3-Step Plan to Turn Content Into Money

content marketing plan

One big advantage of having done-for-you content on hand is that it frees up lots of time to make and implement a strategic marketing plan.

You don’t have a marketing plan yet? Let’s make a basic plan for you right here to get you started.

Here's how to start turning content into money…

1. Decide on your products. It could a single type of product, like a collection of journals. Or it could be a collection of different but related products, such as a report, journal, card deck, worksheet and checklist. Basically anything that is a cohesive product focused on helping your customer achieve a goal, solve a problem, etc.

And to increase the value of the product even more, maybe you’ll also want to add a live class/webinar option to create more urgency for your offer and to build excitement all which leads them to pay a premium price for access to the higher perceived value of the product.

2. Create a high value opt-in offer related to your product. Any cohesive combination of a report, checklist, worksheet, journal page can increase the percieved value of that offer. You want enough value that they will give up their email address to get access to the optin product.

One caveat with any opt-in offer is make sure it doesn’t fully solve the problem; leave that to your product offer. Just give them some tools and information to get them on the right path and to whet their appetite for more … with buying your product being the next logical step.

Make sure your thank you page and follow up email series for your opt-in offer promote your product. Keep educating your audience with emails on the topic, so eventually they know they want (and need) to buy. Keep in mind that studies have shown that it can take up to seven follow-up emails before some of your audience end up buying the product.

3. Publish and optimize content like articles, snippets from reports, graphics etc. To start building traffic to your opt-in offer, and ultimately your list, post on social media what it is about, and how they can get it. Of course your product offer sales page will be linked inside the opt-in offer download.

Once you have traffic going to the offer and see how it performs, you can take the next big step which is setting up an affiliate program. This is a money multiplier for you and your affiliates that many marketers just don’t do and because they are not doing it, they are leaving a lot of money on the table. And if the numbers work out well, you can even start investing in some paid advertising to spread your reach even farther and wider.

After you have a product up and running, then it is just a matter of rinsing and repeating the process all over again with a different product. It really is that simple and you will learn so much in the process.

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning; you can perfect it as you go and gain experience. The main thing is to get started!

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