How to Create a Webinar Landing Page for Your Free Live Event

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If you need tips for a higher converting webinar page, this will help. It includes headline and bullet point tips…and suggestions for speaking to your audience needs, so they are eager to sign up for your webinar or free event.

One of our students, asked for some feedback on her sign up page, so Alice has gone through her page with suggestions you can apply to your own pages. Watch now to catch the critique and you'll also get to see Alice crack up to her own jokes. Oh boy!

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We hope you'll find it useful. Watch the video above or read below.

Webinar Sign Up Page Critique and Copywriting Tips

I'm super excited. I know everyone says they're excited on videos like this, but I am because we have a student of our Fast and Simple Course Creation program who is moving full steam ahead and has set up an event page and ask for a little feedback.

So I thought that we could do that together because it will probably be useful for everyone. If you use our template, or even if you don't, and you're creating your own landing pages, it will help you create a better offer and get more signups for your course.

case1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Alright, here is Taurika's landing page. She's actually hosting a free online event for homemakers and the purpose is to help them reduce stress and build a more harmonious and well-functioning home.

So you can see the page actually looks quite nice here. I actually pasted this into a Word document for this critique, so that I can make changes and you guys can see what I'm talking about.

case2 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Alright so here it is on the screen for you. She is using our template. First the word FREE looks quite small, so I would give it more emphasis by underlining it so it catches attention right away.

Next, we have a headline which is actually the title of the event. In this case, I don’t think that title doesn't really reach the pain of the audience. But for the purpose of the headline, I think that we should change that up a bit, so maybe something like this: “Stressed Out Homemakers Discover the Secrets, to Get Control of Your Home and Peace of Mind to Create a More Harmonious and Better Functioning Home”.

I love the next part actually “and start enjoying your calling as a homemaker.” That's pretty powerful. So we're going to try to keep that in there but add a sub headline, like “And it works even if your family seems unable to pick up their socks or rinse a dish. It's time to nip this in the bud and start enjoying your calling as a homemaker”.

We're not going to worry about how it looks right now , but I would make it bigger obviously on the main page. Then we have the graphic and it's nicely laid out. It could be greater if the words “Free Live Webinar” were in there.

case3 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

I love this opening. How many times have you heard the phrase “If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy” right? We have all heard that, and it's true. And then there's some bullet points that tap into the pain.

Yeah, the first bullet point. I don't know if it feels really strong, but maybe it actually does speak to people like it is caring for your family that just sucks the joy out of you. So maybe, “Does just caring for your family suck the joy right out of you on some days?” Then it eases up on it, but also taps into a very real feeling.

These are great bullet points. “Do you feel as though you don't really know who you are anymore?” Yes, being sleep deprived and overworked can certainly do that. Fighting with the family to get their things done?

You feel as if the family, the members of your family should help a little more and at least say thank you every once in a while”. “No one acknowledges or even cares about all the work you do in the home”. Maybe say “It feels like no one …” instead of No one.

Perhaps you've woken up angry or sad and don't know why. Now you're screaming and being snappy with everyone around you”. That's great. Like that's just a moment in time.

case4 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Now onto the next subheadline: “What if I told you it's not your fault or hormones?” This is awesome. “It's not you, it's not your family, it's the fault of society.” Yes. Blame someone else. The common enemy. Taurika is definitely listening to the classes. “Society has taught us about what our roles as women and homemakers should be”, And then it goes to “Come join for a mindset reset”. I think there's something kind of missing here, like we need to finish this thought.

So it says “Society has taught us about what our role as women and homemakers should be” and maybe just add something like “and it's just not realistic until you've armed yourself with the right mindset, and that's exactly what we'll talk about during this free online event”.

OK, so that kind of leads us to the next part. “Come join us for this mindset.  Where we will forget the way things are supposed to be and start seeing and thinking in reality the way things are in your home. In this free webinar we will …

So take a fun quiz to see if you have a bad attitude. I question whether we want to join a webinar to take a quiz? I know we love quizzes, but maybe that much. Maybe give them a little teaser – … you might be surprised by the results.”

Learn how your feelings and attitude are affecting your family.” That sounds like a blaming thing, right? Which is OK, but it doesn't give a solution, right? But let's give them some hope by adding “…and the easy trick for feeling better every single day. Even if you're sleep deprived and overwhelmed by what the day will bring.

And the third one says “Discover what it means to have a homemakers mindset”. I think that you should give a hint here like the steps to get to that mindset. Let's make this a little more concrete.

Maybe say something like “The XXXX simple steps you mst follow to get this mindset.” Whatever number it is. The steps you must follow because we're going to tell them what to do right? People actually appreciate this. You're the authority, you will steer them to the right place.

 “Learn how to create more joy in your life and your home”. Let's give a jab to the family “even when your family seems unwilling”.

case10 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Now there's this image here, but I think it detracts because you're still telling a story here. My instinct is to just take it out.

How about living home in a home where you wake up every morning with joy in your heart.” I would make it a question just because it makes them think.

And no matter how much milk gets spilled, how much laundry is piling up, or how rude your husband is,” I would add in (even though you love him) or something like that. …”you will still be able to enjoy your day”. This is really good right here. It's very visible. It creates a picture.

case7 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

So the next part feels a little bit redundant, so I would take it out.

case9 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Then the Quick Event Details. “Just enter your name and best e-mail address to receive your event login, event reminders and more useful tips on homemaking and finding joy. See you there!” I would also add. maybe “I can't wait to meet you” or something, like even to just give it a little more personal connection.

case8 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

And then this template has space at the bottom to introduce yourself. The photo is great. I love this. “Hello, my name is Taurika. I help homemakers create joy in their lives by focusing on family, home and life”. Really good. And then you have your name and then Homemaker Blogger.

So I think in the Homemaker Blogger space is a perfect place to say a little bit more about yourself, right. Like “I'm like you, I've been like frustrated …” and maybe even share a little detail, just something really quick and just to give them some so that they know you a little and that they also, you know, have this confidence.

So I think you're pretty much ready and you've done a great job. And I hope those tips were useful for you, Taurika, and for anyone else watching that it gave you some tips and ideas of how you know how you can make your offers a little bit more persuasive.

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