How to Use Testimonials on Your Website


Do you intentionally collect testimonials from your customers and share them on your product pages? You should if you don’t already.

Feedback Through Testimonials

Being able to read how others liked your products is the living proof many potential buyers need to convince them to buy from you. If other buyers liked your products and how you conducted business, they probably will also.

We have an automated (human powered) system for collecting and sharing testimonials. Each customer is asked for their feedback on their download page, and we say it’s with the intention of sharing with our potential customers, but that we welcome all feedback.

The submissions are reviewed by our assistant and useful ones are published to our site. And if there is any feedback we need to look into, she brings it to our attention.

Even if you do the submission reviews and posting yourself, it’s well worth it. Be proud of your products and the difference you’re making in other people’s lives. It’s good for business in so many ways!

Post testimonials for great website feedback

Publishing testimonials creates more confidence in buying your products because they can see others who have used it and what results they've received.

Testimonials Done Right

But not all testimonials are equal, which is why we have this checklist and template for you.

Testimonials, where possible, should include:

  • The customer's full name
  • A photo of the customer
  • The city / state or country they live in
  • Specific information about what they liked about the product
  • Specific details in the results they got with the product

Obviously, the personal info is to show that this testimonial is from a real, flesh and blood person. As for the actual testimonial, just a note they loved it or whatever is OKAY…but the more detail it is, the more believable and the more useful the testimonial is to your potential customers.

Testimonial Checklist and Questionaire

But don't worry about memorizing the information a testimonial should have, all these details are covered in the free checklist and worksheet. We hope you find it very useful. It's very much worth having a system in place.

Testimonial Questionaire
Testimonial Checklist

Download the checklist + template at: https://ekithub.com/amember/content/f/id/954

To your publishing success,

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
Your Partners in Easy Product Creation at EKitHub.com

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