Content Marketing Case Study: Hello Fresh Teaches Customers to Buy More Products

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Here's a great content marketing example from Alice kitchen of all things that you
could take and apply to any niche. If you didn't know it, Alice is a huge fan of Hello Fresh as both a customer and their marketing as well…so it was a timely lesson as she prepared Thanksgiving Dinner recently.

Watch the video above for a closer look at what she's talking about or keep reading the summary below…

What's really impressive and what you can emulate, is how Hello Fresh educates their customers to consume and get better results with their product. And if you've known us here at EKitHub for any amount of time, this is something we teach ALL the time.

And educated audience is a BUYING audience.

Here's the Scoop: The Genius of the Hello Fresh Thanksgiving Meal Kit

If you're familiar with Hello Fresh, you know they create meal kits that include step-by-step recipes with the needed ingredients shipped to your door.

For their Thanksgiving Meal Kit, it was a complete menu with turkey breast, 5 side dishes and other optional items. But what was truly brilliant was the recipe book and menu planner that they send with it. This is something you can apply to your business because it's genius on quite a few levels.

It's an amazing example of our “Consume and Collect” marketing strategy and we started to wonder if maybe Hello Fresh's marketing team watches our YouTube channel haha. But seriously, we suppose they do it is simply because it WORKS.

If you're not familiar with our “Consume and Collection Strategy” we'll share that later in this post. For now, you can see just how brilliantly it works in this example.

Okay, back to the Recipe Book and Menu Planner Included with the Thanksgiving Meal Kit

Hello Fresh Recipe Book - Brilliant Content Marketing Example

As a product and content creator, anything you can do to make it EASIER or FASTER for your customers to achieve their goals AND/OR get BETTER results doing it, the more both of you win.

Plus, if you can encourage COLLECTING behaviour in your customers, you also win.

That's EXACTLY what this book does.

If you've ever used a service like Hello Fresh, you normally get a recipe card with each meal you purchase. It's laid out step-by-step and it also includes the ingredients list and the quantity of each item, so you could make the meal again…even without purchasing their kit.

So as you use the service, you're collecting all these card into a sort of “recipe box” that many of our moms and many of us had as well. It becomes a little collection, you'll be proud to have as you discover all the interesting cooking techniques, flavors and recipes.

And this recipe book is even more special than the cards. It's printed on thick, quality paper…it's a really nice book. And inside (watch the video above for peeks at the book):

  • It has tips on how to prep the night before, so you're not working too hard the day of Thanksgiving.
  • It also has a complete timeline to show what you should do when to have your meal ready on time. As Alice noted in the video, when she prepares a large meal like this, she actually does all these calculations and notes them down, but this was already done for her.
  • All the recipes with photos and step-by-step instructions.
  • A menu that can be cut out and put as place cards for each guest.

…and other cool features that make it easier to get easier, faster and better results.

It's just a lovely book the customer is likely to keep, which will keep Hello Fresh in mind. It also gives the customer the though that now I have this book, I can make this meal again. I don't have to buy another Hello Fresh Meal Kit. BUT when Hello Fresh does all the shopping and portioning of ingredients, it's more likely the customer will just buy another meal kit to make it easier.

You can do similar things in your niche, BEFORE the customer buys and after. Before encourages more initial sales and after, encourages them to come back and buy more.

If you'd like to learn more about how this work and even get some examples, here's our:

Get More Customers and Repeat Buyers “Consume and Collect Strategy”

You can watch the video above or read the “Consume & Collect” Content Marketing Strategy blog post. We also have some free done-for-you content packages to help you apply the strategy.

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Again, those packages are totally free and yours to edit, brand, monetize and publish for your business. Be sure to check out the special offers on the thank you page as it will save you a TON on creating a done-for-you content library, so you can teach your customers to consume and collect anytime!

To your publishing success,

Alice and Yusef

Yusef Kulan and Alice Seba
Your Partners in Easy Product Creation at EKitHub.com

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