ChatGPT Workbooks: How to Use ChatGPT to Brainstorm Your Printables

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A lot of the world is abuzz with talk about AI and ChatGPT. There are some concerns with applications of the technology, but don't let that stop you from using it as an incredible brainstorming tool…especially, when you know your subject matter and need some help with the creative content creation process.

One powerful way to leverage the tool is to use it to brainstorm the printable workbooks you create. Think of ChatGPT as your own personal assistant…and it doesn't have to cost you a thing.

By the way, if you'd like some starter tips to sell printable workbooks online, we have those for you here. But let's talk about the brainstorming process with ChatGPT.

Let's Get Started with ChatGPT Workbooks Brainstorming

One of the keys to using ChatGPT to help you brainstorm is to treat it like a conversation. Correct it when it doesn't understand you or even makes mistakes (it does…it definitely doesn't know everything and bases a lot of what it knows off of imperfect sources). Also dig deeper into specific things it shares with you.

Here's a question we asked after talking to it about workbooks for a little while. We asked about creating a money management workbook.

ChatGPT printable brainstorming

As you can see, it gave us some useful ideas for creating a workbook on the general topic of money management. Let's see what happens when we dig further. In this case, we asked it to go deeper on a budgeting worksheet. Here is what it came up with.

Screenshot 2023 05 04 at 12.33.27 PM Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Then we wanted to talk about how to incorporate those ideas into the typical elements you find in a workbook. And haha yes, we prefer to be extra polite to the robot we're talking to. You never know!

Here's what it gave us (which wasn't exactly what we wanted, but watch how easy it is to correct it and make it go on the right track):

ChatGPT creates quiz questions

It actually gave a lot of great quiz type questions that didn't fit into the screenshot, but for us, we were thinking of self-reflective quiz questions, so this is what we asked.

ChatGPT Brainstorms Workbook Questions

It gave us 5 great questions as we did not specify the amount we wanted, but you can also tell it how many you want and it will deliver.

Next, we talked about creating more of a free flowing reflection page and asked it to provide 4 areas where people need to explore to improve their money mindset.

ChatGPT explores money mindset questions

As you can see, you can go everywhere and explore everything with ChatGPT. You could ask it to help you write introduction and instructions for your workbook, telling it all the topics / worksheets you are including.

If you need quotes or journal-style writing prompts to add to your workbook, it can do that as well. Of course, when it comes to quotes, you should verify they are correct and properly attributed, but this assistant is FAST.

ChatGPT finds 10 quotes about money management

And prompts…

ChatGPT comes up with journal prompts

Those prompts are decent, but we were looking for more money mindset stuff, so we rephrased our question to get a better response.

ChatGPT comes up with money mindset journal prompts

And of course, we can go on and on…and how you would approach it would depend on your topic and how you want to explore it.

The Key Things to Remember When Having ChatGPT Brainstorm Your Workbooks or Any Printables

  • Think of ChatGPT as your super brilliant assistant who knows something about everything, has a photographic memory and is waiting for you to tap into it.
  • Correct it when it makes mistakes…or correct yourself when the question isn't clear.
  • Treat it like a conversation and reference the things you've already talked about, so it can build on what you're asking.
  • Always verify facts, quotes and other things you aren't sure of. And *if* you plan to copy and paste any portion of what it gives you, BE SURE TO READ IT THROUGH and verify its accuracy. Also, understand that AI content can be detected through technology, so if you are working on a project that forbids the use of AI to create verbatim text, don't try to sneak it by.

If you'd like to dig deeper into teaching with printables and using them to improve your coaching programs, courses and more, here are a few things to check out…

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Such great insight from a real-life case study the Debbie Drum shared with us a while back. And it really goes to show that sometimes FUNCTION is more important than FASHION in the world of printables.

Debbie also shared plenty of ways to use workbooks in your business…

So many ideas, they might have your head spinning. Haha, but for real. And then let's get back to the basic with some ideas of the workbooks you can create. 

We hope you find those useful, and again, be sure to subscribe, so we can keep you up to date about upcoming live events on workbooks and more.

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