9 Ways to Use Journals to Grow Your Business

grow your business

Recently, one of our EKitHub Group Members asked about monetizing journals, so we thought we could make a list of things you can do with journals to grow your business.

Please add to this list if you've got more ideas!

* Give them away as opt-in offers. For best results, offer a journal that is related to your product or services, so you can follow up with your new subscribers and get them to buy.

* Make them a digital download product for sale and your customers can print themselves. Sell them from your website, Etsy and more.

* Make your journals printed products that are shipped to your customers. You can have Amazon or other services ship them for you.

* Give them as downloadable bonus to your customers. Add the bonus info to your sales page or earn extra points by surprising your customers later with an extra unexpected gift.

* Ship them as gifts to your best clients. A beautiful journal is always a thoughtful gift. Add a note of encouragement for extra inspiration.

* Create a course around your journal – If it's a goals journal, create a course on goals, etc.

* Offer it as a bonus for other people's product. Perhaps it's a product that you promote with an affiliate link or contact the seller directly to see if they'd like to add your product as a bonus for all their customers to expand your reach to new audiences.

* Add it as a download in your membership site. BAM…instant value for your members.

* Bundle it up with other planners or journals to create a value pack. Value bundles are always great sellers.

Hope that's a good start…because you can use journals in so many ways. And each journal you have can serve many purposes.

Need More Ideas or Help Creating Your Printables?

We're always available to help, each step of the way. Please come join us for personalized help and brainstorming help in the EKitHub Facebook Group.

See you there!

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