Should I Sell Print or Digital Coloring Books?

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If you're looking to get started in or up your coloring page marketing game, here's a quick clip from a recent interview you don't want to miss. Lady Rayven Monique explains whether it's best to sell print or digital coloring books.

From the transcript…(and keep reading on how to get some done-for-you coloring pages to get started quickly).

Alice: So what’s a better opportunity, printed books or digital downloads?

Rayven: Well, honestly, the best opportunity is the one you’re going to do. If what I just said about putting your stuff out there and being in the limelight freaks the crap out of you and you’re like, “Oh, no, that is not me,” then maybe printed books wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I say that because I personally have found a lot more money in the digital downloads than I ever did with the printed books. Just over at the side, if you’re asking them to buy something, if you’re asking a customer to buy something, the thing that’s going to make you the most money is the thing that’s going to be most profitable.

The digital downloads were definitely that. It really just depends on what it is that you’re willing to do. Any way you go, there’s going to be a learning curve, so get involved in something.

Other Things to Consider in the Digital vs. Print Debate

Here are some reasons people might prefer digital coloring pages:

* Convenience: Digital coloring pages can be accessed and downloaded instantly from anywhere, so there's no need to wait for a physical book to arrive in the mail. They can also be printed multiple times, allowing for more flexibility in the number of copies and how they're used.

* Cost: Digital coloring pages are often less expensive than printed coloring books, especially when considering shipping costs. They also eliminate the need for physical inventory, which can be a cost-saving measure for sellers.

* Customization: Digital coloring pages can be easily customized and personalized, either by the creator or the buyer. For example, a buyer can change the size or color of the image before printing it out, allowing for more creative control.

* Environmental impact: Digital coloring pages are more eco-friendly than printed coloring books since they eliminate the need for paper and ink. They also reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transportation.

* Mobility: Digital coloring pages can be stored on a device and taken with you anywhere, making them a convenient option for on-the-go coloring or travel.

And some reasons why people might prefer printed coloring books:

* Tactile experience: Many people enjoy the tactile experience of coloring in a physical book, as it can be a more immersive and satisfying experience than coloring on a screen. The feel of the paper and the act of physically coloring can be therapeutic and relaxing for some.

* Nostalgia: Printed coloring books may evoke feelings of nostalgia for some people, particularly those who grew up with traditional coloring books. The familiarity of the format can be comforting and enjoyable.

* Screen fatigue: With so much of our daily lives spent looking at screens, some people may prefer to disconnect and engage in an activity that doesn't require a device.

* Group activity: Printed coloring books can be a fun and social activity to do with others, whether it's with family, friends, or in a community setting like a coloring club.

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