How to Do Search Engine Optimization on Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

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If anyone has ever told you that you can't get organic search engine traffic to PLR content, they'd be wrong. We share the simple steps you can implement for search engine optimization with any private label rights content and we know it works because we've used these techniques ourselves.

Now certainly, you can use any article or piece of PLR content as it is, but we'd suggest adding more to it in order to make it more SEO-friendly.

Find Your Chosen Keyword Phrase

Take your targeted keyword let's say if the article is about how to save time effectively and that is your targeted keyword because it has got low competition and high traffic. You can use a keyword tool like Keyword.io or log into your free Google Adwords account (you don't have to set up any paid ads) and use their free Keyword Planner tool.

Create a Unique Title with Your Keyword Phrase

Once you have your phrase, incorporate that keyword in the article's title and the title tag of your website page. Basically, you'd replace the original of title of the PLR article and addd your own title, with your keyword phrase.

Create a New Introduction

Again, you can use the content as is, but if you add an introduction to your article that explains why you're publishing it, you can incorporate your keywords into your article with this extra paragraph.

Those Are The Basics…Here's More

Just doing those things will help you rank your articles for a chosen keyword, but other things you can do to do search engine optimization on private label rights contents include:

* Create backlinks to your articles. Do this from your own site and encourage others to link to your article as well.

* Create a “description” (if you use WordPress, any SEO plugin will allow you to do this) that incorporates the keyword phrase. Or at least make sure the keyword phrase appears very near the beginning of your introductory paragraph that you add.

* Add relevant images and where appropriate, incorporate the keyword phrase into the ALT tag of that image. You can add an ALT tag in the properties of the image you upload to your site.

* You can also add a plugin to your WordPress site to help you keep track of all the little details. We use Rank Math and have used WordPress SEO by Yoast in the past. Lots of options out there.

But Can You Buy PLR That is Already Optimized for Search Engines?

No, that is definitely NOT possible.

As Alice noted in the video, years ago people would often sell private label rights content and claim it was optimized for search engines. We don't see it much anymore, but if you ever see that, that doesn't mean you can't buy their content. You just can't believe the SEO is ready to go because it's impossible for everyone to take the content and target the same keyword phrase.

You need to choose a different keyword phrase and follow the tips above.

It's just a little extra work. And the great part is is that you're using private label rights content.
So much of it is done for you now you have time to optimize the content.

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