AI Printables Automation Demo and Overview

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We know our customers love leveraging the power of AI to help create their printables. It saves time and can help you come up with great ideas you never would have thought of otherwise. But sometimes it's a challenge to figure out what printables are hot sellers and what prompts you can use to create those top selling products.

Enter Amy Harrop's AI Printables Automation and you have:

  • The market research at your fingertips (Amy is a whiz at this)
  • All the templates you need (included in your package)
  • The software tool to make it faster (and helps you craft your own prompts too)

…plus, the training to put it all together, Amy's got you! If you're in a hurry, you can go to Amy's website to get the information about AI Printables Automation here.

Otherwise, allow us to provide our perspective on why this might be a great opportunity for you…

What Printables Sell Best – It's Built into AI Printables Automation

If you are trying to break into the printables market, especially leveraging marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, you definitely need to focus on niches where printables are selling well. Those marketplaces are FILLED with people searching the platform for certain types of products and you can tap into it. Amy's done the research for you for you and has included 210 prompts for things like gardening, personal finance, personal development, household organization, gratitude, dreams and more.

She's also put these prompts into printable types including planners, journals, habit trackers and checklists (and included the templates to put these printables together).

How do You Create Prompts to Get the Best Printables? – It's ALSO Built In

We love creating prompts and have shown some of our examples before. We find detailed prompts, explaining exactly what you want and how you want it works best. Here are some examples of prompts we've created to do just that.

AI Prompt Examples We've Created to Customize PLR and Printables

Amy has gone one better and created the prompts for you and implemented them directly into our AI tool, so you can just select it and go. OR make the edits you want to customize it to your project.

AI Printables Automation Screen

Amy don't worry if you are selling prompts in other niches, Amy actually teaches you how to customize the prompts to get quality output for EXACTLY what you need. Did we mention that in addition to being really smart with her research, Amy is also a great teacher and includes video lessons in the package to help you get started.

Templates and Training Are Included:

As we mentioned, Amy has included the templates you need to make it easier to put your printables together and have them ready for sale. There are planners, journals, checklists, habit trackers and more.

ai printables template1 Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Plus, she walks you through all the things you need to know from using the software to creating your printables AND creating your sales pages too.

ai printables training screen Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

In short, AI Printables Automation will cut your workload and learning curve in creating great selling printables. If you're up for saving time and learning a whole lot in the process, we recommend the small investment the software requires. It will certainly pay you back manifold if you implement it.

What to Do Next: Get Full Access AI Printables Automation

ai printables promo NO COUPON Entrepreneur's Kit Hub

Click here to Access AI Printables Automation

We love that Amy creates these powerful simple tools at a really great price that helps people just getting started or wanting to get more serious about creating and selling printables.

To your publishing success,

Alice and Yusef

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
Your Partners in Easy Product Creation at EKitHub.com

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