How to Inspire and Create a Connection with Your Print on Demand and Printables Customers

Front End Mock Up - Tank, Wall Art, Tshirt

It's planning day here at EKitHub and while we do that, we thought we'd share some of our favorite instant product ideas and approaches with you, so you can also plan a productive and practical week.

These examples come from our Fitness and Health EKit and Optional Upgrade Package, but we're sure you'll find these ideas can be applied just about anywhere.

Let's start here. Make them laugh…

Laughter is a great source of inspiration, so create products that make your customers smile and just pain old laugh. Whether it's t-shirts, mugs or something to hang on their wall, never underestimate the power of laughter.

In fact, all emotions are powerful and the more you can connect with your audience's emotions, the more connected they will feel to you and your products.

Make Them Feel Motivated

When it comes to fitness and achieving other goals, motivation is key to success. And sometimes motivation can come directly from a coach, but sometimes it's just a matter of making them FEEL the motivation, so they can get through their workout, finish that product, etc.

Something like…

2 motivation Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Sometimes it's just putting on that shirt, putting your hair up in that hat or drinking from that mug that gives that feeling of they're ready to go get 'em.

#3: Inspire Them into Action

Of course, you can also help them more directly by inspiring action. Journals and planners help people figure out their goals, overcome obstacles and stay on track.

3 action Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

You can simply sell them the journals and planners, but if you are a coach or teach classes to help people achieve their goals, those journals and planners become wonderful additions to your courses and programs that make them even more valuable.

The solutions you offer your customers can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. We personally recommend, keeping it as simple as possible most of the time.

And what could be simpler than letting us create the fully-editable templates for you? That means you can change any text, rearrange images, add your logo and mix up the content in whatever way works for your business.

It's much easier than starting from scratch, we're sure you'd agree.

If you're up for helping your customers achieve their new year fitness and health goes, go grab the Fitness EKit here and see all our available EKits on this page.

And remember, if you don't know how to create these instant products, we've already created many them and will show you how tshirts, mugs and other products created…with NO upfront costs. You'll find the free guides in your EKit download package.

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