How to Develop Consistent Habits That Actually Grow Your Business

Developing Consisten Marketing Habits

Consistency is the key to your success, but in order to grow, that consistency has to be with things that ACTUALLY work to grow your business.

For example…

✅ Consistently growing a list that you consistently make product offers too.
✅ Consistently creating new products or offers and consistently driving traffic to them.

A couple ways people try to be consistent, but it doesn’t always work to grow their business…

❌ Consistently posting to social media because it’s something you figure you should do, but it’s not growing your BUYING audience and growing your sales.
❌ Consistently adding new products to your shop, but not consistently growing traffic to those offers.

It’s great to develop good habits, but they also have to come with a plan to be truly useful to you. Know the difference and build new and better habits.

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