9 Ways to Grow Your Mailing List with Coloring Pages

Grow Your Mailing List

So recently, we released 50 coloring pages for personal growth…plus some other handy printables. And of course, there are so many things you can do with them from creating giveaways, adding them to journals, making coloring books for sale and more. 

It also includes expert guidance on “How to Start and Grow your Coloring Page Business” help with THE Lady Rayven Monique of Color Monthly!

BUT…let's strictly talk about growing your mailing list with coloring pages because if you want a steady stream of buyers for your products, you NEED that list.

Here are 9 ideas for you. And hey, get the Coloring Pages Pack here, so you can put them into practice.

1. Most obviously…give away a few sheets or a mini printable coloring book as an opt-in offer.

2. Add new posts/pages to your website, optimized for targeted keywords. More optimized website pages means more traffic. Let them download a sheet or two for free, but have them opt-in for more.

3.Post a coloring page to social media, so they can download it. Tell them where they can get more free…and have them opt-in for the extras.

4. Create a free “membership site” where they get new coloring pages each month or a coloring page a day. Of course, include special offers, courses and products they can purchase as members too.

5. Do a pay for shipping only offer on your coloring books. They get a free coloring book…you get a new subscriber on your list. Of course, include an upsell to add more products to their cart and if possible, when the book is shipped to them, include more promotional materials.

6. Make a video of your coloring page(s) being colored…tell them where they can get the coloring page for free.

7. Add some coloring pages to your existing opt-in offers for added interest. For example, if you have a holiday entertaining report, add some coloring pages that your subscribers can give to occupy their kids while they prepare for their special  event.

8. Befriend others in a similar niche…see if they want to share your awesome free coloring pages. Whether they have an official business or just have a great following of like minded people, there are mutually beneficial opportunities here.

9. Have a coloring contest or a coloring page design contest. Showcase your audience’s creativity and you’ll have a loyal following for life.

So many possibilities when you've content with a high-perceived value. Your subscribers can't wait to get their hands on them!

Again, grab our Personal Growth Coloring Pages Pack here as it contains 50 coloring pages for you to get started.

In the meantime, if you have questions or want to bounce around more ideas, join us in the EKitHub Facebook Group.


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