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Hey, it's Alice and Yusef from EKitHub. 

It's finally here!  

As you may know, we've been very busy creating lots of print-on-demand product templates and done-for-you printables so that you can have quick and easy products for sale. It's always been our goal to save you tons of time and money on product creation, so that you have more time and resources dedicated to GROWING your business. 

Our ever-growing community of smart entrepreneurs have told us they'd like a hand using that time wisely to grow their audience, sell more products and make more money for each sale

Well guess what? We're gladly here to serve.

Introducing Alice and Yusef's Shortcuts and Templates Club with all the nuts and bolts to implement new marketing strategies into your business each and every month. It's all based on over 20 years of online marketing experience that we can't wait to share with you. 

In short, we're here to help you grow a LOYAL audience of customers that want to pay MORE for your products. When your customers trust and think of you first when they need help, you hold the keys to a wildly successful business...if you play your cards right. 

And we'll show you how to play them just right. 

Even if you sell low-cost products like printables and other products, we'll show you how to become the go-to brand. Because low cost doesn't have to mean low sales numbers. On the contrary, low cost products that people can't get enough of and keep buying over and over again are a great way to build a thriving business.

So with that in mind, let us show you...

How the Shortcuts and Templates Clubs Works and Makes It EASY for You to Get GROWING More Business

Monthly Strategy Focus with Easy-to-Follow Guide

Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates for Easy Implementation

Tons of Sign Up Bonus Gifts for a Strong Head Start 

We're getting you started right here. Here's a quick overview of how the club works.

Monthly Strategy Focus with Easy-to-Follow Guide...Always with a Focus on Growing Your Loyal Audience of Happily Paying Customers

Each month, we'll focus on a specific marketing strategy...always with the goal of helping you grow your loyal audience of customers who want to spend more money with you. On the 15th of each month, you'll receive a strategy guide and help with using the fill-in-the-blanks templates. Here's a peek at the topics we'll be covering:

  • July: The Making More Per Sale Mindset (DOWNLOAD NOW!)
  • August: Who is Your Ideal Customer That WANTS to Keep Buying from You?
  • September: How to Make More Per Sale from Printables and Print on Demand Products
  • October: Creating a Free Opt-In Offer That Turns into Paying Customers Quickly
  • November: Traffic Traffic Traffic: How to Get Free Traffic
  • December: How to Make Your Customers Look forward to Your Sales Pitches

...and we can't wait to share what 2022 will bring. But of course, in addition to the strategy guide, we've included...

Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates for Easy Implementation for Each Strategy

Strategy is all well and good, but implementation is another thing. Let us make it easy for you with our fill-in-the-blanks templates to make it easy for you to brainstorm and put the strategies into practice.

Each monthly strategy includes its own template set that you can use for your own business. And if you need these templates to use with your clients and customers, you'll see an upgrade option to secure a resell license to all these templates and the strategy guides too.

Tons of Sign Up Bonus Gifts to Get You Off to a Strong Head Start (Retail Value: $259)

Each month covers a new strategy, but if you want to get fully immersed and have the tools for a super strong head start, you'll love our special sign up bonus line up. We've included:

  • Sales Page Funnels Templates: To give you the starter nuts and bolts of creating a product offer including Insider's Funnel Strategy Guide, sales page template, thank you page template, one-time-offer template, copywriting swipe files and sales page graphics collection.
  • Copywriting Templates: The ability to leverage words to sell is critical for any online business owner. This template package includes an Insider's Copywriting Strategy Guide and swipe files for pre-headlines, headlines, power words and phrases, calls to action, closings and sign off, postscripts, transitions, bullet point benefits, motivating phrases and price justifications.
  • Outsourcing and Building Your Team Templates: It's really tough to scale your business if you're doing all the work yourself. It's important to build a team, so you can focus on the planning the growth and direction of your business. This template package includes an Insider's Guide to Outsourcing, 4 project listing templates, evaluating applications checklist, suggested interview questions, 4 project specification templates, quality check checklist, constructive feedback template and a big list of outsourcing sites.

And for your content and product creation, we've got the following easy-to-use templates for you:

  • Journal Templates: Journals make great stand-alone products and are perfect additions to courses and coaching programs, products bundles and more. This template package includes an Insider's Guide to Profiting from Journals, 10 beautiful journal templates, journal creation checklist, 100 inspirational success quotes to use in your journals, 10 fully editable journal cover templates including 3D versions of covers if you want to use them as is.
  • Planner Templates: Planners are another type of "low content" products it's easy to profit from, whether you sell them on their own or in combination with other products or programs. This template package includes an Insider's Guide to Profiting from Planners, 10 planner templates, planner creation templates, 100 time management and organization quotes you can use in your planners and 10 fully editable planner cover templates including 3D versions of covers if you want to use them as is.
  • Worksheets, Checklist and To Do List Templates: Bulk up those printable or course offerings with even more printables. This templates package includes An Insider's Guide to Profiting from Printables and 10 complete design sets...each one with a worksheet, checklist and to do list, for a total of 30 templates.
  • 365 Days of Inspiration Templates: Inspiring your audience is a big part of connecting with them. This template package includes enough content for inspiration each day of the year. You get the Insider's Strategy Guide, 122 inspirational quotes, 122 inspiration tips, 122 inspirational questions and 10 graphic templates for your inspirational text. 

As you can see, right out of the gate, you'll be ready to start growing your loyal audience and selling your products more effectively. Then we'll be sharing more and more in-depth strategies with templates each month, so you can continue to build on your marketing skills and grow your business effectively. 

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We can't wait to show you all our shortcuts backed by over 20 years of marketing exprience. And remember, if you want to share our templates with your customers and clients, you'll be able to do that once you select your "add to cart" option.

We're so excited to have you as a valued Shortcuts and Templates Club Member and we'll see you on the inside.

To your publishing success,

Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan