Forget Freebie Seekers! How to Get Coloring Page BUYERS on Your Mailing List

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If you're looking for a way to build your coloring page mailing list, here's a quick clip from a recent interview you don't want to miss. Lady Rayven Monique explains the technique she uses to skyrocket the number of people who are more likely to BUY on her list.

From the transcript…(and keep reading on a list-building strategy you can use to build your list quickly).

Alice: We’ve touched on this, but maybe you have a special technique or something, or an idea for us.

What is the most effective way, again, to grow a list of coloring book or coloring page buyers, people who want to buy, because we could all grow a list of people who will opt in for a coloring page, but how do we get ones who want to buy?

Rayven: Okay, so I’m going tell you my strategy and how I grew my list crazy fast with Color Happy. What we did is, every month we would do a coloring contest.

I mentioned that free coloring page, and so it would be themed around that free coloring page. It was, enter the contest. You get a free coloring page.

Go ahead and color it and submit it to the contest. We made it clear, our big motto was that we just wanted them to show up as them, that there was no judgment. We didn’t care how you colored it. If you submitted a page, you got a certain number of entries. It was a random drawing, so there was no judging.

When they went ahead, entered the contest, and claimed their free coloring page, I would then offer them immediately a free, physical coloring book. We didn’t do a lot with the physical coloring books. We did have a presence on Amazon, but we gave away one free because it is fun, getting something tangible in the mail.

That is something that really does light people up. It was free, plus shipping, so we charged them $4.95 for shipping. I think it cost me between $6 and $10 if it was domestic versus international, actually, to actually ship it.

When they did that, they also got a free month to our subscription program. They generally stayed. Our attrition rate was up the whiz. They usually stayed about three to four months, so we did make back our money on it. It gave them an opportunity to really see everything that we had.

We did great with that free coloring book offer.  

This grow-your-list tip might be one you have not thought of, but as Rayven explained in the vidoe it works and works well. If you need some coloring pages to use with this marketing strategy, we have you covered…

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