A Content Strategy That Gets Your Customers to Buy More Products

Here's a content strategy that is so simple, but powerful. And if you implement it readily, it will get your customers excited about buying all your products and upcoming launches.

The strategy is…

Teach/inspire your audience how to CONSUME and/or COLLECT your product, so they buy more.

It's great to have a shop filled with wall art, planners, journals, t-shirts, mugs or whatever it is you sell.

And for many, these are collectible type products, so they will buy more.

But when you teach and inspire them to CONSUME and COLLECT, more of them will readily come back for even more.

In addition to being helpful, this is why we are always sharing repurposing and implementation ideas with you. Because we know if you have ways to EASILY use our content, you are more likely to buy more.

For you, a few ideas on how to teach and inspire your audience…

* For journal and planners, have CLASSES. When you teach them how to use your products, they will want more. When you actually conduct a class where they USE the product within that class, they'll have a reason to buy more. And when you ALSO teach them how to get results, they are more willing to pay you MORE for each item.

We talk about the power of classes and charging more for your printables in the free “Get Paid to Create Printables” guide + templates here.

* For wall art, we only have so much wall space. But framed art can always be replaced with new art, so encourage them to have an inspirational or motivational saying each month – and share the benefits of doing so. Teach them how to store their prints, how to replace the art in frames, etc.

* For mugs, share fun ways to display them (hint: there might even be affiliate commissions in it for you if you recommend products). Inspire your audience to be gift givers and give them a ton of gift ideas for ALL the people in their lives.

If you need an introduction to affiliate marketing, get our free affiliate guide + templates here.For t-shirts, make collections that go together, so they have to have them all. Or designs that would get the whole family or a group of friends decked out in style. And like with mugs, encourage them to be gift givers…and all the benefits that go along with making someone's day special.

* For card decks, show them different ways to use them. Encourage them to give out individual cards to inspire people. Give them ideas for displaying their cards.

Not sure where to get more ideas? Google these ideas as questions. You'll be surprised at what creative people are doing. We'll also find a few of these ideas in the next little bit, so you can pass them onto your customers….just make sure you're in the EKitHub Facebook Group, so you don't miss any of them.

And by the way, this is yet another reason you want a list. The more educated and inspired your audience is, the more they'll buy…but if you don't have a list, how are you going to do this? 🤔

So as a final recommendation, make sure you get our free list building course + templates here.

We're here to help you USE the content you purchase and create to GROW your business. Take advantage of all these resources…that's what they're here for.

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