Do You Need to Edit PLR Before You Use It?

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One question that people often ask, “Is it okay to publish PLR are as it is without editing it?”

They may wonder this because lots of people can same the same done-for-you content and they are all publishing it too, so there is the same content out there.

So is it okay to put PLR out there as it is? Sure, just use your judgment.

Sometimes you won't edit it at all, but you really do not need to spend a bunch of time editing content when you do. You just need to incorporate it strategically into your marketing plan.

Because it's critical to remember your products are important, they're not as important as your overall message. That's message you want to send to your customers. What your business is all about…your passion.

You just need to be really clear on what that message is and it's going to frame everything you're gonna do.

Of course, not everyone knows exactly what their business message is. They may just want to sell journals … or ebooks, or t-shirts, but it's important to figure this piece out … even if takes time to develop because when you have a strong message, you build a LOYAL audience and that's key.

So to get to your message, the more you practice, the more you're you're going to get more comfortable with what your message is and make sure that everything you create fits that message perfectly.

And because you are using done-for-you, PLR content, you have tons of content to practice with. That's a definite bonus of using PLR.

Some starter ways to get you closer to figuring out your message:

First, ask yourself what is the problem you solve? Do you help people get organized? Maybe help them reach a specific goal, build a business. It could be anything, but always approach it by figuring out what problem you solve.

People get will get connected to you and your business, and rely on you when you're helping them solve some kind of problem.

Next, and more importantly, you need to figure out why do your customers come to you instead of others? Are you easier to follow than other people? If so, how do you motivate them? Do you help them feel understood … what is it?

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