How to Build a Sales Funnel

How to build a sales funnel

Learning how to build a sales funnel is the marketing strategy used to multiply sales, grow your business and a saavy way to increase your bottomline. But did you know that you could be earning even more money from the customers you already have … as well as all future customers?

You absolutely can. And the way you accomplish this is with the help of a product funnel, also known as a sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Template

In it simplist form, a sales funnel template consists of a Front End (or FE) product, and a series of Upsells and Downsells, which are also known as One-Time Offers or OTOs. It can also have bump offers inserted along the way and can end with a Backend offer, which is usually the highest priced offer in the funnel. Most sales funnel examples typically follow the diagram flow below.

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How a product funnel works is the customer starts at the top of the funnel with an initial product offer – the FE. Once they buy, they start down the product funnel with their first upsell offer. This is a usually a related product package at a higher price point than the FE, hence the term upsell. If they decline the upsell, they continue down the funnel and are then offered a downsell.

A downsell is usually the same package as the upsell, but with something removed, thus making it a lower price point than the upsell. In a simple sales funnel template, if the downsell is declined, the customers then falls out of the bottom of the funnel and is taken to the FE product they bought.

However, a sales funnel template can get much more complex by offering additional upsells, downsells and often ending with a back-end offer. The back-end offer is usually the highest priced product in the funnel and could be a webinar, training course or coaching. However, a back-end offer does not have to be part of every product funnel.

There may also be what is known as bump offers intermixed in the funnel. A bump offer is usually a value-priced related offer that a customer can purchase as part of the checkout process.

Product Funnel Planning Process

Planning out a product funnel is a two-step process:

  1. Creating the parts of the funnel – the FE, Upsells, Downsells, Bump Offers and sometimes a Back-end.
  2. Creating the funnel flow by organizing the parts of the funnel. Sales funnel examples often follow the flow as shown below.

How to build a sales funnel

Learning how to build a sales funnel starts with planning out and creating products and bundles, and then putting them into a product funnel. It is the way to learn how to build a successful sales funnel that will boost sales, but with not a lot of extra work. We show you the marketing strategy used to multiply sales in our Printables Products Guide and Templates Pack.

Learn how to build a sales funnel for more sales

As you can see, we've packed a ton of value into this Printables Products Guide and Templates Pack and it's designed to get you from planning to implementing your product funnels FAST!

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