ChatGPT as a Product Research Tool

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If you're looking for HOT selling course and digital product ideas, Yusef recently created some extra videos for our Fast & Simple Course Creation Class, showing how to conduct product idea research using some handy online tools.

The video above demonstrates product research, using ChatGPT – it's a quick overview that can help you hone in on the right course or digital product to create.

Watch the video above. You can also read the transcript below.

Using ChatGPT for Digital Product Ideas

How to research topics for your courses and digital products using ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by open AI. I use ChatGPT together with other tools to find popular topics for our products and courses.

In this video, I will show you the exact prompts I use to get information out of ChatGPT that are useful for researching ideas for our products and courses. So the first step would be go to chat.openai.com and once you are there, you can basically come down to the search bar and start asking questions.

Here is a sheet that I included with several different prompts that you can use to get information out of ChatGPT, when it comes to extracting information for your product and courses. So the first prompt will be “best-selling courses on personal development”. And I'm just going to wait for the answer.

ChatGPT 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

And as you can see, it will give you some information on popular courses in the personal development niche. And you just take notes on what you see here and try to spot different popular topics, different trends. So the first one on the list is “Tony Robbins. Ultimate Edge: This course covers topics such as goal setting, mindset, and personal finance”. It shows that it includes audio and video training.

The second one is from Brendan. It's “Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy – This course focuses on developing habits and strategies to improve personal performance in areas such as productivity, health and relationships”. Third one is “Robin Sharmas Personal Mastery Academy. This course covers topics such as productivity, leadership and mindset”.

So you just go through the list and take some notes on common topics that you could potentially include in your course. Obviously, based on your expertise, you don't include things that you're not an expert in and then you construct your course around it. So this is one way and we will continue to feed ChatGPT more prompts in order to complete our research.

The next step I would go back to the sheet that I have with specific prompts and paste the next prompt – “Most Popular Topics Personal Development”, just for the sake of this example, but you can use any other keyword that is relevant to your industry.

ChatGPT 2 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

And here you can see ChatGPT is feeding you some information about personal development popular topics. Personal development covers a broad range of topics that are related to self-improvement and growth. As shown, some of the most popular topics within personal development include: “Mindset and Positive Thinking – Learning How to Develop a Positive and Growth Oriented Mindset to Achieve Personal and Professional Success. “Goal Setting and “Planning” is another one that is popular. Others include:

  • Time management and productivity
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Emotional intelligence”  
  • Self-awareness

So you go through the list, take some notes, write things down. These are some potential topics that you can cover or you can narrow it down into one particular topic.

In this case, let's say we want to dive deeper into mindset and positive thinking. So you can basically paste the prompt “Most Popular Topics Mindset and Positive Thinking” that we have done here, instead of the keyword “Personal Development, and “Positive Thinking”.

ChatGPT 3 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

And then you mine more information. You try to get more information on this topic that you can add to your course based on your experience and expertise. And obviously you can use any keyword for your research that pertains to your industry. Later I will show you one way that you can extract multiple and different keywords that you can use to feed into ChatGPT.

So in this case, mindset and positive thinking are important topics in the personal development arena and there are several popular subtopics within this area. Some of the most popular topics related to the keywords mindset and positive thinking include:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Gratitude and Positivity
  • Self-talk and Self-belief

Now you can basically write the topics that you can add to your course and make it a much more powerful course. Or you can take the information to continue on with your research.

As I said, I have a sheet that has multiple different useful prompts that you can just copy and paste by putting your keyword and use it to extract valuable information off of ChatGPT. And if you wonder how you can get different keywords to feed into ChatGPT that are related to your industry by using the prompts that I will provide, you can basically just use this prompt right here: “Give me keywords in your niche” – and enter your niche keyword in front of the word “niche” in the search bar.

 Let's say you're researching the keyword “soccer”. Then, you just type in “Give me keywords in the soccer niche”. You get multiple keywords that you can use to get more information out of ChatGPT as shown below.

ChatGPT 4 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

As you can see, it listed them from football and soccer skills all the way down to soccer injuries with others outside of the screenshot – 30 in all. Now you can use it in your research.

So, let's say paste the keywords that you found here ”Best-selling courses on soccer rules”.

ChatGPT 6 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

As you can see here we were getting results based on the keywords that we just looked up. So here are some of the best-selling courses on soccer rules: “The Complete Laws of Soccer Course: This course covers all the rules of soccer from the basic advanced concept. It includes video training, quizzes and certificate of completion.” And then if you go down the list there's “FIFA’s Laws of the Game Course” and “Udemy Soccer Referee Course”.

So these are different popular courses that if you are soccer coach or referee, you can create something similar in your course or in your training. So, basically you just go through the list and write down the different topics and then use the ones that are relevant to you in your research.

So that's how you basically use ChatGPT by coming up with clever ways, topics and ideas for your product or for your course. If you want to list with multiple prompts that you can use to carry on this conversation with ChatGPT and extract multiple of useful information for your course or product, make sure you get your sheet today; it has multiple prompts for you to use.

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