how to use the templates, creating a launch plan and making an ongoing marketing and retention plan.
  • LESSON 9: Email Writing Skills Workshop - How to Make Your Subscribers to Open Your Emails AND Buy Your Stuff: You've probably heard the money is in the list, but there is way more money when you have email writing skills. This session is going to teach you the 4 things that HAVE TO happen before you can make a sale from email, all with the goal of helping you become an engaging email writer that keeps your subscribers interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell.
  • LESSON 10: Content Synergy - A Simple System and Mindset Strategy for More Traffic, Subscribers and Sales: Content Synergy is Alice's unique approach to online business building. It's about making things in your business work together for maximum effect. This lesson includes lots of examples, so you can see how it will apply to your own business to create even bigger than you imagined.
  • LESSON 11: Discipline Secrets - Get Out of Your Own Way to Get Things Done and Build Your Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: One you know the fundamentals, you don't usually need more information to grow your business...you need discipline. This session is a walk through the workbook Alice created to help you explore the things that keep you from consistently growing your business and how to create a plan that matches your ultimate goals...and that honors your strengths and weaknesses. 

Self-Promotion Templates Included to Make Your Marketing Easier

Self-Promotion Templates to Grow Your Business

You'll learn a lot you can put into action right after each Fine Art of Self-Promotion lesson you complete. To make it even easier, Alice has this collection of marketing templates you can use to get the best results from your self-promotion efforts.

  • Copywriting Guide, Swipe Files and Templates to teach you how the basics of copywriting, persuasive writing techniques and copy-paste templates to create headlines and other copywriting elements.
  • Who Are You? Mini Workbook which is a brainstorming sheet to identify your strengths and what you can deliver to your audience to stand apart from the crowd.
  • Sales Page & Other Sales Funnel Templates to put together your product pages, thank you pages and upsell pages. A variety of graphics like buttons, guarantees, etc. are included too.
  • Digital Product Launch Templates includes a checklists, worksheets and planners to help you create and run a successful product launch.
  • High-Converting Free Offer Templates a useful collection of free offer and thank you page templates for free consultation offers, opt-in offers, free webinars and free with shipping offers. Flow charts to plan your funnel included.
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks 7-Part Promotional Email Series based on a proven series template that builds rapport with your audience, offers education and persuasive reasons to purchase your product.
  • Content Monetization Templates in various design styles to incorporate monetization into your checklists, how to content, reports, ebooks, slide shows, tips lists and worksheets.
  • Affiliate Recruitment Letter Templates + Checklist to share your offer with potential affiliates and get them to promote your product.
  • Membership Ideas, Case Studies Guide and Templates that will help you create a successful membership site launch and long term plan to keep revenue streams going.
  • Discipline Secrets Workbook to help you become define better goals, so you can work diligently to achieve them.
Additional Tutorial and Resource Library

At EKitHub, we always have plenty of resources to help you in your Journal Creator's Journey. We'll keep adding to the resource section, but when you sign up now, you'll have instant access to tutorials for:

  • Starting Your Journal Business
  • Creating Journals for the Best Customer Experience Possible
  • Selling Journals That Your Customers Can't Wait to Buy More Of
  • Canva Help Showing You How to Edit Your Templates and Create Your Own
  • Niche Journal Tutorials for a growing number of niches includes in the Journal Creator's University package.

And of course, we're also available to help you each step of the way in our Journal Creator's Community where we'll provide more resources, tutorials and any feedback you need.

Journal Creator's Certificate Upon Completion :) 

We can't wait to give these certificates out to students who complete the full training. Complete your lessons and your certificate will automatically be emailed to you, with a surprise bonus gift!

And of course, with full disclaimer, your certificate probably isn't  going to get you a job in the "real world", but it can set you up for being the big deal CEO of your own journal creator's enterprise!  So, it's most definitely WORTH IT...as are you.

Journal Maker's University Certificate

Phew! There's a lot in here, but you'll find it well-organized and we're available to help you each step of the way, so let's do this! But first...

Here's Some Feedback from Our Community Members (WE LOVE THESE GUYS!) about How We've Helped them in Their Product Creation and Marketing Over the Years

WOW! Dr. Bates made $35K with our products
Our content is second to none!
Quality products for solopreneurs
Doria Says We Make Entrepreneurial Life Easy!
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Lars loves our PLR and training
Ryan loves our done-for-you content and is now digging into our training too.
Ron loves working from our templates...and just needs a few tweaks for his target market.
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More Feedback about Our Courses

We truly appreciate every single one of our customers and community members. First off, we love seeing people successful. And secondly, if they're successful...our business is successful too. It matters to us how you're able to use our products and take action on what you learn. That's why we help, each step of the way.

We've Done All The Hard Work…Take This Content and Run with It

Imagine how much time and effort we've saved you in creating the comprehensive training program and ready-to-customize and publish templates for you to use as products for sale. Let's quickly recap what we've included…

Included at Journal Creator's University

Sold Separately Price

PLR -  33 Niche Journals with Covers (.docx / PDF, Canva template)

Value: $264

PLR -  33 Sets of 300 Writing Prompts for Each Journal + 1000 Bonus Prompts (Total 10,900 Prompts)

Value: $198

PLR - 6 Bonus Journal Pages (PNG, PDF, Canva Template) + 365 Quotes Collection

Value: $37

Education: Journal Maker's Guide to Creating and Selling Journals (PDF)

Value: $97

Education: 3 Live Sessions (Success Start Orientation, Canva Design and AI Tools Sessions)

Value: $197

Education: 3 Journal Maker's Workbooks

Value: $36

Education: Fine Art of Self-Promotion Comprehensive Training

Value: $397

Education: Self-Promotion Template Collection

 Value: $147

Education: Journal Creator's Community for Feedback, Support and More

 Value: $197

Education: 30-Day Journal Creation to Selling Challenge with Personalized Coaching


Education: Journal Creator's Tutorial & Resource Library

Value: $97

Lifetime Access to the Journal Creator's University Members Area, including ALL product updates

Value: $197

Total Estimated Value:

$2,025.00 (but don't worry you'll pay FAR less than this in this exclusive bundled offer)

As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment put such education and templates together, but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is study with us, use the templates and start selling your products.

Grab everything now for only $2,025.00 $47, so you can save hundreds of hours of value learning and creating time to provide your audience with the journal products they'll love! 

Instant Access to Journal Creator's University

Register Right Now and Receive:
* 33 Done-for-You and Fully Customizable Journals (PLR)
* 33 Editable Canva Template Ecover Images (PLR)
* 33 Ready-to-Publish 3D and Flat cover in PNG Format (PLR)
* 33 Sets of 300 Writing Prompts (9,990 + 1,000 Bonus Prompts) (PLR)
* 6 Bonus Canva Journal Page Templates (PLR)
* 365 Quotes Collection (PLR)
* Journal Creator's Complete Self-Study Training to Creating and Selling Journals
* 3 Journal Creator's In-Depth Workbooks
* 3 Live Sessions + Recordings for Orientation, Success Help, AI Tools and Canva Training
* Fine Art of Self-Promotion Comprehensive Training
* Journal Creator's Community for Feedback, Support and More
* 30-Day Journal Creation to Selling Challenge with Personalized Coaching
* Completion Certificate for Students Who Complete the Training + Surprise Gift
* Lifetime Access to the Journal Creator's University Members Area, including product updates

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TIme's almost up...still time to join us!

We really look forward to guiding you on your Journal Creator's journey. We've got all the templates, tools, education and support you need. Join us now for the only sessions available in 2024. It'd be a shame to miss this! 

To your publishing success,

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
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