How to Find Course Topic Ideas on Udemy

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If you're looking for HOT selling course and digital product ideas, Yusef recently created some extra videos for our Fast & Simple Course Creation Class, showing how to conduct product idea research using some handy online tools.

The video above demonstrates product research, using Udemy – it's a quick overview that can help you hone in on the right course or digital product to create.

Watch the video above. You can also read the transcript below.

How to Do Product Idea Research on Udemy

In this video, I’m going to show you how to research popular topics for your course or digital products by using Udemy.  Udemy is an educational technology company that provides an online learning and teaching platform. The platform allows instructors and course creators to sell courses online.

This gives you an opportunity to begin your research process and screen different courses and identify strong topics for your courses to sell. The first step, go to udemy.com. Once you are on udemy.com, go to the search bar and search for a keyword that describes your niche or industry.

In this case, I'm going to use the keyword “goal setting”. As we operate in the personal development niche, this is a very popular keyword in that industry.

Udemy 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

So once I type that in the search bar, and click Enter, I get results on different courses that pertain to the keyword that I just used. As you can see below, these are the results. Next, we're going to sort them based on, not “most relevant”, but “most reviewed” and “highest rated” because these are the most popular ones that are on this platform. So as you can see below, when using “highest rated”, we get different results. These in the screenshot below are common and popular.

Udemy 2 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

But in the case shown below, “most reviewed” is what I often choose, because the courses that are most reviewed are often the courses that are most popular. As noted below, the first course listed has been reviewed 26,000, almost 27,000 times and the one below it, has been reviewed 20,000 times.

Udemy 3 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

This just means that's how many people that have bought the course and reviewed it as opposed to “highest rated”. With “highest rated”, you get courses that have only been reviewed by 21 people. I'm not saying that these courses aren't popular or won't be popular in the future, but if you want the most popular courses today, then it's better if you look into this category “most reviewed”.

And you just screen the results and look for topics to replicate; or topics that you can choose to create a course around; or maybe you already have a course that uses one of these topics. Now you just know how to word it better. And in this section, you can actually improve the results that you get here by choosing the rating “highest rated” instead of “most reviewed”.

Udemy 4 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

For example, the ones that I've gotten 4.5 stars and up, then I just screen the results. And if you're going to be specific and choose only English courses, then you can tap this one here and you screen the results. In these results, “boost your productivity” is one that comes up multiple times.

Now you just screen the course – “Boost Your Productivity: Adapt, Improve, Do!Get increased productivity with a boost and willpower, habits, motivation, goal setting, and decision making”. Now you can click on it and review it further.

Udemy 5 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

You see the outline of the course in the above screenshot, so you can build an idea of what this course is all about, now that you know the social proof. Because this course has had a lot of reviews, you can structure something similar, but not necessarily exactly the same, but something similar and in a similar order. Now at least, you know that if you create a course that is about goal setting, maybe you should focus on, willpower, motivation and habits, such as shown above: “Habits: The secret to your success“, or “Goals: The framework to achieve anything“. This gives you ideas of why this course appeals to many people.

So now you know how to screen the results as simple steps. You go to Udemy and in the search bar, search for a keyword that is relevant to your niche; to your topic. So, if you're in the sports industry, maybe football, you just write “football” and then you see what kind of courses are selling.

When it comes to football, as you can see here these are the most relevant. But if you want to dig deeper, sort by “most reviewed” so that you get the most reviewed courses about football.

Udemy 6 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

So “Introduction to Football (Soccer) Tactics” is very popular. Many people may want this 101 course about a specific topic. And the second most popular is “Become a Professional Football (Soccer) Coach”. The third is “How to Analyze Football (Soccer) Basics”.

If you are in a different niche, you teach people how to start businesses, for example. So maybe search for a keyword common in your niche like “creative business” and then you get ideas on courses that are selling that talk about creating businesses.

Udemy 7 1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

In the screenshot above, the top course is The Complete Business Plan Course (Includes 50 Templates). This is based on the sort of “most relevant”, but if you want the most reviewed popular topic, then you search for “most reviewed”.

And as you can see below, the most reviewed here received 22,000 reviews. Now you know that's how many people have actually taken the course and reviewed it for 4.4 out of 5 stars. So the search term “master collaboration” worked together for the best results now.

Udemy 8 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

If you teach a business course, then maybe this is the topic you need to build a course around – “Mastering Collaboration: Work Together for the Best Results”. Or “Creativity, Design Thinking and Innovation for Business”. That is another topic that has been reviewed 19,000 times.

So just go through these results and screen them based on “most reviewed”, “highest reviewed” and then go through these results to build an idea of what is actually selling. And that's how you can actually find a topic to your course that is hot, that is sought after, that is in demand. So this is how to screen Udemy for popular topics that you can use for your product or for your course.  

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