3 Important Skills All Online Sellers Need (Probably Not What You Think)

Becoming a successful online seller obviously requires some serious sales skills. You can learn those in a copywriting book and that will serve you very well, but to be a REALLY success promoter of products, you need to go deeper than simple sales techniques.

That's what this post is all about. It's the 3 skills you must actively develop to be a natural and powerful sales person of your own products.

The other day we ran session 2 of our Fast & Simple Intensive Course Creation Program and the topic was “Easy Strategies for Building Your Buyer Audience and Crafting an Offer They Can’t Resist.”

And here is what, we think, is one of the most important slides of that session.

3 Skills Online Sellers Need

The slide above tells you WHY these skills are important, but let's take at  HOW to develop these skills:

Confidence come from practice. Lots and lots of practice, but to get started, treat your audience like your friends. Give recommendations and advice freely because that is WHY they come to you in the first place. And remember a “no” is nothing personal. Just keep helping and making offers. 

Empathy comes from paying attention, interacting and testing. Whether you're selling or helping…and ultimately, these are the same thing…you need to observe your audience. 

What do they talk about? 

What are their problems? 

What makes them mad? 

What makes them happy? 

How do they handle problems? 

What do they spend money on? 

And as you observe, engage them in conversation to learn more deeply about those things…which is why having or belonging to communities is important. And then you need test out what you think you've learned from them, by creating content for them and selling products to them. Then build on what you learn. 

Assertiveness is what brings all this to another level, but it cannot stand alone. This skills allow you to express your confidence and understanding of others…and put it all out there in a way that is persuasive to your audience. Some people are assertive, but lack empathy, so their assertiveness comes off as pushy and/or desperate. Assertiveness also comes from practice. Keep sharing. Keep learning. This process never stops, but it's so rewarding. 

If you focus on these 3 areas, and combine them with the sales techniques you learn, you'll find yourself an incredibly helpful sales person…who is a force to be reckoned with.

We'd love to help you develop that, so with that in mind…

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To your publishing success,

Alice and Yusef

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