How to Use Documentation to Boost Your Reputation and Make Your Entire Life Easier

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The cool thing about Content Synergy (something Alice is teaching about here) is that it actually allows the benefits of content and documentation to permeate your life.

And NO, we're definitely not talking about documentation taking over your life, disrupting special moments with family…

Oh my gosh, we have to wait 10 minutes to eat AGAIN while Karen takes these pictures.

NO…we’re talking about enhancing your whole life and business without interrupting it.

Here is How Alice Recommends Leveraging the Power of Content and Documentation to Boost Your Reputation and Make Your Life Easier

(From the Video:) I could actually go on and on about this one, but I’ll give you a little slice here that I think will be very meaningful when it comes to documenting in a meaningful way.

A couple things to document:

  • Your business processes
  • The processes and things that make your life easier

Let me give you examples of each of those and then I’ll tell you how this creates content synergy for you.

  • Documenting your business processes means you can bring people on your team to do various tasks, freeing up your time to do more meaningful work and impactful content creation. In the training, we’ll talk about ways to document this easily, as you go.
  • I’m also a big fan of documenting my personal processes and discoveries as well. For example I love cooking and entertaining, so I keep records of how I modify recipes or even rewrite online recipes so they’re super concise and I can prepare them at a glance. Whatever you love doing, document it so later you’re not scratching your head, trying to remember the details.

And from this, all this content becomes things you can share with the world as a part of your overall message. I mean you’re not going to share confidential business info or repost other people’s recipes without permission…but you’re going to learn from all your processes and have something meaningful to share.

On the business side, you can teach people how to do something for themselves. Perhaps you make floral arrangements for high end customers, but when you document your processes, you have content you can share to help other people make their own floral arrangements and even create courses for people to do their own or do it as a business as well.

On the personal side, you can share similar insights and tips. And what you share personally with your friends, colleagues and even your customers on your personal social profiles impacts how they feel about you. That’s because the kind of person you are is reflected in anything you share…and people will see if your clever, resourceful, wise, helpful, kind, operate with integrity, are inspirational etc. And people love doing business with people who have the kind of skills and values they resonate with. Your personal content does so much for you without having to be directly self promotional.

Content is everywhere…you can’t get around it. Use it to your advantage to make your life easier and spread your message with the world.

What To Do Next: Immerse Yourself in Content Synergy to Get More Traffic, Subscribers and Sales

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To your publishing success,

Alice and Yusef

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