How to Horrify Your High School Teacher AND Make a Killing Online

How to Horrify Your English Teacher and Make a Killing Online

Last time, we shared 3 best practices to keep your email marketing EASY (because gosh darned it, we do not want you working harder than you have to be)…with the first being to keep your emails short and simple. We'd like to talk about that a bit more.

If you missed the tip —>

  1. Write short simple emails. One topic. One call to action. That's all that needed. Everything else becomes fluff and then no one is paying attention when there's too much to consume.

One of best ways to keep those short and simple emails is to WRITE HOW YOU SPEAK. And really, this applies to all the writing you do. Social media, product pages, blog posts…all of it.

When you write how you speak, you get so many benefits. Here are just a few…

  • Casual familiarity: As we mentioned in the last post, NOT being a stuffy faceless corporation is our advantage. Unless your target audience really demands it, throw out the need to be “professional” all the time. People like to do business with people they like. So yes, conduct your business professionally, but communicate like a real flesh and blood person.
  • Your personality: On a content-based Internet, it's your personality that attracts and keeps attention. Your products may be awesome, but if you do it right, your customers will be paying for you as much as they're paying for your products.
  • Authenticity: Being real and relatable is a big seller. Sharing your challenges and even your shortcomings can show that authenticity and build that connection. But be careful here. People love to watch a train wreck, but they don't necessarily want to get involved with one financially or otherwise. So share challenges you've overcome or quirks that highlight your personality, but don't make you a risky person to do business with. Bare some of it, but maybe don't bare it all lol. 😉

And note, this works whether you use your own name or develop a persona through a pen name. Because if you operate in multiple niches or plan to sell your business later, it makes sense to use a different name. BUT you still want to use this to your advantage.

So how do you write like you speak?

It takes practice. Throw out what your high school English teacher told you. Then just write and say everything that comes to your mind. You can edit later.

Think about how you write to friends or how you interact on social media (your personal posts and comments you make). THIS is what you want to bring to your business writing.

Don't be afraid to make jokes or add random thoughts. Whoever said humor doesn't translate well in writing probably wasn't a very funny person.

This IS your personality that sets you apart and it's what builds a loyal audience. You may not be everyone's cup of tea…but those who do like you won't be able to get enough of you.

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