How to Grow Your List Without a Website

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If you are selling products, you NEED TO grow your mailing list because that is the most effective way to generate more sales, word of mouth AND actually grow a business

It's something we taught in more depth in our Fast & Simple Course Creation program earlier this and is a free step-by-step tutorial that Yusef has created and we are able to share with you. 

Most 3rd party platforms (like Etsy, Amazon) will help you make sales, but they take a big cut AND then they also keep your customer list. 

These are good platforms to reach new customers, but please DO NOT rely on that. 

You absolutely need a customer list! 

In our Fast & Simple program, we are teaching our customers to set up their landing pages, order process…all the while growing their list. And they don't even need a website

If you need this, here is a free tutorial that will help you. It demonstrates Aweber mailing list platform that we personally use. We think it's a great tool to get started and grow with…because you can actually start for free.

Here's the tutorial…

If you want to dig deeper and put together a hard-to-resist product offer, you should also join us for the Fast & Simple Program. We've also got the landing page templates you can use to make it even easier. 

The recordings for the “Easy Strategies for Building Your Buyer Audience and Crafting an Offer They Can’t Resist” are already in your account. 

On Tuesday, we'll be covering: “Creating Buzz, Putting Together & Delivering Your Simple, But High Impact Course with Printables”

So with that in mind, here are the steps you should take now:

* If you don't have a website, watch the Aweber tutorial here.

* If you don't have an Aweber account, you can start for free here

Join us for Fast & Simple Course Creation to get the full step-by-step help + templates to QUICKLY create in-demand learning opportunities for your customers.

And YEP, even if you don't want to use Aweber…or already have a system of your own…we've got you covered as well. The Fast & Simple program shows you exactly what you need to do to come up with a hot-selling offer, build your audience…no matter what technology you use.

This is an opportunity you really shouldn't miss!


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