How to Maximize on Last Minute Christmas Shopping with Printable Products

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It's almost Christmas and you know there are tons of customers on your list that haven't finished their shopping.

This is where you come in – to educate these last minute Christmas shoppers.

And the great news is, if you sell digital downloads or printables, it's remarkably easy to educated them and help them get their Christmas shopping done with flying colors and with as little hassle and stress as possible.

Some marketing and product ideas you can build on…

  • Give them a list of last minute Christmas gift ideas with links to your own products and perhaps affiliate links to products of other sellers.
  • Create new printables (if you don't already have them) that are full of “it's the thought that counts” energy. Things like coupon books, printable wall art with meaningful sayings, and printable journals (with instructions for quick printing). Bonus points if you offer personalization on your products.
  • Send out a “did you remember gifts for….” list. Examples could be teachers, letter carriers, housekeepers, babysitters, lawn maintenance guys, etc. … and then give gift ideas for each of them.
  • Send them tips to reduce holiday stress and recommend any of your printables, like recipe cards, holiday organizers, printable place cards and more.
  • When in doubt, wine always makes a great and easy gift. Give them the opportunity to personalize the wine bottles with your customizable and printable labels.
  • Again, bonus points on personalization or customization for your most particular, but disorganized customers who need your last minute help. Be sure to include your affiliate link to some waterproof sticker paper, so they get the right paper to print. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness of bring that easily overlooked detail to their attention.
  • Offer them printable gift tags that can make baked and handmade gifts a little more special. Or they're perfect for those last minute shoppers who happened to overlook buying gift tags.
  • Offer printable bag toppers, so your customers can dress up lunch bags with candies and other treats they can quickly throw together.
  • If you're into sewing, needlework projects or other crafty things, sell super simple patterns so they can quickly create thoughtful homemade gifts.
  • Did they forget or run out of greeting cards? Make sure they know about your awesome greetings cards.
  • Jar mixes are another easy and quick DIY gift. And don't forget to also sell them the tags to include with their jars in addition to the recipe, so they can quickly assemble their jars.

In all your promotions, keep your audience in mind. The holidays can be a stressful time, but also a time where people really want to show they care and be closer to the ones they love. You can help make that happen.

Let that willingness to help shine through in your tips and product offerings that will help them get through the holidays in the best way possible and with the least amount of stress.

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