Fun Poetry for Printables Sellers – It’ll Make You Smile

Never thought there would be poetry about selling printables? Well, now there is. If you like it, you can right click on the image to save it and then share it.

    An Ode to Selling Printables 

    With printables to sell, I start my day
    A digital product, ready to display
    On my website, with a click and a buy
    Customers can purchase, and give it a try

    With templates for planners, and stickers for fun
    I offer a variety, for everyone
    Printables for parties, and gifts to be made
    All from the comfort, of my home-based trade

    My printables are stylish, and oh so chic
    A quick and easy way, to get organized
    No need to spend hours, at the craft store
    Just print and create, and your home will be more

    So come and take a look, at what I have to sell
    My printables are sure, to make your day swell
    Affordable and cute, they're a bargain indeed
    Give them a try, and you'll be sure to succeed.
    ~ EKitHub

We hope you've enjoyed this poem and find it relatable to your experience. If you need some done-for-you printables, we've got them for you right here.

Or start with a free sample. They're sure to bring you cheer! 😉

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