Premium Printables: How to Sell Printables at a Higher Price

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Ever wonder why the prices of printables vary so widely? And ever wanted to command a higher price for the printables that you sell?

Well, it's not too difficult to achieve that…

Highly-practical printables that solve a problem can carry a premium price.

Beautiful printables focused more on aesthetics can also carry a premium price.

It’s all in how you market the benefits of having/using them, rather than selling the features of them.

Charge Premium Prices for Results

If you help your customers get results (make money, save money, improve their relationships, help them improve their career, help them lose weight), you’ve got marketing fodder to sell a premium printable product.

Charge Premiums Prices for Luxury and Exclusiveness

If you sell beautiful printables that are marketed as luxurious or exclusive, you’ve also got marketing fodder to sell a premium product. You can use celebrity endorsements, print on demand options for those who don’t want to print themselves (“concierge service”) and more.

If you want to know more about either approach take a look at these products shared by readers and our suggestions on how to position those products as premium.

Product Example #1: “Read and Review Book Journal

One of our community members sells a journal where the customer can write down the books they've read and their thoughts about that book. Here are some thoughts on that…

Luxury – This could be part of a book lovers’ package, but since it's all digital, that's a bit more challenging, but if it was turned into a physical product, things like mugs, tea and treats could be included.

For a more luxurious digital product, this could include bookmarks, wall art, stickers that go in books (gift stickers, passing this book onto another person stickers, etc). She could even add other journals.

Exclusivity – This journal could be adapted into a “book club” type of thing. Create a journal for people who like a certain types of book and include the titles of suggested books and their details for that genre. Or if it's your first try at this, you might want to do a generic option, so anyone could use the product to start a book club with any genre or book titles. Then perhaps, do a more specific genre when you see your product selling well.

Separately, you could do a live webinar to start and then use the recording, include tips for running a book club, discussion, suggestions. This could be a webinar for people wanting to start any type of book club.

So the customer can buy the “Book Club in a Box” or some more clever name – and have licenses to use the journals and materials for up to a certain number number of people.

Product Example #2 – Garden Planner

Another community members sells a garden planner. Here are some thoughts on making a premium product from that.

For results – She could easily turn that garden planning into a training program. It could be a simple one webinar session to keep them organized and successful with their gardening. If you increase your prospects of success, you increase their willingness to pay more.

For luxury – If you have a beautiful design, you can carry that over to other printables, like plant labels and other elements that would make their garden look nice.

For exclusivity – you can emphasize the benefits of your planner that will make their garden the envy of the neighborhood. Or they’ll yield more produce than most gardens and how that saves them money, etc.

The key in making these work is making the customer really visualize those results…so playing on their desires or fears is key. So is playing them up on amazing gardener in disguise…they just need to know a few tricks and stay organized, which you help them do.

Photos, videos or other visuals that will bring it home as they are always a must too.

Product Example #3 – Color It Backwards Reverse Coloring Book

This is a different style book in that the images are colored and the user traces the outline of the image.

It could be made into an art lesson for teachers, homeschoolers and include the books. You could run a webinar on how to use the coloring pages and suggestions for teaching with them. There are probably lots of cognitive benefits to this type of work as well, so delving into that would be good.

Luxury – Those could be bundled into a gift package for people who love to color. That could include some nice pens, a card, etc. Maybe a relaxing audio or something else people would be interested in.

Product Example #4 – End of Life Planner

This is a difficult topic, but an important one. Being organized before end of life happens, helps give the deceased what they wanted as far a funeral arrangements. Because it is done ahead of time, it is less emotional than trying to do at the time it happens.

This is one planner topic that could definitely sell with a webinar or audio/video course. The planner walks them through a LOT of the steps and concerns, but having someone to listen to or watch explain how it all works, giving them additional tips, etc. would be extremely valuable when trying to use this planner effectively.

In these four products examples, we shared how to make each product more valuable thus making it worth a higher premium price. What can you do to add value to your printables and charge a higher premium price for that product?

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To your publishing success,

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