The Two Most Effective Pinterest Pins for Pinterest Traffic

If you want Pinterest Traffic, take a few minutes to watch this.

In our recent training with John Kremer and Daniel Hall, John explains the 2 most effective types of pins to get traffic from Pinterest.

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Getting attention on a pin is one thing, but getting Pinterest traffic is another. This one shows a couple of image types you can emulate for your own business. They seem almost counterintuitive, but there true power is shown.

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Basically, the images types are broken down into:

  • Quotes Graphics: Inspirational, funny and motivational quotes related to your product or service.
  • Tip-O-Graphics: Tall images with 5-10 tips that also feature an image of a product, book or person.

Watch the video above to get the full explanation of how these are laid out. And be sure to watch the full Free Pinterest Class to see how to put these type of images into action.

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  • The graphic “hack” that practically forces people to notice your pin. WOW!
  • The characteristics of the most shared info-graphics on Pinterest and how YOU can exploit them – and its not what you're thinking
  • What a book-o-graphic is and why you should be using them daily to build your list (perfect for planners, journals, coloring books, workbooks and more)

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