How to Have Your Best Year Yet: Avoid These 3 Sabotaging Behaviours

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Let's get right to the heart of the matter and turn the human potential for sabotage (it's in all of us) into roaring success instead. The more you are aware of these things and are able to course correct when you see them, the straighter your line to success will be.

True online business success eludes people for a few reasons:

  • #1: Not Understanding What Success Means to You – What do you want your business and life to look like? No comparing yourself to others…just straight to what YOU need.
  • #2: Not Having a Clear Plan for Success – If you want to get to your destination, you'd better know how to get there…but it's not always easy to sort that out in this tangled web called the Internet.
  • #3: Not Being Consistent in The Execution of Your Success Plan – Everyone starts and stops, but not everyone gets back on track every single time. This requires new habits and steering clear of self-sabotaging habits.

Let's get into each of these, so you can beat the odds and be a success story….

Barrier #1: No Clear Picture of What Success REALLY Means to You

Most entrepreneurs flounder in their journey to success because they haven't even defined what success means to them. They just work at their business, doing the things they think they're supposed to do…but find it difficult to stay focused and motivated because it's not in line with their values or daily life. 

It's easy to look at everyone else and feel a bit hopeless, based on your assumptions of the success they are achieving.

Ugh, it's such a common feeling.

The reality is, we only see what people want us to see and many of the people you perceive as successful are often struggling themselves. Well gosh, the truth of the matter, everyone struggles with something somewhere. Creating your dream business is truly a balancing act that you must take control of.

And even though it's not always easy to start with, it's GREAT news because YOU get to decide what success looks like to YOU. It doesn't have to modelled according to anything someone else would find successful.

Success is always a unique perspective, based on the goals you have for your business AND to achieve the lifestyle you want. We all have different income goals, time constraints AND most importantly, the things that matter to us most in life are completely different. 

Hence, the need for balance and a definition of success that is right for you. (P.S. This was the topic of our recent Youtube Members-Only Livestream called “STOP Comparing Yourself To Others: Create a Version of Success That Fulfills You“)

If you want to earn enough income to feed, cloth and house your family…with a little extra to spoil them too…your vision of success will be quite different from people building multi-million dollar empires.

Add to that, if you have a family, a non-business pursuit you are passionate about, and/or a goal to raise money for other activities…you need to mindful of the time you spend on your business. That means you have to learn to work smarter, rather than just harder, so that you have the valuable of gift of time to dedicate to those things that are important to you.

Because the truth is, a lot of what you see as “success” probably is the result of hard work. But you can't really tell if they're actually earning the money they want from their hard work or creating the lifestyle they actually want. In other words, you can't usually see if they're being “smart” at all.

One of our goals through our YouTube membership is what success looks like for you and how that relates to your unique business AND life, so you can always choose to work smarter, rather than harder. But of course, that's just the beginning. Once you know what you want, you have to know how to get it. That brings us to the next success barrier…

Barrier #2: No Specific Plan to Achieve Your Version of Success

Once you know what success means to you, it's time to make a plan to achieve that success.

Easier said than done, we KNOW! That's why we're here to guide you, bringing our decades of experience to help you get there.

You can purchase all kinds of courses, watch all the tutorials and read all the books. These are all good things, when used wisely. 

But it's easy to get caught up in the learning cycle where you buy courses and more often than not, don't even crack it open. And when you do, you find it difficult to put everything into place in the context of your business.

And never mind the challenges of staying consistent with the execution.

We keep seeking out course after course when we don't know what our success plan is.

We fail to execute properly when we don't know how to apply what the course teaches in relation to that success plan.

Courses do not know your skills, values or what you ultimately want to achieve for yourself as a person. They only teach you a certain topic, ignoring everything else that plays into your ability to apply what you learn successfully.

When you work with us, you will gain an understanding of both you (as a person) and your business needs and how all your business decisions fit perfectly into that. This is the very topic we covered in another members-only livestream: Stay Focused: Creating an Online Business Success Plan that Honors Your Vision for Success.

Starting and growing an online business IS hard work, but it shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice your values, health or what is important to you. We'll have help you craft a plan, evaluate your various opportunities to ensure you stay on track to growing a business that helps you craft your dream life. 

But of course, even with a plan, it's not always easy to stay on the path of that plan. Which brings us to the third success barrier…

Barrier #3: Not Being Consistent in Executing That Plan to Success

It's EASY to get motivated to start your business or a new project, but it's not always easy to build the DISCIPLINE that keeps you going, regardless of what life throws your way. 

Sometimes we get busy, so other things take priority. 

Sometimes we get overwhelmed, so we choose to do nothing.

Sometimes we lose track of our vision, so do things to “chase money” but find we sabotage our long term goals in the process. And sadly, even our short terms goals get lost too.

The discipline to be consistent comes from:

  • Having a solid plan to reach your goals. We help you craft one to ensure its in line with your vision of success that is in line what you want out of your business and life.
  • Avoiding shiny objects that take you off your path It's true, sometimes good opportunities come up…we can help you evaluate which to explore and which to stay clear of. Plus, you'll develop the skills to be able to make these evaluations quickly for yourself the moment you start feeling distracted.
  • Building a team and learning to delegate, so you have more time to see the big picture for your business. We'll show you how to build and work with a team effectively. We want to see you as the CEO of your business!
  • Celebrating ALL your achievements, no matter how small and when others in your life might not quite understand. We're here be your biggest cheerleaders and celebrate them all.
  • Course correcting when your plan needs adjustment. This is one of the most critical things to avoiding overwork and overwhelm. Sometimes, we have a plan that can't be executed. We'll have help you correct and teach the skills you need to do your own course correction.  

It's always good to have someone on your side that not only KNOWS what you're going through and the challenges you face….and understands how meaningful all those victories are…but ALSO have the experience to guide you in the right direction for what YOU want to get out of your business.

This was the topic of our recent members-only livestream: Cut Distractions: Developing Consistent Habits to Stay in Tune with Your Vision for Business Success

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To your publishing success,

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