Product Funnels Explained: Upsell, Downsell and Bump Offer Tips

Product Funnels Explained

Confused by funnels? 🧐😳🤯 Please don't let that happen. Let's clear it up a little here.

We touched on funnels in October's Big Growth Shortcuts and Templates by introducing upsells, downsells and bump offers. We're going to cover the topic in more depth in future months in a few different ways, so that you can craft the very best offers for your valued customers.

But for now, here's a little guidance that might help.

What's a Funnel?

First – if you don't know what a funnel is, it's simply the process a customer goes through to see all the relevant product offerings you have. It can happen all at once as they go through the buying process (as you've probably seen at EKitHub) or it can happen over time through a follow up process (we do also do this as well).


Upsells are usually more expensive offerings than the main product and are shown to the customer after they purchase that main offer.

They are a way for your customers to add more functionality to what they just bought. Or it could be more advanced learning materials. Or if volume matters, it could give them a lot more of what you're selling in an extreme value pack that costs more than the first offer. You can have multiple upsells in a funnel.


Downsells are usually a less expensive option they can choose if they don't want the current offering. This can happen with any product in the funnel. It is useful if there are some more popular parts of your offer and you feel customers might object to your current price, but would be willing to a pay a lower price.

They can be shown when customers click away from your sales page via a pop-up. You can add the offer to the P.S. note at the bottom of your sales page or simply add a link at the bottom of your sales page that says something like “Just need the XXXX?” for example. You can send an email to customers that abandon their cart, if your shopping cart has this functionality.

We generally don't do downsells, but we do often offer a FREE sample to customers who leave our sales page without buying. We show it to them via a pop-up.

Add-Ons and Bump Offers

Bump offers are products that your customers can add on to their existing order, so it's kind of like an upsell that they can add to their cart before they complete the order process.

These offers can be more expensive like upsells. But we personally prefer to make a bump offer a REALLY awesome deal that is usually a lower price than the main product and is something that product buyer would be interested in. We design it to a really hard-to-resist offer like the chocolate bars and candy at the checkout line.

How to Implement These

Well, it depends on your shopping cart and if they have the functionality. If you use 3rd party platforms like Etsy or Amazon, you are solely limited to the features they offer. If you have your own shopping cart, even if your cart doesn't have an upsell or downhill options, there are some workarounds that are possible. The bump offer will only be possible if your cart has that functionality.

So find out your carts features and start implementing. If you need a workaround, we're always available in the EKitHub group to help you sort through it.

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