How to Build Your Buyer Audience with These Two Things

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If you want to build a loyal and captive audience, there are two key things you need…as we teach in our Fast & Simple Course Creation program. In the above excerpt from the course, Alice talks about the two things and how you can use them together. 

We hope you'll find it useful. Watch the video above or read the tutorial below. 

How to Start Building an Audience That Loves You 

In Part One of this lesson is attracting your audience and I want to say that audience is everything and it should be an ongoing activity where you do at least one thing every day to grow your audience … even if you have an audience already, because you know over time, whether it's algorithms working against you or just people's waning interest being busy with other things, you have to keep growing your audience.

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But I would say if you don't have an audience yet, you need to do many things each day for a while until it starts growing. And then, you need to turn it into a consistent process for yourself.

When we're talking about audience, I think of it as two key components. There's your mailing list and there's your community. In regard to the mailing list, it doesn't matter what you actually use to create your mailing list – an auto responder or other type of mailing list service usually works well.

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But though community can be built wherever, whether it's the social media, blog, podcast, you want a one kind of hub for it, like Facebook groups for example. But I would say that, just as a regular social media account maybe is not exactly a community, you want to be able to really interact and make people feel like they belong to it.

But the overall thing I want to stress is don't worry about being everywhere. Everyone thinks, OK, well, I need to get on Instagram, TikTok, and here and there. And maybe you'll be using all of those tools in some way, but the key in the beginning is you're still trying to get people onto your mailing list and into your community. Those are ultimately where you want the people to be.

To build a mailing list, you're going to be using a mailing list platform of some type. To do that, we happen to use Aweber so we're actually going to talk about Aweber to set up a mailing list. But, there are lots of other services like MailChimp, Get Response and Constant Contact. If you know what you're looking for, and you don't have it yet, you can look at the features of several and pick the one that has what you want.

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However, if you are not sure, just use Aweber, they're all not very much same. It's actually improved a lot in in the last few years; before they were a little bit tricky but now they're very complete system in my opinion. But whichever platform you select, that will be you're selling tool right? That's where you're going to send your audience more commercial messages.

And I do agree about Aweber, but there's always things that will make you pull your hair out about it too, but that's the same no matter which platform you use.

Alright, then the community is a place to interact and feels more exclusive to just you than does a regular social media account.

We use Facebook groups because that's where our audience hangs out. You might have something different. You can also host a community from your own site. And I've also done that very, very successfully previous to social media. Today, it's sometimes easier, even though you're building on someone else's platform, right?

Sometimes we want to keep it for ourselves, but at least, you know, you're not asking people to take time out of the day to come to your community. They're going to be somewhere they're already at sometime during their day. So they're going to Facebook, for example, and then they see you because that's where your community is. So it's already kind of built into their day.

And people in the chat, like Christy says she uses Kajabi as all-in-one platform and might use Aweber to just follow the process. It's up to you, but honestly I think if Kajabi works for you, keep using it.

In the end, regardless of which platform you use, all your community Members should know how to join your list, and all the people on your list who buy should know how to get into your community.

You want them everywhere; you want to be able to share and have them feel like they know you. That it's a bigger part of it, and you want to be able to hit them with those commercial e-mail messages.

If you would like to learn more on how to do build a community, watch entire video, located as part of this link.

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