How to Stand Out in the Coloring Pages and Coloring Book Niche

stand out in the coloring book niche

There are so many people out there, selling coloring pages and coloring books…so how you do you stand out from the crowd? That's EXACTLY what we're going to talk about in this article because the answer is quite simple and very worthwhile. Plus, we have some insider info to share on the topic as well.

But first…

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Now how about STANDING OUT…How do you do That?

When interviewing Lady Rayven, one of the things that really stood out was her emphasis on using her community to stand out from the coloring page crowd. 

And it's no wonder, this is a great way to get noticed, regardless of what you're selling. For us, you'll notice that we use our community in a similar way and approach it strategically, so that we can maximize sales along with providing extra value to our customers…while at the same time attract new customers. 

As part of the interview in the expert guide, you'll note that Lady Rayven cites having a mailing list as a #1 sales driver…and we agree. We use email for sales and our Facebook Group to stay in touch with our community, but the two forms of communication also work together to build on one another.

So let's first talk about why having a community works and then figure out how you can start building an awesome one for yourself. 


Like Lady Rayven said…in most cases, coloring pages are just coloring pages. But people buy them because of the experience with you or shopping from you. 

Having a community means that you can show more of you by:

  • better connecting with your audience
  • sharing your products in a more casual way
  • helping them consume your product

…with the end goal being they buy more! 

And when you have a community, you can use your mailing list how it's most effective…as a selling tool. People expect sales pitches via email, so give them what they want and use your community to nurture those who want more. 

And of course, you will still bring people from your list to your community and vice versa…bringing people to your community in two very valuable ways allows you to stay in touch much easier. 


How you go about building your community is completely up to you, but to be effective, you must pay attention to where your market hangs out (also discussed in the interview) …and go to them. It could be a Facebook Group, YouTube or even TikTok – all places where the coloring crowd hangs out. 

How you connect with your audience is also a personal decision, but get to know them, so you know their needs and what appeals to them.

In the interview, Rayven shared her very interesting strategy for getting to know her community. Things that work for her include: 

  • Live coloring sessions 
  • Sharing coloring tips, techniques and interesting tools 
  • Including personal development advice…especially if your audience uses coloring for therapeutic purposes

And what you do will evolve over time as you learn and get to know your community. But… always look at it as a place to share freely because when you do, you'll naturally talk about your products, not in a sales pitch way, but framed in a way that is useful to your audience, whether they buy or not. 


There is no doubt that building a community is work, but it doesn't have to be hard work if you enjoy what you're doing. Just be comfortable being the only one talking for a while. What you are building is a valuable library of content that can be repurposed in many ways.

And once your community starts growing and members become more active, you'll see the fruits of your labor develop. To make your community grow faster, always mention it:

  • On your product download pages
  • In your printed products
  • As part of your downloadable files

Also tell your email subscribers about it now and then. The more your business grows, the more your community will grow…and then they create this amazing synergy that continues to multiply. It's worth all the effort you put into it! 


You can learn more about Rayven's strategies for standing out and her genius idea for building a list of buyers and more, by clicking here

Plus, you'll get 50 done-for-you, fully editable coloring pages to put what you learn into practice. Click here for instant access and get growing with coloring pages right away. 

If you have questions or just want to discuss the interview or what you learned about communities, we're in the EKitHub Facebook Group, ready to help! You'll find the link on your download page. 

Your partners in easy product creation,

Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan

Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan

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