Free Journal Template and How to Quickly Make a Journal for Giveaway or For Sale

How to Quickly Make a Journal

See how easy it is to take a quick graphic design and turn it into a journal. We've also included a journal template at for your convenience, so you can implement this quickly.

Here's a 10-page journal we added, using one of our product template designs.

We used:

…and that's it. This is a quick 10-page journal, but you can easily expand it with:

  • Marketing and entrepreneurship quotes (or appropriate topics for your journal subject)
  • Plenty more writing prompts
  • Blank pages
  • To do lists, checklists, worksheets to make it more interactive
  • Sheets to color or doodle

And all this can be done fairly quickly. Then you've got a journal you can use for:

  • An opt-in to get a subscriber
  • A product for sale (digital or physical)
  • An action-oriented extra for your info products and courses
  • A gift for your customers and clients

It's that simple!

What To Do Next:

It's easy to start creating and giving away or selling your own journals. Here's what to do now.

  1. Grab a ready-to-publish design from our commerical use ShopEKits.com Shop.
  2. Download 2 free journal templates here commercial use.
  3. Put the tips above to good use and you're ready to roll.

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