How to Grow Your Business with Print on Demand Products

125 Print on Demand Templates

The most obvious thing people do with print-on-demand products like t-shirts and mugs is sell them on marketplaces like Etsy or in their own online shop. But that's just scratching the surface.

Print-on-Demand products are a way for you to GROW a loyal customer basis. Here are a few ideas for you to do that:

1. Give a bonus tshirt or mug to clients who sign up for your coaching or training program…or another high ticket product. Make sure the design is something they'd want to wear, but you can also add your branding, so you have a little army out there, sharing your message.

2. Send them as gifts to your best customers and clients. Check your order stats and send a surprise gift to those big spenders. Same tip on the branding.

3. Do the same with your top affiliates. A little thoughtful gift goes a long way to keep you in their mind the next time they're looking for something to promote.

4. Have a sweepstakes or contest to give away a bundle of products. Be careful of adding everyone who enters the contest on your list as they will tend to be low quality subscribers who have no idea why you're emailing them. But you can put a check box to intentionally opt-in on entry.

5. Look for other online businesses running sweepstakes or contests and donate your products for extra exposure.

6. Partner with an artist to feature their work. Bonus points if the artist already has a following, but can use your help in creating products. Win-win for you both.

7. Do the same with influencers. Help them release a product line that matches their style or message. You get the benefit of a built-in audience and they get a product line they can sell.

Think BIGGER and BIGGER things will happen. What other ideas do you have?

Need Some Print-on-Demand Templates to Get Started? We Got You…

If you're looking to build your print-on-demand empire, no need to start from scratch. We've bundled up 125 product templates and posters to give you a head start. All the templates are fully editable, so you can easily brand them and get as creative as you want.

Here's a peek at the designs…

125 product Templates and Posters

But they're a bit hard to see there.

Go here to get the full details and your special pricing.

Then start growing your business strategically with print-on-demand products.

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  1. Print-On-Demand is really a very good business and it will definitely have a lot of impact in the future. In this article, you have also mentioned some tips with the help of which we can grow our print on demand business. Thank you for sharing this fantastic article with us.

    1. Hi, I’m Ron – the VA for Alice and Yusef, thanks Daniel. Yes, POD has grown exponentially over the last year or so. We intend to keep looking for ways and to create products that will help you in your
      POD business.

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