How to Have an Abundance Mindset in Business and Why It’s Important

People pay a lot of lip service to the idea of “Abundance Mindset” and since it's the topic of one of our latest done-for-you EKits, we thought it might be good to explain how to have an abundance mindset in business.

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Abundant thinking not only can change your customers' lives, but it can transform your business as well. Here is a post from one of Alice's favorite persuasive communication teachers that encapsulates the idea of abundance in business.

How to Get an Abundance Mindset to Get More Customers

Today's success in marketing your products lies in having an AUDIENCE and having a RELATIONSHIP with that audience.

There are so many marketing messages and people vying for your customers' and clients' attention. To stand out from them, you have to be WORTH their time because they can't buy from you every day, but when you help them move toward their goals and solve their problems…they keep turning to you.

They will buy your products, take your recommendations, they will recommend you to others and more…many of them for LIFE.

And when you realize that there are tens of thousands or even millions of potential people that can be in your audience, EVEN IF you only capture a small fraction, that is worth your time.

So our recommendation is to start thinking about how you can be worth their time, even if they don't buy today…and how you can relate that back to your products.

And back to the main topic of how to have an abundance mindset in business. Here's why it's important…

  • You make better choices for your company. You see beyond the immediate need to get a sale now and understand there will be plenty of sales if you just do the right things for your business and customers. 
  • You will offer business-building content freely because you won't be worried about “freebie seekers”. Instead, you will understand that free content generates leads that turn into sales…and even the people who don't buy immediately or at all, still serve an important function as an engaged audience for your business. 
  • You won't hesitate to connect like minded people in your network because when you're a connector, people will create connections for you too. 

Because giving freely is a good thing, but use your business sense too. What problems do your products solve and how can you HELP them to bring them ready to buy your product?

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Abundance Mindset

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To your publishing success,

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