3 Best Email Practices to Make Email Marketing Simple and Easy

Best Practices for Quick and Easy Email Marketing
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Let's talk about the keeping in touch with your list. We know a lot of people dread this task because they have to come up with ideas and be consistent, but we swear it's easier than you think.

Here are 3 best practices you can adopt to keep it simple:

  1. Write short simple emails. One topic. One call to action. That's all that needed. Everything else becomes fluff and then no one is paying attention when there's too much to consume.
  2. Unless you are trying to convey a corporate image (WHY would you?), write as though you're speaking to a friend. Being a small business owner is your advantage because you can create a more personal connection with your audience. Whether you use a pen name or your real name, be REAL in how you communicate. Your audience is more likely to pay attention, look forward to your friendly emails AND take you up on your product recommendations.
  3. Don't worry so much about content and don't be afraid to enthusiastically recommend your products and the products of others (with an affiliate link), like you naturally would to a friend (see point #2). Of course, you want to position your original offer so they know they'll be getting promotions. Just tell them something like, “We'll keep in touch with more tips, special offers you won't see anywhere else and more.”

That's really all there is to do it. You can write simple messages to inspire your subscribers to take action buy stuff, right?

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