How to Create a Private and Unlisted Facebook Group

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If you're creating a course, using a private Facebook Group that only your customers can see is an option. It's a free and simple way to add content, host live classes and generate discussion with your customers.

In the above video, Yusef demonstrates how to to create such a group or you can read the tutorial and transcript below. This video is one of the extra tutorials created for our Fast & Simple Course Creation students. We hope you'll find it useful.

Tutorial for Creating a Private and Unlisted Facebook Group

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a private Facebook group. So what you need to do once you're logged into your Facebook, you go up here to the grid of dots on the upper right (as shown in the screenshot) and go down to Group in this section. Once you click on Group, you need to assign a name to the group in Group Name. And then here choose privacy. Make sure it's private.

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And when you come down to this section here, make sure this Group Name is changed as well. So this section on the left, make sure that the privacy is set to private. Then nobody can access the information in the group unless the people have been invited to the group.

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And make sure that the group shows as Hidden, so it can't be found when somebody searches it; only those with an invitation can access it. After that, you just create a group.

Now you have successfully created your private Facebook group. This is the group name. Here in this section, you will have the Members you can invite here at the media they upload files they want to add. And the slides to the courses that you've created or the course that you're creating. Here you get this discussion, so yeah, so this group is private. So this is how you create a private group on Facebook.

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