Get Started Selling Printables – Do You Need to Be a Designer?

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If you're interested in selling printables, courses or other simple digital products, here's a topic that will interest you. It's a clip from an interview with Alice where she shares 12 lessons learned after having over TWO DECADES of digital product creation experience and selling millions of dollars in content, courses and printables.

Watch the video above. You can also read the transcript below.

So Do You Need to Be a Designer? Here's the Scoop

Yusef: How can you get started with printables? Do you have to be a designer to get started with printables or is there an easier, quicker option?

Alice: Well, I think people ask that question a lot. I mean you could look on Etsy and you can see these beautiful printables that could be used as home decor. They can be decorations for parties or even journals and planners that are super beautiful.

And I mean you can, if you want pretty ones, start with done-for-you free content like we make at EkitHub, but I will say that it depends on where you focus. For me, it's always about helping people solve problems, and if you're helping someone solve a problem, achieve a specific goal, then how the printable looks doesn't always matter, just that it's practical.

I personally like ones that we create, our team creates, because they are designers. I'm not a designer; you have more design skills than I do. So you know those are nice, but for me, when I'm creating something from my own students or something like that, I just make sure that it really looks pretty. It's functional. So no, you don't need to be designer. You can be, but it's not a requirement at all.

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This digital world we're living in is a HUGE gift that allows you to create your own income opportunities and spread a great message and help to the world. Be sure to take advantage of those free offers, so that you can better unleash the power of this gift for yourself.

To your publishing success,

Alice and Yusef

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
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