Interview with 6 Year Old Author and Coloring Book Publisher, Ishaq Edwards

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If you want to writer your own books or publishing coloring books, but keep coming up with reasons you can't…let's stop that right now.

Meet 6 year old, Ishaq Edwards, who not only has published a coloring activity book AND a story book, but he also has a whole series in the works.

A Few Takeaways:

  • Publish what you know. Ishaq's first topic is something he's been learning about at school, so he wanted to bring that information to other kids.
  • While it's not necessary, adding a bit of your own personality, culture and experience can go a long way. Watch the interview to find out who Kadeedee is. 🙂
  • Capitalize on a book series because your loyal readers are going to want more!
  • Outsource what you can't do and focus what you're good at. Ishaq loves to write, but says “there's no way” he could have done the illustrations for the book.
  • Having a mentor who knows what they're doing goes a long way. No need to try to do it all yourself, find knowledgeable and experienced people to guide you.

Watch the interview above for inspiration and some smiles. This kid is going places and above all, his confidence shines.

Peeks at Ishaq's Books…

Screen Shot 2022 10 21 at 10.38.21 AM Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

You can find Ishaq's books on Amazon at the links below.

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Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan

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