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Confidence and Self Esteem PLR Card Deck

We know things can get hectic running your own business and product creation can sometimes take a backseat to all the things you need to get done. But that doesn't mean you can't easily have tons of great products and content to offer your customers.

Because we're here to help!

One of the quickest and economical ways to do that this coming week is to get our 365 Days of Affirmations here.

It's filled with TONS of content you can use to wow your audience. It includes a journal, planner, 365 cards and a list of 365 affirmations too.

Let's take a look at everything and get those creative juices flowing…

365-Day Affirmations Journal…

Affirmation Journal PLR

The journal is done-for-you and ready to go, including ecover set. It has an affirmation for each day of the year, so plenty to get your customers writing.

You could use this journal for:

* A downloadable journal for sale
* A printed journal, shipped to your customers (try Lulu as a print-on-demand service)
* A free downloadable journal to get more subscribers on your mailing list
* A companion to a course you run on the power of affirmations
* A gift you ship out to your very best clients
* A bonus added to your existing product

It can also be bundled with the 380-page Affirmations planner…

Best Days Planner PLR image 3 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

This 365-day planner also includes an affirmation for each day and comes with a complete ecover set.

The planner also can be used for:

* A downloadable planner for sale
* A printed planner, shipped to your customers
* A free downloadable planner to get more subscribers on your mailing list
* A companion to a course you run on the power of affirmations
* A gift you ship out to your very best clients
* A bonus added to your existing product

And then we've got 365 affirmations cards in 7 different topic categories.

card deck image Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

The categories include:

* 53-Card Confidence and Self-Esteem Affirmations Deck
* 52-Health Affirmations Affirmations Deck
* 52-Card Motivation-Encouragement Affirmations Deck
* 52-Card Peace and Happiness Affirmations Deck
* 52-Card Prosperity and Abundance Affirmations Deck
* 52-Card Relationships and Love Affirmation Deck
* 52-Card Work and Career Affirmation Deck

With all these cards, you could…

* Sell them as individual card decks
* Bundle them into a 365 daily affirmations deck
* They could be offered printed (we include instructions) or as digital downloads
* Give away some cards as a free download to grow your list
* Bundle the cards with the journal and planner
* Run a course on the power of affirmations and include the card decks.
* Run courses on the individual topics (health, motivation, peace and happiness, etc) and include a deck with the course

Of course, these don't just have to be used as card decks. These images could also be used for:

* Mugs
* Planner dashboards
* Blog posts
* Social media posts
* Social media stories
* In your newsletters

We've also included all 365 affirmations in a handy word document for you, so you can use those as blog posts, add to your newsletters, for your books, etc.

List of 365 affirmations

As you can see, when you've got done-for-you content, you've got SO MANY options to get products out there quickly and easily.

If you don't have the 365 Days of Affirmations yet, go here to get the best price possible.

And if you need help with implementing all this, please join us in the EKitHub Facebook Group. You'll find the link to the group on your download page. We're always happy to help!

Your partners in easy product creation,

Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan

Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan

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  1. How do we find a reputable print company for our card decks, I tried a google search and got lost. Any recommendations. I wanted to purchase another kit but I can't get the first one on a website POD store and find a resource for the card decks.

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