How to Find Course Ideas on Amazon

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If you're looking for HOT selling course and digital product ideas, Yusef recently created some extra videos for our Fast & Simple Course Creation Class, showing how to conduct product idea research using some handy online tools.

The video above demonstrates product research using Amazon – it's a quick overview that can help you hone in on the right course or digital product to create.

Watch the video above. You can also read the transcript below.

Find Your Next Digital Product Idea on Amazon

Let's look at how to research popular topics for your course or digital product on Amazon. Although Amazon does not permit vendors to sell courses on their platform, unless they are converted to a book, ebook, or a video, the platform itself is still useful to use during a research process. This is because Amazon remains one of the largest platforms that contains information that you can use to your advantage.

When researching potential topics for your courses, the first step is go to Amazon.com or amazon.ca depending on where you live. The second step would be to use the search bar to search for a key term that is commonly used in your niche or your industry.

Amazon 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

In this example, we're going to use personal development as our keyword. And make sure that the selection on the left side of the page is set to books or audio books. We are going to start with books initially to get a few results here. This is not based on popularity or anything like that.

I like to set the language to English, because I'm mostly interested in books that are written in English. Then I like to sort it based on customer reviews five stars and up.

Let's look at a few results in the above screnshot. As you can see, they are not in any particular order and certainly not based on popular order. After that, I'd like to sort it by “Average customer review”. Now we're getting books that are popular in the personal development niche. Next, I'm going to screen the results and screen the topics.

Amazon 1A Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

So the first book here is “Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse, Gaslighting, Codependency, and Complex PTSD”. If I find a topic appealing to me, then I write it down because it is popular. It has five star reviews and it was reviewed by 737 people, so you know it's popular.

Amazon 1B Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

You can click on it just to read more about it. Here you take notes and see if any of these things could be added to your course, depending on your skills and ability. The idea is to understand what is popular and what is selling on Amazon, so that you build a course around something within your expertise or something that is more likely going to sell.

Another thing that I like to do on Amazon, after I click on the product, is to see products related to this item. These are other books and other titles that are sort of relevant that are being advertised by other vendors.

Amazon 1C Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

This is another area where I like to screen for topics, books and ideas for product name, for a course or for printables. And the reason why this section is very useful is because other vendors are promoting the product.

Vendors often promote the best products that they know will generate a return on their advertising dollars. They wouldn't promote a product that is not popular and does not sell, because then they would lose money on it. So they promote the best of the best, because there is a high possibility that they will close on that promotion. So this section is very neat; I like it; I like to screen it.

As you can see in the screenshot above, this is also kind of pertaining to personal development, “Divorcing and Healing from a Narcissist, Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse.” It's another topic that is related, but you get the idea, “The Art of Letting Go: How to Let Go of the Past and Look Forward to the Future” is another one.

The one titled “Emotional Intelligence: 21 Most Effective Tips and Tricks on Self-awareness” could be a topic that if it pertains to your expertise, and one that you can write about or can talk about. So this section can give you a lot of useful ideas on popular courses.

Amazon 2 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Let's look at this one: “Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity.” This one here, it's has been reviewed by 7,871. That is the number of customers that have bought the product, meaning it's a very popular topic. So now that you know that, you write this one down on the list as one of the potential topics that you can create a course around … if obviously it pertains to your expertise.

So you can use this strategy to find trends in any topic. It doesn't have to be personal development, it could be even about sports product or books or courses on how to create a business. You just do the same thing; After you click on the most popular products, then come down to this section and just review different products.

This is how you can get ideas on what works and what doesn't within an industry or niche by using the best free open-source platform out there, which is Amazon.

It's free; it doesn't cost you anything to screen and find trends within your industry. And without having to subscribe to expensive tools like Semrush or Ahrefs that give you information on the popularity of a certain product. You can literally just use these platforms like Amazon or Udemy. I have another video on Udemy, you can just check it out later.

 So yeah, that's basically how you do it. You can even take it one step further by looking at all audio books. And essentially you do the same thing here. I'm more interested in audio books that are in English, and I like to sort things by customer reviews.

Amazon 3 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

And now I'm getting audiobooks in the personal development niche. And I just screened the topics based on results here. The last one has 2,381 reviews and 4.8 stars out of 5 – “Eastern Body, Western Mind:, Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self”. You can click on it, review it and then you come down to here most popular. And as you can see by the screenshot below, Amazon just gives you all the popular ideas that are within the realm of personal development.

Amazon 4 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

You can just look, browse and see if any of these topics appeal to you; and if they do, you write them down. Although these are audio books, and you're trying to create a course or a product, it is still OK to look at these topics and get ideas from them; to find out trends, popular trends that you can use. This tells you that these topics are sought after; these topics are popular; these topics are what people search for and what people want.

And that's why the vendors have these products. As you can see above, the reviews are within 1,000. Some of them have 21 reviews or 51 reviews. They might be new, popular and emerging books and that's why they're being promoted by Amazon. Although they don't have a lot of reviews, Amazon put them in the most popular category. That means they might be on the rise.

So you just scroll, screen, look for ideas and you can move down to the next section: “People who bought this also bought” and check out the books noted below.

Amazon 5 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

The number of reviews reveals how many times the book has been sold and reviewed by people. So that's how you basically do it. Thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you have not already.

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